June 2017 Minutes




13th June 2017 held at Blairmore Hall, Blairmore7.30PM.


Brian Tester (Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer) Janet Holm (Secretary), Graham Revill, Kirsty Husband, Fraser Smith, Lachlan Macquarie, Andy Mullen and Diane Nicholson.

Also Present, Councillor Y McNeilly

APOLOGIES: David McKenzie (NP), PC Donald MacKay



Proposed:        Andy Mullen

Seconded:       Russell Humphreys                Carried




Carried Forward:         £1100.26

Insurance £62.00

Website domain £24.00

Balance at 9th May 2017 – £1014.00

6.         POLICE REPORT

PC Donald MacKay was unable to be at the meeting. No report.

 8       Correspondence

Youth engagement with Community Councils. Young Scot Reward points to cardholders for attending their meetings. Offer this to all Community Councils in Argyll and Bute. Brian Tester to look at this.

Pesticide Training  Benmore and Kilmun CDT are holding pesticide training for three of their volunteers to enable them to treat Japanese knotweed and ponticum. They have some spare places on the course which they would like to offer to other community volunteers as well as to professionals in the Cowal region. Cost per person is around £300 plus £85 for the assessment. If this is something that you would be interested in please drop us an email to info@thecommunitypartnership.org.uk to find out more as soon as possible as places are filling quickly.

Resident said that the knotweed had become very prolific at Blairmore. Bruce Marshall said that this area was to be sprayed this year. This matter to be raised with A&BC. (Councillor McNeilly)

Transport Scotland consultation – J Holm looked at survey – Individuals or groups can do it. Approx 40 questions www.transport.gov.scot/consultation/improving-parking-in-scotland-consultation Email of this contact address for survey to be sent to Sue Minns and Andy Mullen.

Minutes from Ardentinny Community Council

BEAR Scotland - Essential drainage improvement works on a section of the A83 Trunk Road between Tarbet and Arrochar. Works are currently programmed to commence Sunday 2nd July 2017 and are expected to be completed by Friday 21st July 2017.

A&BC - FOI reply to grass cutting at Grahams Point.


The following planning applications have been submitted to LLTNP

2017/0145/DET Sub-division of existing curtilage and erection of detached house and detached garage North-West Of Mossgiel Shore Road Blairmore

List of trees with Preservation orders. KCC to look at where trees are in our area.

2017/0180/HAE  - Proposed extension to dwellinghouse, Forestside Kilmun Dunoon

The following planning application has been approved By LLTNP

2017/0126/HAE - Installation of decking area to front of dwelling (retrospective) 19 Dunselma Court Strone - Approved

7.         Community Matters

Liaison/communication with other local organisations / groups

KCC and ACC had an informal meeting and decided to firstly to survey the local groups with the following questions and to organise a ‘summit’ of the groups to increase liaison and co-operation. A very positive response has been received to date.

Survey of groups - Questions

.What does …(your Group )……….do?

2.    What support would be good for ……(your group)……………?

3.    What support could you give other groups?


4.    How do you feel your group would benefit from a Shore Village collaboration

to date good responses.

KCC and ACC were complemented by residents for the work they have done to date.

Email from Strone primary – acquired new land – help with clearing

Fraser Smith explained where the land was in respect of the school building. The land has been transferred from one department of A&BC to another department. Agnes Harvey said that tolls given to the BVT by the National park could be shared among other groups in the Shore.

Flower tubs etc. – funding A&BC Funding

J. Holm said that all the flower tubs had been restocked with help from funds from KCC private donations and donations of plants from residents. KCC and The Shore Sweepers are applying for funding from A&BC from The Sustainable Community Initiatives. This will only be decided in September 2017.

Work was done with help from The Shore Sweepers at Strone Primary School and Invereck Care Home in their Sensory garden.

Defibrillator from Strone Primary - possible funding from SCEN –first responders

Russell Humphries has applied for funding on behalf of KCC from the SCEN fund for a generator for Kilmun Hall that could be used in an emergency, a defibrillator and training

Brian Tester was in touch with Carol King of A&BC and 1st responder training is available. (Morning course) Anyone who would like to undertake first responder training email Brian Tester @ esternest@btinternet.com

A list is kept by the ambulance service of who the 1st responders are in an area.

The defibrillator is to be kept at the school at present as it is connected to a power supply

Grass Cutting Graham’s Point

ACHA are still cutting the grass. Councillor Y McNeilly said that discussions between ACHA and A&BC are progressing well.

The FOI request to A&BC was received which stated that

The total cost per year to cut grass at Graham’s Point Community Play Area, Kilmun.

“£2,500.00. The Council does not currently cut the grass at this location. And that other data was not available.”


Councillor Y McNeilly reported that it had been a hectic 6 weeks and that huge challenges lay ahead. Although controversial, the administration was in place. She said she is looking at education and is working with Education Scotland in relation to the education report. 

George McEwan of Rashfield Road spoke at length of his concerns about the safety of Rashfield bend on the where there was fatal accident on the 28th may. He also discussed the varying speed signs from Sandbank to beyond the Cothouse.

KCC and Bruce Marshall informed him that the speed limit from sandbank to beyond the Cothouse was in the process of being change to 40MPH.

A copy of his suggestions to help the situation and photographs are been sent to PC Donald MacKay who was not able to be at the meeting.

Councillor Y McNeilly was also asked to look at this matter, to check on the progress of the change of speed limit and to suggest that rhododendrons be cut to improve sight lines.

A resident stated that the repairs done on the A880 recently had been very badly done and posed a risk to cyclists on the road.

D McKenzie (National Park) 

National Park

Not at meeting – no report.

Brian Tester has looked at draft Partnership Plan – there is very little mention of Cowal in this report. BT will respond by 20th June. Bruce Marshall said that the A&BC councillors who sit on the National Park Board come from Helensburgh and Lomond thus very little representation from the Cowal Area.

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust

No representative at meeting.

Beautiful Scotland is coming to Grahams Point, Kilmun and Coronation Wood Ardentinny As part of the Your neighbourhood Scheme. Brian.

Blairmore Village Trust

Agnes Harvey reported that an extra bin was to be put on the high Road and that there was to be a site meeting next week with A&BC to see if they could resolve the problems with the overflowing bins there.

She said that the community payback team had been valuable contributors to the work of BVT, very friendly and good workers. They also have had help from the National Park volunteers.

BVT have done a lot of work with the pupils of Strone Primary with the ‘Bug Hotel”.

BVT are going to support Dunoon Grammar with their John Muir Conservation reward. They are also supporting the special support group with the outdoor learning. They have offered to host their exhibition on the green.

Money from the Tesco bag of help has funded the project and they are also going to take delivery of 3 planters on Thursday from the Men in the Shed Group.

A question was asked about why the volunteers form the National Park had cancelled going to help maintain the willow tunnel at Graham’s Point Kilmun.

11.       Matters arising out of Community Action Plan

NTR. Liaise with Benmore and Kilmun Development Trust for information on the proposed consultation on the new plan.


Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)


Caucus of Community Councils

There has not been a meeting of the Caucus for some time. ACC have written to Willie Lynch to see is a meeting cam be organised.


No Update. Infinergy are coming to KCC meeting on the 8th August. Gordon Holm has looked at the scoping report and forwarded it to Nigel Scriven.  He is the local BTO representative and in touch with the Raptor Group who monitor the Eagles etc. within this area.  Nigel also undertakes EIAs (Environmental Impact Assessments) for wind farm projects so he is fully acquainted with the environmental requirements, which would allow or stop a windfarm development.  No reply has yet come back from Nigel.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier, Pavement Invereck to Cot House

Still waiting for tarring. Bruce Marshall recommended writing to local Councillors for an update on progress.

Cemetery Toilets

Bruce Marshall recommended writing to local councillors for an update on progress on what is happening with this matter.

Struan Lodge

Decision has been made that this proposed closure is not going ahead at present.

Highgate Hall

No progress has been made to date.

BT Broadband

Discussion on areas that do not have fast broadband. Fraser Smith has said he will discuss individual BT, broadband problems with residents. Contact fraz@btinternet.com

13.       Archived issues

None needed discussed

14.       Any other competent business

Sue Minns suggested organising a regular brunch Event at Kilmun Hall as a fund raising project. This to go on the agenda for further discussion.


Place: Younger Hall, Kilmun

Date: Tuesday July 11th at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

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