!3th December 2016 held at Younger Hall, Kilmun



Jim Kirby (Vice Convenor), Lachlan Macquarie, Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Graham Revill, Brian Tester.

Also Present, David McKenzie (NP) and PC Donald MacKay.

1.         APOLOGIES: Robert Aldam (Convenor), Councillor Bruce Marshall (Argyll and Bute Council) and Janet Holm (Secretary) Lynn O’Keefe and Kirsty Husband



Proposed: R. Humphreys       

Seconded: B Tester                                        Carried




Carried Forward:         £1334.93

Data protection fee £ 35 still not cashed.

Balance at 13th December 2016 - £1384.93 (Includes £50 in donations from members to supplement Gardening funds)

6.         POLICE REPORT

PC Donald MacKay: reported that there had been 15 incidents with 1 Crime in the area. This was disturbing as it had been a telephone scam, which had defrauded an older lady out of £25,000. PC MacKay went on to say that this area was particularly vulnerable due to its aging population.

7.         Community Matters

  • KCC was thanked by from BVT for helping to promote the Shore Festive Lunch on 16th Dec. Kilmun Hall. It was decided to give a £50 donation towards the lunch, which RH will action. JK raised the issues of donations and the limited amount of income that the Council receives. RH said that it would be possible to set aside a certain amount each year if the council members were in agreement, as part of an annual budget, given that there were certain expenditure items to take in consideration such as rents and administration fees.
  • JK said that there had been a Community Planning seminar at Kilmorie, which RA had received information from. It highlighted the areas of Argyll and Bute which would be the most vulnerable in the coming years, from an economic point of view. Dunoon was top of that list. There was only one hard copy, which RA had passed on to JK. It was agreed that Janet emails the Chief Executive of A&BC to ask what the council intends doing to improve Dunoon.  Robert will circulate the CAUCUS members and suggest the CAUCUS does likewise. (There is a link in correspondence to a digital version of the report, which covers the whole of Scotland)
  • There will be a Burns Lunch in Kilmun Hall on January 23rd at 12.30. Tickets will be £12.50 and include a glass of wine

8.         Correspondence

  • Taxi warning part 2. - To ensure your safety over the festive season (and at other times) the Taxi Association in Dunoon asks you to share the following far and wide.  
This is to help you identify a real taxi from a Pirate. - Message from Taxi George. This could be put onto the website as general information.
  • Email from Ruaridh MacGregor - Regional Communities Manager Scottish Water - holding community drop in session for the early part of 2017.
  • Members Seminar - Community Planning Outcomes Profile - presentations from 5th December The Improvement Service has shared the web link for the Community Planning Outcomes Profile which you can access here



Nothing to report


Councillor Bruce Marshall had sent in a written report.

“Below is response from Roads Technical Officer dated 11th Nov. regarding my query as to further work on the footway at Kilmun Court

I intend to look at what it would cost to complete the footway between Kilmun Court and the surgery next week. I will also look at the condition of the existing surface and arrange for any safety issues to be attended too.       It probably will not be until the end of the month before we know the financial outturn from this years’ Capital program, which will then allow us to revisit any possible additional improvement works for the footway between the Cothouse and Invereck.

Additionally, we will be carrying out permanent patching to the carriageway in front of the kerb line on Monday (7th Nov). This will remove the worst of the unevenness on the northbound lane. We will then follow this up with a machine patch for the northbound lane over the full length of the newly kerbed section while the paver is in the area for surfacing works to the access road to the landfill site at Dalinlongart during the latter half of November.

I have received information to the effect that Scottish Water has revised their plans in relation to the siting of four septic tanks on the Shore. The three proposed sites in Kilmun will have the tanks built on the shore side of the A880 and whilst there will be disruption to traffic during build, there will be no road closures. The site at Strone Point is more difficult to deal with but SW has agreed to site it off the main road. SW will be informing communities once their final plans are in place.     A&BC Roads Dept. is adamant that these tanks should not be built on the running surface of the A880.”

D McKenzie (National Park)

National Park

The consultation period has now ended and so the new Open Plan is now in force

There is to be a new Convenor as from 1st March. He will be James Stewart, who is a Government appointee to the Board.

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust

David has stepped down from the Trust, but Victor remains on the committee. He had nothing to report, but would clarify as to who would be reporting back to KCC from the Trust.

Blairmore Village Trust

The preparations for the Shore Community Lunch on Friday December 16th, at Kilmun Hall, were well advanced, with all the three main halls in the area being involved. There was a general invitation to everyone on the shore to come and have a free lunch, and to meet others.

There was a general discussion raised about the article in the local paper regarding the Dry Rot in Kilmun Hall. RH reported that the builder, who has since gone into liquidation, had left the hall in a worse sate that before he started. A survey was being carried out that week to determine the extent of the dry rot and the cost involved to eradicate it. There were several helpful suggestions made in the meeting, which included the future of Highgate Hall, and the possibility of researching Leader funding from A&BC.

11.     Matters arising out of Community Action Plan 2013 – 2017

Nothing to report. All actions have been completed, and it was suggested that this should be dropped form the agenda.


Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)

Nothing to report

Caucus of Community Councils

Nothing to report

Cowal and Trossachs Forest District Wind Farm – Bachanburn

It is thought that this will become an active item once more in January.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier. 

Though the response was noted from Councillor Marshall, the pathway, by the fence, continues to deteriorate, and several residents have raised the issue. Heavy rainfall could wash the whole path away


The response from Councillor Marshall had been noted. GR had attended a meeting with the Cowal Transport Group and Scottish Water has produced a timetable of events prior to the installation of the sewage tanks. The work is due to go ahead in March 2017. GR reiterated that the roads will not be closed, though there will be traffic lights in operation at times. GR said though it was concerning that Scottish Water do not seem to have had any communication with Ruaridh McGregor.

War Graves

Nothing has been heard of yet from the Lottery. It was noted that the gates have reopened following the work, which has been done to make the tower safe. The loose stones have been cemented using a large crane to access the tower.

Fishing Protection Area

Nothing to report


Several people have now been connected to the new fibre broadband, with some excellent results, depending on how far people are from the terminals.

Cemetery Toilets

Nothing to report.

Pavement Invereck to Cot House

As in previous Councillor’s report.

Clachaig Mains Water

GR had received a reply from Brendan O’Hara, who said that a Rural Provision Working Group was being set up to look at private water supplies in general, GR believed that there were many throughout out the country. They would not be looking at individual cases however.

Struan Lodge

There was some confusion about the consultation process, which is believed to be starting in the New Year. However, some people had already attended meetings in Dunoon about the issue, and Radio Alba had put out a report that it was closing.

Excessive Delivery Charges in Cowal

Brian Tester has set up a petition.

https://www.change.org/p/scottish-government-ministers-bette r-delivery-of-parcels-within-p a23-and-other-areas-of-scotlan d?recruiter=650256965&utm_sour ce=share_petition&utm_medium= copylink

Everyone was urged to sign the petition, and to pass the message onto others in the area.

  1. Archived issues

Nothing to report

14.       Any other competent business

Speed Limit between Cot House and Dalinlongart

Nothing to report


Place: Younger Hall, Kilmun

Date: Tuesday January 10th at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

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