Minutes of Inaugral meeting Ma

Inaugural Meeting of the Kilmun Community Council

held in the Younger Hall, Kilmun on 15th May 2018 at 7pm               


Present:        Janet Holm                                        Russell Humphreys

                        Lachlan Iain Macquarie                  Andrew Mullen

                        Diane Nicholson                              Graham Revill

                        Fraser Smith                                     Brian Tester

                        Shona Barton (Argyll and Bute Council)



Shona Barton, on behalf of the Returning Officer, welcomed all to the meeting.


There were no apologies for absence.


There were no declarations of interest.


It was agreed to appoint Brian Tester as Convener of the community council.


It was agreed to appoint Diane Nicholson as Vice Convener.


It was agreed to appoint Janet Holm as Secretary.


It was agreed to appoint Russell Humphreys as Treasurer.


There were no specialist administrators appointed as matters were dealt with collectively by the community council.


The community council considered and adopted the Model Constitution.


The community council considered and adopted the Model Standing Orders


The community council considered and adopted the Best Practice Agreement.


Shona Barton highlighted a range of governance issues including timescales for issue of agenda and minutes; the co-option process; forming committees; information on complaints processes and the new provision to include a process for sanctions; and information on the new General Data Protection Regulations.


The community council noted the request made by the WWI Steering Group to participate in the Beacons of Light Nation’s Tribute on 11th November 2018 and agreed to continue consideration of this to a future meeting.


The date of the next meeting will be on Tuesday 12th June at 7.30 pm in Younger Hall, Kilmun and thereafter meetings would be held on the second Tuesday of the month and would alternate venues between Blairmore and Kilmun.                      .


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