Kilmun Community Council
Annual General Meeting – 14th May 2013, Younger Hall, Kilmun at 7.30 pm   

Sue Minns (Convener), Jim Kirby (Vice Convener), Robert Aldam (Secretary), David Petro, Mick Rice and Janet Holm. Beth McClure,
Also Present: Councillor Bruce Marshall, Argyll and Bute Council, David McKenzie (NP), PC Donald MacKay and members of the community.
Clive McClure, and Bert Baker (Treasurer),
Correction of date on heading to 2012.
The minutes of the last AGM (8h May 2012) were accepted as a true record of events
Proposed by:  Jim Kirby
Seconded by:  Mike Rice
Yet another busy year has passed for the Community Council.   As time has gone on, we have dealt with a number of new issues and finalised others:

• Napier Point – planning permission has been granted for two houses and the first has started building.  The developer is still in negotiation with LLTNP regarding changing planning for more houses as opposed to affordable housing flats.
• Midge Lane – the new exit has now been completed, as I’m sure everyone is aware.  It didn’t go quite as smoothly as hoped, as there were issues with flooding or potential flooding.  However, the FCS has done as much as they can to mitigate any potential problem, but a close eye will be kept on the ditches.
• Footpath  - the footpath has now been installed on the A880, though not yet completed.  A&BC are hoping to find further funding to start phase 2 later on this year.  BT has removed the telephone poles now and we are waiting for the rough patches to be filled in.
• Community Action Plan – has been launched and will be reviewed regularly over the next five years.
• Windfarm at Cove – after a public meeting with WRCDT, the community gave us a mandate to object.  The objection was put in in February and is, as yet still ongoing.  It is possible that there will be a PPSL meeting in June to agree to go to a public hearing, but nothing is confirmed as yet.
• Public toilets – A&BC closed the toilets opposite the Pier due to maintenance problems, and have so far, not re-opened them despite pressure from the KCC.  This issue is ongoing at the moment, and we will continue to push for the toilets to be re-opened as soon as possible.  A&BC have suggested updating the toilets in the graveyard as an alternative – we don’t think this is likely to be sufficient once the Mausoleum opens.

Unfortunately, we have also had to say goodbye to one member of the KCC – Mike Burke.  Mike’s contribution to the KCC and community cannot be understated and we regret his leaving as well as thank him for all his dedication and hard work.

None of the issues have been easy to deal with and all have taken a considerable amount of time, freely given, often to the detriment of personal time.  For this reason thanks to all the Council members for their tremendous contributions over the past year, both in time and expertise and we look forward to the challenges ahead. 

However, as the Review of Community Councils is taking place at the moment, and it is the end of the four-year cycle, all Community Councillors will have to step down in autumn and go through the process to be re-elected.  This means that the office bearers will only be in post for approximately four months.  Anyone and everyone (as long as they are on the electoral role and live in the KCC ward) can apply to join, so we would encourage people in the community to consider joining KCC at the next elections.

Interim meetings – It has been suggested that all decisions have got to be approved by the public! This was stated specifically in relation to the windfarm objection letter, which was discussed at an interim meeting.  If this is correct your community council will be unable to campaign on your behalf effectively.  In this day and age with email it is essential that we are able to do what is necessary on a day-to-day basis and report our actions to the community at the next meeting – as we have always done in the past.  Without the ability to act on a day-to-day basis we would not have been nearly as effective on our past successes.  If the way round this is to invite our community to our short interim meetings that is fine by all of us.  We seem to be under constant scrutiny despite the fact that we’re as open as we can be. Perhaps that is due to our successful canvassing on your behalf!

RECEIPTS   Note  2013    2012
    £  £  £  £
A&BC Admin Grant         485.70               400.00  
Gala Day Takings                -              1,498.70  
Bank Interest (Gross)            0.10       485.80                0.18        1,898.88
Hall Rent          184.30               172.00  
Office Bearer Expenses                -                  40.00  
Donations                 -              1,483.50  
Admin          102.95                42.95  
Subscriptions                 -         287.25              84.00        1,822.45
Surplus for Year         198.55               76.43
Funds Brought Forward         596.57             436.14
Funds Carried Forward         795.12             512.57
Represented By:        
Treasurers Account (Royal Bank of Scotland)       655.85    
Treasurers Account (Bank of Scotland)       139.27    
          795.12             512.57
Note: £84 was included in the year ended 2012, but the cheques did not clear until year ended 2013. 
The foregoing Receipts and Payments Account of Kilmun Community Council for the year ended 31 March 2013 has been prepared by us from records maintained by, and information supplied by the Treasurer.


The Treasurer’s report was presented (as above) and accepted as a true record.
Proposed by: Mike Rice
Seconded by: Robert Aldam       Carried.


Convener:        Jim Kirby proposed Sue Minns for this post seconded by David Petro
Vice Convener: Sue Minns proposed Jim Kirby for this post, seconded by Robert Aldam
Secretary: Jim Kirby proposed Robert Aldam seconded by Beth McClure

Treasurer: Jim Kirby proposed Bert Baker seconded by Mike Rice.

After this vote the newly elected convener accepted back control and thanked Councillor Bruce Marshall for his assistance.

1.      Convener to declare date of next Annual General Meeting

The next AGM will convene on the 13th May 2014 in Younger Hall, Kilmun

2.      Convener to close meeting
3.      As there was no further business, the meeting closed.

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