12th December 2017 held at Blairmore Hall,

Blairmore 7.30PM.


Brian Tester (Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer) Janet Holm (Secretary), Diane Nicholson and Andy Mullen.

Also Present, Councillor A Reid, Agnes Harvey (BVT) Eileen Connell (ACC) Sue Morris (Community and Services manager Argyll Forest Park), Victor Sandell (BKCDT) and PC Donald MacKay

APOLOGIES: D Mackenzie (LATNP), Councillor Y McNeilly, Councillor G. Blair, Fraser Smith, Kirsty Husband, Lachlan Macquarie and Graham Revill



Corrections raised by David McKenzie to the November 2017 minutes are as follows:

Add Bye-Laws to Camping Management Zones /

Add - Although not part of his NP responsibilities,

Add Cowal (to the central belt)

The KCC committee accepted the corrections

Proposed:        Andy Mullen

Seconded:       Russell Humphreys                             Carried




Carried Forward:                                 £2920.30

Compost                                                   £48.00


Balance at 14thNovember 2017        £2877.14

Made up on Gardening/defib  £1536.16 and ££1340.98 (general fund)

6.         POLICE REPORT

PC Donald MacKay reported that there had been 18 incidents but no crime reports.

Donald reminded the committee about the Festive safety campaign.

The new Inspector Duncan Maclean will at the next meeting to introduce himself.

7          Correspondence

  • Review of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils – Final amended scheme and associated paperwork. There is now a final 6-week period to make representations prior to its adoption.
  • Forwarded from Bruce Marshall - Free Membership with Argyll & The Isles Coast & Countryside Trust and a Free Tree!
  • Data Protection registration need to apply again for next year.
  • Community Council Meeting: Local Development Plan 2 - Main Issues Report – Diane and Janet attended this meeting, which was looking at planning outwith the National Park, which includes Clachaig. The meeting proved very useful and informed us that the permitted planning boundary in Clachaig is to be adjusted which will help to make future appropriate planning applications for Clachaig clearer.

The following planning applications have been submitted to LLTNP

2017/0362/DET - To erect a glasshouse approximately 6.6 metres by 4.4 metres Land North Of The Courtyard Benmore Botanic Gardens Benmore - Detailed Planning Permission

2017/0375/NOT  - Erection of agricultural building - Eckford House Benmore Dunoon  - Prior Notification

Agnes Harvey had suggested that The Younger Hall might need planning for the installation of the defibrillator, as it is a listed building. R. Humphries has been in touch with The National Park Planning and a retrospective application will be made.


As a change to the agenda, Sue Morris Community and Services manager Argyll Forest Park gave KCC and the residents present the following information:

Sue said that there was a confirmed outbreak of phytophthora ramorum in the larch trees above Kilmun and that Forestry Enterprise Scotland (FES) is urging local residents to avoid the area behind Kilmun. The trees in this area are being cleared to try and contain this disease, which can be fatal to Larch. The trees affected and the trees nearby are being felled. Extra vigilance is being urged by the FES and the two access areas are to be fenced off. The trees are planned to be removed by February but no walking by the public or wood or branches are to be removed from the affected area.

Sue agreed to produce warning signs for the public, which KCC will put up in strategic places when walkers enter the area.

KCC agreed to put the letter and map on their prominently on KCC’s website.

(Included at end of Minutes)

Letter and map to be handed into the Post Office.

J Holm will scan letter and map and email round the shore collaboration group and the school to be disseminated as widely as possible

Sue Morris is going to produce a regular newsletters to keep the residents informed and she also said that she plans to attends KCC meeting a couple of times a year at least.

9.         Community Matters

Liaison/communication with other local organisations / groups

Work is still progressing on the Cowal Communities Collaborative Calendar. There is a link to the calendar on the Kilmun and Ardentinny website.

Festive Lunch

  • A collaborative event led by KCC and ACC. Festive lunch on the 18th December at Younger Hall for the whole shore to meet and enjoy good food and entertainment.  We have booked Younger Hall, Kilmun for Monday 18th December 12.30 to 3.30 and have Strone Primary school children coming to sing.
  1. Ardentinny Development Trust - You are invited to the 'Toast on the Beach' on Christmas Day in Ardentinny @ Shepherd’s Point beach 12.00 – 13.00

Flower tubs etc. – funding A&BC Funding

  • The Shore Sweepers plan to begin to tackle the Brae Garden at the bottom of Strone Brae. Lots of volunteers would be appreciated. Insurance to be checked. A request was made for large builder’s bags to collect branches for the chipper, as the site is difficult to park at.

Defibrillator at Younger Hall Kilmun

BT said that there was someone set up to do the training for the defibrillator including CPR. Training will be arranged for January. Anyone who has not put their name forward already and who would like to do the training to email either Brian Tester testernest@btinternet.com or Janet Holm janetholm@btinternet to have their name added to the list.

The siting of the second defibrillator is to be discussed. Invereck House was suggested as it is nearer Clachaig and it is always opened.

Blairmore Hall Consultation

See BVT report.

Grass Cutting Graham’s Point


Bird Hide at Kilmun


Community matters

G Holm brought information about the Kilmun bird hide to the attention of the

council.  This is below the road near the doctors’ surgery.  It is nominally owned by

Peter Staley and he would like the community to take it over in some form or

another.  It is a corrugated shed, which was originally a boathouse.  It is currently

in poor condition and potentially needs work.

It was agreed that BT, RH,  GH and local bird enthusiast , Alastair McGregor.  would

look at the hide and see what could be done to make it a community and potential

Tourist ass

G Holm brought information about the Kilmun bird hide to the attention of the council.  This is below the road near the doctors’ surgery.  Peter Staley nominally owns it and he would like the community to take it over in some form or another.  It is a corrugated shed, which was originally a boathouse.  It is currently in poor condition and potentially needs work.

KCC agreed that BT, RH, GH and local bird enthusiast, Alastair McGregor would look at the hide and see what could be done to make it a community and potential tourist asset.


Argyll and Bute Council Representative

Councillor Reid reported

Public Convenience

I reported at the last meeting that the Bute & Cowal Area Committee, at their meeting on 1 December 2015, had agreed that a further report on options for toilet facilities at Kilmun Cemetery would be brought to their next meeting. Their next meeting was on 2 February 2016, but the report did not appear on that agenda.

I asked officials why the report had not gone to the Committee. The response from Alan McDonald was,

“I can advise that the reason for the Feb 2016 report not going forward was due to discussions between the Department and Policy Leader at the time as Public Conveniences were to be considered as part of future financial savings.”

No Councillor on the Area Committee objected to the report not coming forward as agreed, and works on the project ceased at that point.

I then asked what happened to the £15,000 from the sale of the old toilets. The response was from Alan McDonald was,

“The Council’s rules at the time was the B&C AC would see 20% (£3k) of the total sale cost (£15k) go back to local projects. As agreed by Amenity Services – The PC unit within the cemetery grounds was to be tidied up given the closure of the pier units – Property Services carried out general painting of this unit at the time. (I have asked for these costs and will forward once received). The Capital project was to be considered as part of a wider plan and costs to upgrade the cemetery PC were around £100k to be DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1995) compliant etc. A further proposal to create a disabled unit at car park was considered to be at around £30k. From my earlier email - The project was not taken forward by the Dept. I am not aware of how/where the £15k was allocated but will look to get you the answer on this.”

A request made by KCC to pursue the use of the £15000 to be used for the chemical toilet at the car park.

White Lines on A880

The response I got from the Dunoon roads office was,

“This was being dealt with centrally as part of the surface dressing program as the road marking reinstatement form part of that contract. I can only assume that the contractor was rained off before completing the rumble strip in Kilmun as this does require perfectly dry conditions otherwise the raised ribs do not adhere to the underlying layer of thermoplastic paint to give the rumble strip effect. There is also a centre line to be reinstated through the full length of Blairmore on the new surface dressing but the completion of the centre line at Grahams Point may have to be delayed until the Scottish Water works in Kilmun have been completed. I will pass this onto the officer in Manse Brae co-ordinating this contract centrally for all areas from Lochgoilhead.”

Still awaiting response from Manse Brae.

Pavement on the A815 between Invereck and Cot House

The money for cycling announced by the Scottish Government is for the 2018/19 financial year. I have asked Roads department if they can submit a bid for money for this stretch of footpath.

Council Budget

The Council has launched a consultation exercise on the Budget, see https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/planningourfuture2017 By 2nd January 2018

Supporting Community Fund 

Area Committee grants have now become the Supporting Communities Fund. Grants of up to £2,500 will be awarded from this fund. The successful applications will be decided by participatory budgeting. Everyone living in Bute and Cowal will be entitled to vote for their favoured projects. See www.abpb.co.uk for how to submit an application.

D McKenzie (National Park) 

National Park

David McKenzie was not present at meeting but sent in a written report

NP Partnership Plan

Final draft can be found at:


This final draft is expected to be presented to the NP Board on December 11th for approval. 

Midge Lane Forestry Access

The conditions on use of this access which were applied when the planning permission was granted are still in force and are as follows:

  • Restriction on use of access by timber lorries: The access hereby permitted restricts use by timber lorries between the hours of 09:15 to 20:00 from Monday to Saturday, excluding the hours between 15:00 and 16:00, and shall not be used on a Sunday. All other traffic is unrestricted.
  • Number of timber lorries: The total combined vehicle movements by timer lorries shall not exceed 20 on any single day. For clarity, this includes 10 loaded and 10 unloaded lorries entering and leaving the access. The timber lorry movement log shall be submitted to the planning authority at the end of each haulage period. 

The issues raised about the timber lorries and the amount of work on Kilmun Hill have been raised with both Gordon Donaldson and John Hair of FCS. Gordon’s response was:

‘I would expect that the times as outlined will have been built into the contract terms for the merchant working the area. As a result, if lorries are using the forest road for access or egress outwith those specified times, we can and will ensure that this activity is stopped. I would also expect the number of lorries to not exceed the numbers set out.

I note the comment is around work starting at 06.00 or earlier. This may well be the case for site works. Are there examples given of lorry activity in and out of the forest at this time?’

I suggest direct contact is made with Gordon / John by the KCC if there are continuing concerns.

FCS Attendance at KCC meetings

As David was not present at the meeting this section of his report has been superseded by the input from Sue Morris (ES) see above.

Further comment by Gordon:

‘If there is something on the agenda that would benefit from specific input from a member of staff of Forest Enterprise Scotland then someone, hopefully the right person could attend that meeting. Rather than have someone attend every meeting it would be better if contact could be made, ahead of the meeting, with the issue to be discussed given.

Community Grants

As previously advised, a total of 18 eligible applications were considered and 6 of these are now being offered grants.

Successful projects include: 

Under the Built Heritage theme:

  • Younger Hall, Kilmun

Under the Community Theme

  • Blairmore Village Green

17 Capacity Grant applications will also be awarded.  These grants support the core running costs of Community Development Trusts in the National Park. In the Kilmun neighbourhood, these include:

  • Ardentinny, Arrochar and Tarbet, Benmore and Kilmun, Lochgoil and Sandbank

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust (BKCDT)

Victor reported that BKCDT had met on 4th December 2017.

The dumping of garden waste into the sea was discussed and possible ways of alleviating this problem. Discussion about whether increasing the awareness of children to this problem would help. J Holm is to find out whether this is discussed at the school. The meeting was reminded that this is a statutory offence if depositing litter in any case"

The problem of parking by contractors at the car park at Graham’s point was discussed. BKCDT to ask KCC to find out who owns the land and to make contact with ACHA to see if they are aware that this is happening and whether contractors have permission to use this space for parking and dumping materials.

Blairmore Village Trust (BVT)

BVT provided an update confirming that Blairmore Hall Trust and themselves have agree to jointly consult with the local community on the upgrade of the hall and development of the land surrounding it. It is anticipated that this will begin in January. 

BVT also advised that they have received confirmation of an 'Indicative Grant Award' from the National Park to cover professional fees to support the community developments ongoing from the original Charette process in 2014.

KCC agreed to add Blairmore Hall Trust to the KCC agenda.

11.       Community Action Plan 2018 - 2023

A steering group has been formed to look at developing the Community Action Plan for 2018 – 2023

After an initial evaluation of what had been achieved from the last plan the process is as follows:

  • A community agent will be appointed
  • A households survey will be done (the steering group to look at the questions before that is sent out)
  • Open days for residents will be arranged to gather views on how they would like their community to develop,
  • Interviews will be done with stakeholders

The survey will go out after Christmas.

The timescale will be about approximately 9 months


Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)


Caucus of Community Councils


A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier, Pavement Invereck to Cot House

See Councillor Reid’s report.

Cemetery Toilets

See Councillor Reid’s report.

Highgate Hall


BT Broadband


13.       Archived issues

None raised.

14.       Any other competent business

Sue Minns said that there were sections on KCC’s website that was out of date. B Tester will look at website to check what needs undated

J Holm asked permission from committee to set up a Facebook page for Kilmun Community Council and incorporation the Shore Sweepers. Committee agreed to this.


Place: Younger Hall, Kilmun

Date: Tuesday January 9th at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.


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