January 10th 2017



!0th January 2017 held at Younger Hall, Kilmun 7.30PM.


Robert Aldam (Convenor), Jim Kirby (Vice Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Graham Revill

Also Present, Councillor Bruce Marshall (Argyll and Bute Council)

APOLOGIES: Janet Holm (Secretary), David McKenzie (NP) Lachlan Macquarie, Brian Tester, Lynn O’Keefe and Kirsty Husband.



Proposed: Jim Kirby  

Seconded: Russell Humphreys                                  Carried




Carried Forward:         £1384.93

Balance at 10th January 2017 - £1300.10 (Data protection £35 and £50 donation to Xmas Lunch. 17p interest added)

6.         POLICE REPORT

No report submitted.

7.         Community Matters

KCC was thanked by from BVT for the donation to the Shore Xmas Lunch.

RA suggested that some of the community issues should be put into Current Issues so that they would not be overlooked.

BM raised the issue of the sycamore trees opposite the church. Some have been cut, but more action is needed.

BM said that Jim Smith had informed Members that the circular sent to Cllrs. in July regarding grass cutting is not being acted upon but that a more pragmatic approach will be taken with most amenity grass receiving fewer cuts related to weather and growing conditions. BM raised the issue of Graham’s Point play area and the fact that this area of land was handed over to ACHA ten years ago, in the housing stock transfer. Officers insist that this land is ACHA’s responsibility, therefore the council will no longer cut the grass, and they will point this out to ACHA. There was a discussion regarding the cutting of grass. BM will raise the matter at the ACHA meeting. RA said that should neither agree to cut the grass, it might be time to involve the press and highlight the problem. It was also commented on that the council cuts more grass in Innellan, and some of that is on private property. RA suggested a FOI to determine grass cut on ground that was not owned by the council. It was proposed that Janet email the Council and ACHA to put our point of view forward.

The seminar at Kilmory had listed Campbelltown and Dunoon were the joint bottom placed towns in Argyll as regards economic outlook. Since then developments have taken place in Campbelltown, which have raised it up the list, leaving Dunoon firmly at the bottom. It was proposed that this should be put into current issues.

8.         Correspondence

Melissa from A&BC had sent notice of an empowerment event, on 11th March. Community Councillors have been asked to register an interest. Graham will do so on behalf of KCC.

An email had been received from Agnes Harvey regarding the Shore Xmas Lunch and thanking KCC for the contribution


Nothing to report


Councillor Bruce Marshall reported:

At the Bute & Cowal Area business meeting, BM asked Head of Roads, Jim Smith, for the Council to agree to put a 40mph speed limit on the road between Cot House and Sandhaven as requested by many users.  Reasons are the following business’s etc. are on the A815 (Cot House to Sandhaven)

Orchard Farm entrance and also entrance to six dwellings

Entrance to Invereck caravan Park

Entrance to private dwelling

Entrance to Invereck Home for the Elderly and to Glen Massan Road and Ballochyle Estate with approx. 24 dwellings

Entrance to The Wee Butcher premises and four other dwellings

Entrance to Dalinlongart Farm

Entrance to B836

This is a total of 36 dwellings, 2 farms, one caravan park, one Home for the Elderly, one retail premises, one B road and one C road.

Full support was given by the members. It will be possibly a year before it is in place due to consultation periods, which are required.

D McKenzie (National Park) 

National Park

Not present at meeting .No report

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust

No report

Blairmore Village Trust

No report

11.       Matters arising out of Community Action Plan 2013 – 2017

Nothing to report. All actions that can be done have been completed, and it was suggested that this should be dropped from the agenda.  However RA suggested it should be left on, as some matters still remain outstanding


Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)

Nothing to report

Caucus of Community Councils

There has been no Caucus meeting for over 6 months.

Cowal and Trossachs Forest District Wind Farm – Bachanburn

There will be a meeting of interested parties in February.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier. 

People still cannot walk along part of the walkway and the path between Invereck and the Cot

House still requires re-surfacing. BM will ask Nigel for an update as to when it will be completed


SW will be holding public meeting, in the near future, to outline the proposals for the new sewage tanks in Kilmun and Strone. In light of this, it seemed reasonable for them not to come to a council meeting to give the same message.

War Graves

Nothing will happen until the lottery decide on the application for funding. It was agreed that this matter should be archived.

Fishing Protection Area

Nothing to report


It was also agreed that this should be archived, as broadband is accessible in the area.

Cemetery Toilets

Nothing to report

Pavement Invereck to Cot House

People still cannot walk along part of the walkway and the path between Invereck and the Cot House. BM will ask Nigel for an update as to when it will be completed.

Clachaig Mains Water

BM had asked if the Area Committee would support the efforts being made by Graham Revill to have piped water put in by Scottish Water to Clachaig Glenlean. Members agreed that this item will go to the next Area Committee meeting and to invite SW to attend.     Members feel that in the year 2017 most people should have a good clean reliable water supply.

Struan Lodge

There has been no official communication to KCC as was promised. Some public meetings have been held. RH to follow up

Excessive Delivery Charges in Cowal.

Nothing to report

Archived issues

The Biomass plant is ready to go ahead, as all contracts have now been signed. RA has been informed that the main advantage will be the creation of 16 jobs at the plant, though there will be no direct community benefit.

14.       Any other competent business

There will be a Burns Lunch in Kilmun Hall on January 23rd at 12.30. Tickets will be £12.50 and include a glass of wine.

Several streetlights in Blairmore have ‘gone out’. BM will report this.


Place: Blairmore Hall, Blairmore

Date: Tuesday February 14th at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

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