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9th October 2018 held at Blairmore Hall, Blairmore 7.30PM.

PRESENT: Brian Tester (Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer) and Janet Holm (Secretary),

Also Present Bob Daracott (National Park), Councillor A Reid, Victor Sandall (BKCDT), Agnes Harvey (BVT).

APOLOGIES:  Diane Nicholson (Vice Convenor), Graham Revill, Fraser Smith, Lachlan Macquarie, Andy Mullen, PC Donald MacKay, Councillor Y McNeilly. Councillor G. Blair



Proposed:        Russell Humphreys

Seconded:       Brian Tester                            Carried




Brought Forward                                  3927.11

Expenditure  -                                   

Gardening                                           £52.23


Directory Costs                                   963


Interest                                                       0.76


Donation for directory                            

Donation to gardening fund                    


General fund                                       1306

Gardening                                             123.77

Festive Lunch                                       200.00

SSE grant                                           2045.87

Directory donations                               970

Overall total                                       3682.64


A cross over switch will be put in Younger hall so that a generator can be connected to the electricity supply in an emergency.


Donald reported that since the September meeting there have been 18 incidents reported to the police.

From these, one crime report was generated - a theft of a mobile phone which had been delivered to the porch of "Cummings Cove", Blairmore - enquiries continue.

The non-suspicious fire at Benmore Café was an incident of note which was extremely unfortunate but there was nobody injured.

1 road traffic fixed penalty was also given for no MOT.

I met with Lucy Sumsion, Argyll Manager and Crofting Policy Manager for the NFU last week and had a very productive meeting with regards to the Argyll Rural Crime & Safety Partnership which we will spearhead together. The first meeting will be on Thursday 22nd November. Invites will be sent out to various partners and groups, including rural Community Councils. The first meeting will be to inform those present as to our aims and objectives and hear what our rural constituents have issues with that can be resolved in order to work together to make our rural beats safer.

7          Correspondence

Email – ABC Polling District Review – No significant changes. AR said that several residents in the Rashfield area would prefer to vote at the Younger Hall Kilmun. Will put this into the survey.

Community Payback Order – Annual consultation for 5th October.

HSCP strategic plan consultation

Programme for Armistice Day

Kilmun Hall Poppies – display of knotted poppies on the rails at the Younger Hall Kilmun.

Helen Giles, Christmas Tree Festival @ Kilmun Hall. 30th November – 2nd December. Contact Helen Giles 01369 840701

Local Events

Whist Drive in aid of Blairmore Hall – 26th October @ Blairmore Hall

Coffee Morning – in aid of Blairmore Hall - Blairmore Hall – 10am to noon

8          Planning Applications

The following planning applications have been submitted to LLTNP

2018/0236/DET - Change of use from woodland to garden curtilage, demolition of dwelling house and erection of replacement dwelling house

The Anchorage Ardentinny Dunoon - Neighbour Notification

2017/0298/DET - Change of use from hotel (class 7) to a house, two flats (Class 9) and restaurant (class  - The Pier Hotel Kilmun Dunoon - Approved


Construction of 900 metres of forestry ATV access track

Location Land To North Of Midge Lane And East Of Blairmore And Strone Golf Club, Blairbeg Hill Strone Prior approval not required

2018/0301/DET -Erection of telecoms mast and installation of associated equipment- Glen Massan Estate Near Dunoon Public Interest

2018/0177/DET -Erection of dwelling house

Former Finnartmore Nursing Home Plot 3 Kilmun Dunoon Approved


Kilmun Pier Planning application – Discussions are ongoing between the planners and the applicant Western Ferries. The NP has received 10 objections and also 1 from KCC on behalf of residents. The timescale for objections has been extended indefinitely until there is a resolution. The NP Planning have still to receive detailed plans. A resident present at the meeting formally requested that KCC facilitate a public meeting to discuss the Pier application. BT stated that we would, after we had received the 3D plan that the Park had requested from the applicant (Western Ferries).

9.         Community Matters

Liaison/communication with other local organisations / groups

Directory completed and delivered. Take directory off agenda

Festive Lunch

Date is still to be decided.

Defibrillator at Younger Hall Kilmun

New defibrillator has been received and will replace the one outside Younger Hall.

Gardening / environmental improvements from A&BC Funding

The grant from ABC will come to an end and a report of what has been achieved in the last year will be sent in.

Work on the benches along the Shore is ongoing and will be continued into next year with materials supplied by ABC.

The tubs at Kilmun Church are in need of attention and will be refurbished over the winter months. Historic Kilmun Volunteers are now helping with the maintenance of these tubs.

General tidying up will be done on Strone Brae Garden, Invereck garden and Graham’s Point over the winter months weather permitting.

A sponsorship grant was received from Western Ferries for The Shore Sweepers.

Grass Cutting Graham’s Point

Alan Reid made the following report

Following a site visit with Brian tester I have asked if the Council legal service can identified the two pieces of land on the shore.

Just past the Blairmore sign.

Opposite Napier Point, Johnstone Avenue.

I have asked the road dept. to deal with the weeds growing on the A880 pavement and the bushes spreading onto it from adjacent land.

Roads have told me that the A880 has now been swept by the machine.

The lines and the rumble strip on the stretch of the A880 where there is no pavement. Roads say that this will be rectified as soon as possible. They say that ‘limited’ instruction had been given to the original contractor who failed to put the lines back in the original position.

Repainting the SLOW sign on the road at the summit in Blairmore. Roads say this work has been allocated to a contractor.

Request for ‘Blind Summit’ warning sign in Blairmore. Roads say consideration will be given to this request. However given the 30mph limit and the road width, they suggest that the sign is not required. They know of no accidents there caused by oncoming traffic being in the middle of the road. They don’t accept that it is a blind summit.

Agnes Harvey mentioned comments that have been made in the past about the summit by roads. Alan will take this forward.



Bob Daracott (National Park),

Bob said that he has attended one full board meeting of the national Park. They were given a tour of the areas around the park. The focus was on littering and the problems different areas can have with this aspect. There are different views on whose responsibility it is to deal with the problem but there is a commitment to sharing responsibilities with other stakeholders to deal with the problems. The core path plan has been updated and is out for consultation for 3months. For our area there is very little change but there is also awareness that there could be links to the proposed heritage (ECHO) Trail. KCC will look at the plan and comment.

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust (BKCDT)

At a recent meeting it was reported that BKCDT have purchased a new plastic picnic bench for Graham’s Point. It is very heavy so should stay in place but, in addition, it will be fixed to concrete blocks to prevent it moving in high winds. They have applied and have succeeded in getting funding towards the insurance for the play area at Grahams Point and for the further feasibility study for the heritage trail.

They also reported that knotweed spraying has been done at Blairmore, Strone to the Cothouse and from the Cothouse to Glen Masson. A small are of knotweed had also been treated st the Strone Brae Garden.

HELP have again been asked to help tidy up the willow tunnel at Graham’s Point. They will do this job when the leaves have fallen from the willow.

J Conner has done maintenance work on the boat at Graham’s Pont.

Concern was raised about the safety of the play equipment and if checks were being done which would satisfy the insurers if a claim was made. Janet will check this with BKCDT.

Concern was also raised about the safety of the equipment used by volunteers doing the knotweed spraying. Janet

Blairmore Village Trust (BVT)

Agnes Harvey apologised at not being able to attend previous meetings. This had been difficult because of work commitments.

Agnes said that BVT currently have a couple of proposed projects related to the proposed development of the land at Blairmore Garden. BVT hope to have a design from their architect for 3 to 5 holiday lets based on the charette consultations the trust undertook with residents a few years ago.

BVT are continuing to work towards bringing the High Road at Blairmore up to standard and a meeting is planned with councillors and engineers from Cowal design.

BVT are looking at the possibility of purchasing 2 properties. First the gardener’s cottage with a view it being a holiday let and the second Highgate Lodge House (which is being auctioned). Agnes said that BVT are looking at an innovative way in which link to Care in the community. They are looking at using the Scottish Land fund to help with the purchases,

11.       Community Action Plan 2018 - 2023

Although the initial survey has been done this work is paused at present.


Ardtaraig Wind Farm

No further information.

Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)

A meeting of the caucus will be help before the next meeting in November in Bute.

Caucus of Community Councils

As above.

Forestry felling on Kilmun Hill

NTR – Take off agenda.

Bird Hide at Kilmun

Still progressing.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier, Pavement Invereck to Cot House

Work to be done in the Autumn

Cemetery Toilets


Highgate Hall


BT Broadband


13.       Archived issues

To be taken off agenda.

14.       Any other competent business

It was agreed to extend an invitation to a representative of Younger Hall and Blairmore Hall to KCC meetings

It was mentioned that it would be good to have a bus shelter near The Younger Hall.

Agnes said that the Waverly cruise on Saturday was cancelled.

Victor asked about the bus service to Dunselma stopping in the evenings.

Question was asked about the synchronisation of the lights at the Scottish Water sewerage works on Shore Road,

Place: Younger Hall, Kilmun

Date: Tuesday 13th November at 7.30pm.


Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

Kilmun Hall – January, March, May, July, September, November

Blairmore Hall – February, April, June, August, October, December

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