Minutes Mar 13th 2018



13th March 2018 held at Younger Hall, Kilmun 7.30PM.


Brian Tester (Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Janet Holm (Secretary), Diane Nicholson, and Andy Mullen.

Also Present, Councillor A Reid, Victor Sandall (BKCDT), Agnes Harvey (BVT) and PC Donald MacKay

APOLOGIES, Graham Revill, Kirsty Husband, Fraser Smith, Lachlan Macquarie, D Mackenzie (LATNP), Councillor Y McNeilly and Councillor G. Blair.



Proposed:        Russell Humphreys

Seconded:       Andy Mullen                            Carried




Brought forward                                              £7454.41

General Fund -                                                £1352.48

Roll over Christmas Fund -                                £200

Gardening Fund -                                           £688.13

SEE Grant –                                                    £5040.00

Total @ 13th March 2018 -                              £7280.61

.           POLICE REPORT

PC Donald MacKay reported that there had been 15 incidents with 0 crime reports.

We are now 6 weeks into our Livestock Worrying Campaign. There has been a bad incident of sheep worrying in Inverary, which resulted in sheep being killed. Fortunately not happening in this area.

A Dog Fouling Campaign is to be launched in the Cowal area at the Easter weekend and running for 2 months. All areas have problems with this and extra vigilance will be put in place at designated times. In our area it could be on a Wednesday between 1.30 and 3.30 although this could be subject to change.

Residents described areas where poo bags disposal areas have been set up at Graham’s Point and Blairmore. It was also noted that waste dog poo bags have been discarded in Pucks Glen. Alan Reid will investigate this. It was also discussed initiatives which have been used in other areas of the country to use highlighting paint to show when dog poo has been left on the street. This has been successful and it was suggested that community payback could be used to do this work.

Donald also highlighted a Rural Watch notice about bogus workmen in the area.

The dead swan that was found in the Holy Loch had been taken to the vet who said it had been killed by a fox. The committee thanked the police for their prompt response to this incident.

7          Correspondence

Local Events

Pathways to the future upcoming dates:

Changed to

Saturday 3rd March, 2pm - 5pm @ Kilmun / Younger Memorial Hall to Saturday 17th March, 2pm - 5pm @ Uig Hall

Online survey Please take a few minutes to complete an online survey which you can find here: 
http://bit.ly/communityheritag e

Burgh Hall - Culture, Heritage & Arts. Join us for a Cowal Get Together - Thursday 5th April 2018, 6pm to 8pm in Dunoon Burgh Hall – for CHArts (The Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly) is hosting a networking evening for anyone interested in being part of the CHArts network, specifically across Cowal.

SSEN (Scottish and Southern Electricity Network) north of Scotland Resilient Communities Fund is now open for applications. £220,000 fund is available for non-profit making organisations, community groups and charities working in the SSEN distribution area. Applications up to £20,000 will be accepted until 15 May 2018.

Give it up Pass it on – 14 to 18th March - Amnesty on unused musical Instruments – West Coast Motors. Also being used to promote Route 489 which will link the places participating in the Beautiful Scotland Award in 2018.

Community Council Elections

Meeting and AGM cancelled in May. AGM rescheduled for June.

8 Planning Applications

The following planning applications have been submitted to LLTNP


Erection of 15 metre high telecommunications lattice tower with associated ground based equipment enclosure Location Glen Massan Estate, Glen Massan, Kilmun, near Dunoon


Installation of decking area to front of dwelling Location 2 Swedish House Loch Eck Dunoon Householder Planning Permission


Erection of glasshouse approximately 6.6 metres by 14.4 metres Location Land North of the Courtyard Benmore Botanic Gardens Benmore Approve

9.         Community Matters

Liaison/communication with other local organisations / groups

The collaborative calendar is well up and running and several administrators will work to keep it up to date.

The collation of the information for the directory is almost completed and preparing for printing will be the next step. Michael Leek has agreed to do an illustration for the front cover.

Agnes Harvey (BVT) has suggested that we look at organizing a date for the Festive Lunch in December. This will be investigated JH

Defibrillator at Younger Hall Kilmun

10 people now trained – List of those trained are now on the website. A suggestion that these contacts and phone numbers should be listed on the notice boards at Kilmun and Blairmore Halls. RH and BT

Gardening / environmental improvements from A&BC Funding

A shore clean was undertaken this week.

Preparation is being done for work to begin in earnest when the weather improves. Equipment has been purchased to help with our work and some work has been started at the Brae Garden. HELP have agreed to help clearing the some of the scrub at the garden and will help with the clearing and digging of some of the beds at Graham’s Point. The gates have been removed at the grass are at the entrance of Strone Pier, with permission of the owner, and now grass can be cut and tided there this session.

The surgery thanked “the good fairy” that tidied the tubs at the doctor’s surgery.

A request was made that the Shore Sweepers maintain the tubs at the Doctor’s surgery. JH

Community matters

G Holm brought information about the Kilmun bird hide to the attention of the

council.  This is below the road near the doctors’ surgery.  It is nominally owned by

Peter Staley and he would like the community to take it over in some form or

another.  It is a corrugated shed, which was originally a boathouse.  It is currently

in poor condition and potentially needs work.

It was agreed that BT, RH,  GH and local bird enthusiast , Alastair McGregor.  would

look at the hide and see what could be done to make it a community and potential

Tourist ass

There was discussion about the situation of the grass cutting at Grahams Point. From looking at past documents it was agreed that A&BC and ACHA have changed their position on this matter from 10 years ago.

The conclusion, as agreed by BM, was that ACHA would continue to cut the grass until further notice.

KCC are going to contact ACHA about the position of the use of the car park at Graham’s Point by companies like Scottish Water, BT etc.    BT


Argyll and Bute Council Representative Councillor Reid reported that.

The Council’s Budget put a lot more money into roads. The work to be carried out in 2018/19 in the community council’s area is as follows.

A815. Coylet to Alt na Blathaich. Edge Strengthening/ Carriageway Widening / Drainage. Cost £100,000.

A815. Invereck to Cothouse. Footway Reconstruction. Cost. £51,000.

A880. Kilmun Court to Riverside Surgery. Footway Resurfacing. Cost. £6,750.

After the last meeting I raised the state of the A880 and was told, “Roads are intending to carry out pothole repairs on the C9/A880 from Glen Finnart heading back towards Kilmun later this week.”

Update on a longstanding issue – the overgrowing vegetation on the A815 opposite Wee Butcher's

“The area highlighted contains a species of Japanese Knotweed and therefore it would not be appropriate to clear using scrub cutting equipment. However, this is being referred to Amenity Services for inclusion in the weed killing programme.”

Residents reported that there was a big pothole at the junction of the A880 and the main road.

Agnes Harvey asked when the white lines were going to be repainted on the Blairmore road after the resurfacing.

Gordon Holm stated he had taken pictures of the missing wall opposite the old policeman’s house and also the pothole, but pleased to note that this had already been filled in, two days after KCC reported it to AR.  These pictures have now been sent to BT and AR.


There was discussion about a bush opposite the Wee Butchers.  It had been reported it was Japanese Knotweed, but this has been disputed.   BT asked if GH would take photos in spring.  GH suggested a sprig should be taken to Peter Baxter (Benmore) for identification.

D McKenzie (National Park) 

Not present at meeting – Following report sent.

Apologies – I was planning to be with you this evening, but my wife is not well so can’t make it.

Key item to report is that the schedule for electing a new NPA Board member has been published:

2 April – letter to all households inviting nominations for the elected member position with information on how to submit nomination

31 May - closure of nominations / formal notice of elections

1 June - publication of candidate statements

8 June - last day for residents to register to vote (if not already on voters role)

14 June - postal ballots issued to households

5 July - vote count and declaration of results

As you know, I will not be standing again, so perhaps time to think who might take on the role. Happy to talk about this on phone and still intend to make at least one further visit to a KCC meeting before I step down.

Bruce Marshall said that he hoped that the new NP representative would come from this area.

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust (BKCDT)

Work is continuing on the Community Action plan. A public consultation has been arranged for Saturday 6th April at Kilmun Hall

Blairmore Village Trust (BVT)

Agnes Harvey reported that BVT are continuing the work that came out of the charente process e.g. holiday houses, toilets, and car parking and architect engineers. They are continuing with the Community Participation Scheme towards bringing the High Road up to standard. Blairmore is one of the few communities to participate.

Agnes showed to committee photographs of a series of equipment, which was abandoned in the forests near the High Road in Blairmore more than 11 years ago. She has shared this with Sue Morris (FCS) to see if this can be removed,

Report from Cowal Transport Forum - Wednesday 7 March 2018

Graham Revill attended the above forum on behalf of the Kilmun Community Council.

The minutes are usually issued promptly so this is a brief note of some of the important issues raised.

Argyll Timber Transport representative was unable to attend.  Concerns were due to be raised by Sandbank CC.

Transport Scotland were also absent. Concerns were due to be raised concerning the condition of the A83.

Iain McInnes of Lochgoilhead CC was angry at the time taken (years) to provide VMS signs and temporary diversion signs warning of landslips at the Rest And Be Thankful.  More recently the amount of time taken to arrange a TRO for the bus stop at the R&BT. Paul Farrel (A&BC Roads) undertook to try and expedite this beyond Consultations 1 and 2, which have been done.

Compliments were recorded about the efforts made to deal with the recent ‘snow event’ by the local Roads workers.

Douglas Blades commented on bus timetabling for the Carrick-Helensburgh service and disabled access buses and coaches and the fare structure for the McGill bus route along Alexandra Parade to Western Ferries.

Gordon Ross (Western Ferries) opened a discussion on the use of Dunoon Pier and the on-going campaign for a vehicular service to Dunoon town centre.  I shared his opinion that if the campaign had concentrated on a good reliable passenger only service, one would have been in place years ago. He offered to come onto any committee or body set up to promote the final refurbishment of the pier and pier buildings and suitable landing facilities. He pointed out that the current arrangement did not allow berthing in all weathers due to wave reflection off the breakwater.  The timber pier face allowed waves to pass through and thus was ‘all weather’. I pointed out that DFAG would need to be brought to any meeting about this change of emphasis and that would not be easy.  Western Ferries do have an interest in providing the only vehicular service but this was a departure from the current approach and I think worth pursuing.  I did like the practical aspect of the different berthing faces having such an effect on the ability of vessels to berth.

11.       Community Action Plan 2018 - 2023

The household survey has been done and a public meeting is planned for the 6th April at Kilmun Hall.


Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)


Caucus of Community Councils


Forestry felling on Kilmun Hill

Report from Sue Norris  (Communities & Visitor Services Manager, Argyll Forest Park)

As you know, Scottish Woodlands purchased the timber standing and they are responsible for the timber harvesting operations and haulage. The sale is still 'live', with some trees to fell and timber to extract and haul.  It is difficult to accurately predict when operations will be complete.  It was originally expected that all work would be completed by the end of this month.  Scottish Woodlands have indicated that felling/extraction should be complete within the next week or so.  Haulage will likely continue into next month.  We are working with Scottish Woodlands on a number of contract issues and encouraging them to finish the site as soon as possible so that normal public access can resume.'

GH noted that there was considerable sediment coming off the hill during these operations and this was going into the ditch alongside the A880 in Midge Lane and then subsequently into the stream running through Ashburn creating a sediment plume in the Holy Loch.  GH agreed to take pictures and send these to Sue Morris of FCS and Alan Reid.

BT will write to FCS/FES detailing our issues, regarding the mess at Ashburn, the mess of equipment on the High Road and an up to date clearance plan. BT

Bird Hide at Kilmun

The outline plan has been accepted by everyone. A charity is to be set up as that is the best for attracting funding.

Concealed entrance at White’s Brae

A mirror has been set up at this exit. This is to be taken off the agenda.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier, Pavement Invereck to Cot House

See Councillor Reid’s report

Cemetery Toilets

No progress. Councillor Reid will continue to fight for this issue.

Highgate Hall


BT Broadband

No progress

Facebook page for KCC and Shore Sweepers

A Facebook page has been set up


To be removed from agenda

13.       Archived issues

None raised

14.       Any other competent business

Windfarm – Nothing heard if anything is happening. Councillor Reid’s will try and find out if anything is happening.

Forestry meeting - KCC to contact Dinah Macdonald to ask why they were not invited to the meeting on   Forestry when the area in question in in KCC’s catchment area. BT

Not delivering to Cowal - Resident raised the question of companies saying they will not deliver to Cowal. This can be reported to Amazon who does not allow companies ordered through amazon to do this.

Place: Blairmore Hall, Blairmore

Date: Tuesday April1 0th at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

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