8th November 2016 held at Younger Hall, Kilmun



Robert Aldam (Convenor), Jim Kirby (Vice Convenor), Janet Holm (Secretary), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), and Brian Tester.

Also Present Councillor Bruce Marshall, Argyll and Bute Council. David McKenzie (NP) and PC Donald MacKay.

1.         APOLOGIES: Lachlan Macquarie, Graham Revill, Lynn O’Keefe and Kirsty Husband



Proposed:        Brian Tester.

Seconded:       Russell Humphreys                             Carried




Carried Forward:         £1364.88

Cost of website – £29.95

Balance at 8th November 2016 - £1334.93

6.         POLICE REPORT

PC Donald MacKay: reported that there had been 8 incidents. There were 3 crime reports. Boat damaged at Coylet; male assaulted at Glen Masson; careless driving at the Cot House.

7.         Community Matters

Blairmore Village Trust' -Festive Lunchtime Get Together' 16th Dec from 12 noon to 3.30pm. Request for help and volunteers from Kilmun Community Council.

BVT have also received an Award from - Keep Scotland Beautiful - It's your Neighbourhood - Level 3 - Advancing - as a result of a visit in August to look at the Blairmore Landscape Project.  They were presented with the award in Stirling on 26th October. The lady who visited Blairmore was enchanted with the whole of the shore and very taken with the progress of the village green in Blairmore. KCC congratulated BVT on their success.

J Holm reported that a lot of progress had been achieved in the last month in redoing the flower tubs in the area and in the playpark at Graham’s Point. This is in a large measure to the hard work and imitative of a local group of volunteers ‘The Shore Sweepers’ who formed, first of all to clear the beach areas of rubbish etc. but they have gone on improving the area at Graham’s Point. With support From Benmore and Kilmun Development Trust they worked with volunteers from the National Park to trim and weave the willow tunnel. The group, between them, have taken responsibility of a section of the park and are working to improve the area. There are also plans to redo, and repaint the tubs in the park.

J Holm asked for support from KCC towards this work, to buy compost and plant and requested a small donation to this work. KCC agreed to a donation of £50 and individual residents at the meeting: K Manual, A Paterson, R Aldam and G Holm also donated £10. KCC’s treasurer will manage the money.

J Holm thanked the enthusiastic and positive input from the community.

8.         Correspondence

Letter/ emails from Russell Humphreys to A&BC and the Chair of the Integration Joint Board for Health and Social Care in Argyll and Bute re Struan Lodge.

Survey from Napier University.


  • Change of use of land to site 8 no. static caravans and associated infrastructure. Land To The South-east Of The Whistlefield Inn, Loch Eck.


Councillor Bruce Marshall A&BC reported that he had asked for more information on Aspergillus from Health Protection Team, Inverness. BM gave a detailed response but it would appear that it is only of risk to people who are immune-compromised such as HIV patients, leukaemia, on chemotherapy, immune-suppressants. These patients will be given guidance on to protect. There is also not an increased risk from mould spores from the change of bin collection to every 3 weeks.

BM reported that Nigel Potts A&BC Roads Dept. intended to look at what it would cost to complete the footway between Kilmun Court and the surgery next week. The condition of the existing surface and any safety issues will also be attended to.

It probably will not be until the end of the month before the financial outturn from this years ’Capital Program, which will then allow us to revisit any possible additional improvement works for the footway between the Cothouse and Invereck.

Additionally, permanent patching to the carriageway in front of the kerb line was done on Monday (7th Nov). This will remove the worst of the unevenness on the northbound lane. This will then be followed with a machine patch for the northbound lane over the full length of the newly kerbed section while the paver is in the area for surfacing works to the access road to the landfill site at Dalinlongart during the latter half of November

BM read a reply from Fergus Tickell Biomass & Community Renewables Manager on query about Community Benefit from the Biomass Plant at Dalinlongart 

“There will be around 16 jobs on the site and from previous estimates there could be another 20 or so indirect and induced jobs so a big impact especially if we get the identical Achnabreck project away too (and this looks equally likely).

As far as community benefit is concerned my view has always been that the main benefit will be the creation of a local market for significant volumes of local timber, which would otherwise leave the county as well as the local jobs created. In discussions with community councils I have been open to a community payment but would prefer to have discussions around such issues as free supply of heat to community projects such as a drying shed for firewood or wood chips for the local heat market - in other words to encourage additional economic activity.

RA to email Fergus Tickell regarding community benefits from the biomass project. BM passed on contact details to RA.

Over at Killin where building is in progress the project managers have had (and will continue to have) regular meetings with the CC to keep them informed of progress and my understanding is that there has been discussion on what benefit most suits the aspirations of the community.

So for Dalinlongart I would envisage a similar process once we get to financial completion and commencement of work on the ground.”

D McKenzie (National Park)

National Park

Live Park has now been endorsed by the National Park. After a 28 day period it will then go live online.

Your Park – Camping byelaws agreed by board. Will start on March 2017.

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust

Fund raising Race Night planned for 18th November at Uig Hall.

Blairmore Village Trust

Tesco Bag fund raise – residents encouraged to vote at Tesco for Blairmore project.

11.     Matters arising out of Community Action Plan 2013 – 2017



Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)


Caucus of Community Councils


Cowal and Trossachs Forest District Wind Farm – Bachanburn

BM reported that the Trust had been reformed in case there is possible funding.

A workshop is to be held in January to show the proposed plan.

Oyster Catcher sign at Kilmun Church

Now installed.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier. 

Statement included in Councillor Bruce Marshall’s report.

Pavement Invereck to Cot House

Statement included in Councillor Bruce Marshall’s report.

War Graves


  1. Archived issues

Clachaig Mains Water

G Revill has met with D Cameron and B O’Hara MP. There is possibly some movement on this issue.

Cemetery Toilets

There is no recent development in the building of the disabled toilet at Kilmun Church.

Fishing Protection Area

BM Still continues to pursue this issue.

L Macquarie has spoken to M Russell and there is a suggestion that KCC invite a member of the Clyde Fisheries to a meeting to present their point of view. RA to email all Committee members for their views of extending an invitation to Clyde Fishermen to a meeting.

14.       Any other competent business

Excessive Delivery Charges in Cowal

Discussion about which petition site was the most effective, Scottish Government or 38°. B Tester will write the Scottish Minister Fergus Ewing. David McKenzie will pass on contact details.

Points of Interest Leaflet

After discussion it was decided to build up a Local Points of Interest link on KCC’s website.

Struan Lodge

KCC will be part of the 6 month dialogue over the issue of the proposed closure of Struan Lodge.

Speed Limit between Cot House and Dalinlongart

BM to find out more about this issue.

Finnartmore Flats.

B Tester said that the flats are now completely occupied but 5 are single occupancy. B. Tester to contact Fyne Homes regarding the LLI and number of single inhabitants in the flats. David McKenzie will also ask for feedback from the National Park on how effective the use of LLI was for allocating the flats at Finnartmore.

KCC Website

Clive McClure has been asked and has agreed to take over the management of KCC website again.

Grit Bin on Blairmore High Road

A resident asked whether a grit box could be provided for the high road. As this road has not been adopted they were asked to contact Jim Smith, Head of Services A&BC


Place: Blairmore Hall, Blairmore

Date: Tuesday December 10th at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.



13th October 2015 held at Blairmore Hall, Blairmore at 7.30PM.


Robert Aldam (Convenor), Jim Kirby (Vice Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Lachlan Macquarie and Gordon MacDonald.

Also Present Councillor Bruce Marshall of Argyll and Bute Council, David McKenzie (NP) and PC Donald MacKay

  1. < > Janet Holm (Secretary), Stephen Mitchell, Lynn O'Keefe, Graham Revill, Kirsty Husband


    3.         MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:   

    The following corrections were made. PC Donald Mackay pointed out that there had been two speeding tickets issued, not that there had been only two speeding checks.

    Proposed:        Jim Kirby

    Seconded:       Russell Humphreys                             Carried


    All matters included in the main section of the minutes.

    5.         TREASURER’S REPORT

    Carried Forward:     £1426.69

    Balance at 11th August 2015   - £1426.81

    6.         CORRESPONDENCE –


  2. Family Mediation Argyll and Bute - AGM Saturday 3rd October Oban – 15/9/15

  3. Social Impact 2015. Bringing Funders and Delivery Bodies Together.

  4. Argyll and Bute Local Housing Strategy Conference 16/9/15

  5. Update To Health and Social Care Partnership 16/9/15

  6. Video Promotion and Marketing Course - Revised date – 27th 28th October 15

  7. Managing Finance and Generating Income - Free Course -

  8. Police Scotland Recruiting Now in Argyll and West Dunbartonshire

  9. Business Gateway Workshops 9/10/15

  10. Just Enterprise Business Support Highland and Islands

  11. Creating a Fairer Scotland - Come along and have your say on topics that are important to you. - Tuesday 3rd November @ The Tower, Sinclair St, Helensburgh

  12. A Helping Hand - with Self Directed Support (SDS) - 5/10/15

  13. Consultation on Strategic Environmental Assessment - The consultation period of 28 days runs from the 1st October 2015 until 29th October 2015. 2/10/15


  • Rugby World Cup 2015 Tickets Alert 15/09/2015

  • Action Fraud - Freecycle Alert 06/10/2015

  • Scam regarding Microsoft Alert 12/10/2015

Living it up

Community Partnership NP

  • Police Scotland Recruitment Sessions 21/9/15

  • Community Planning Partnership – Fortnightly bulletin_ 10/8/15

ACHA - Argyll Community Housing Association

ACHA Welfare Rights Project

Carol Porteous - Research Fellow- Public Engagement and Citizen Science -(School of Population Health Science)

  • Public Panel Members Wanted - we are looking to recruit members of the public to a public panel, which will get involved in projects, and helping with our research.

7.         POLICE REPORT

PC Donald MacKay

  1. Updated the meeting of offences in the last month in the area.

  2. There had been a disturbing incident in Kilmun Arboretum, where a woman walking her dog had been verbally abused in a racist manner by a man with a golden retriever, He was described as about 50 years old, stocky and with a skinhead haircut. He asked if people had any suggestions as to who he might be.

  3. He pointed out that the neighbourhood watch area is Cowal East not west.

  4. Speed check that afternoon in Midge Lane had resulted in 2 speeding tickets being issued.

  5. Cowal Community Fireworks will be held on November 5th at the Golf Club. Sandbank CC will hold theirs on November 7th.




    Councillor Bruce Marshall, A&BC, reported that:

  6. The Council were planning cuts of £18m over the next 2 years. BM will be opposing many of these, especially those affecting education. Residents will be asked their opinion on the cuts, and alternative suggestions will be welcome. A+BC is disadvantaged from a grants point of view in comparison with the Highlands and Islands. One suggestion was that the Barnet formula be extended in line with the Midwinter report.

  7. The extension of the 40 mph limit around Cot House was discussed. There is increased need for access due to developments. Cars are travelling fast, making access to the main road more difficult. Both Kilmun CC and Sandbank CC will be supporting this extension.

  8. A rylock fence will be put in place along the walkway in front of Riverbank surgery.

  9. The traveller’s site in Sandbank will be closed.

    D McKenzie (National Park) reported:

    National Park Report

    a) There had been a resignation on the board and a by election would be taking place on October 29. There were seven candidates.

    Benmore & Kilmun CDT

  10. A new constitution has been adopted for the Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust, which will permit access to various Government support, if required.

  11. It is planned to have a feasibility study relating to sheltered housing in the near future.

  12. There has been correspondence between Michael Russell MSP and SEPA / Scottish Water regarding the linking of the sewage to the mains. Scottish Water is still to respond. SEPA has indicated that Kilmun and parts of Strone would be connected a treatment plant in 2020-2021. However there is no plan for Blairmore to be included. Further discussion will be scheduled once Scottish Water has responded.

Blairmore Village Trust

  1. Work has started to clear Hamilton’s Brae. A professional company has been engaged to take out the Japanese Knotweed.

  2. DM was asked about the condition of White’s Brae. DM replied that BVT does not own White’s Brae, it only owns the solum, but could possibly take a lead on any project in the future. A briefing will be given to KCC once a plan has been agreed.

    c)     JK said that he had had a conversation with the BT engineers and everything was in place for the fibre broadband to be connected. This could happen in the next few weeks.

d)     The Dunoon regeneration project will be running the Christmas Santa in Blairmore, this year. 800 places were taken within 3 hours. Many stalls have also been taken for the Christmas Fayre.

Historic Kilmun Report

            Nothing to report

  1. Matters arising out of Community Action Plan 2013 – 2017

    Nothing to report

    11.       CURRENT ISSUES

    A&BC Ward changes

          a)   Proposed letter of objection by KCC agreed unanimously.

    b)   Petitions had been circulated throughout the area in shops, halls etc. RH will collate them all     and send to Boundary Commission.

  2. RA would do a short letter urging his CC email contacts to make their views known before the 22nd.Oct

  3. LM to send letter to Highland MSPs

  4. All areas are making their views strongly. The weakest letter to date is from A+BC.

    Report about Audit Scotland meeting

    The report is due in November. LM reported on the process that had taken place

    Clachaig Mains Water

    Nothing to report

    Napier Point/Finnartmore

    A public meeting has been arranged with Fyne Homes to take place in Kilmun Hall on November 26th at 6pm. RA commented that Fyne Homes had been far more cooperative in their dealing than A&BC

    Defibrillator for community

    Nothing further to discuss

    Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)

    No report

    Caucus of Community Councils

    Latest meeting had one agenda item:  Proposed Ward proposals.

    Cowal and Trossachs Forest District Wind Farm – Bachan Burn

    Nothing to report

    Fishing Protection Areas

    Nothing to report – decided issue would be archived.

    War graves

    JK and BM are still to arrange their meeting. BM had been unable to identify the graves. Matter ongoing

    Oyster Catcher sign at Kilmun Church

    Design has been done. Still waiting for it to be progressed

    12   Any other competent business

  5. LM raised the issue of dogs on the public park at Grahams Point. Two dogs, off the lead, had frightened young children on bikes. The general opinion was that the law states that dogs should be under control at all times. Possible issue to raise with PC Mackay

  6. JK raised the issue of the path by the Old School House and the barrier and stones that had been left.BM said that the Forestry Commission were responsible for that land. RA would contact Jessie Crow.


Place: Younger Hall, Kilmun

Date: Tuesday November 8th 2015 at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

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