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12th February 2019 held at Blairmore Hall, Blairmore 7.30PM.

PRESENT:) Brian Tester (Convenor), Diane Nicholson (Vice Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Janet Holm (Secretary), Graham Revill, Lachie Macquarie, Victor Sandall and Mandy Grout

Also Present Councillor A Reid, Bob Daracott (National Park),

APOLOGIES: Fraser Smith, Isobel Brown (Blairmore Hall), PC Donald MacKay, Councillor Y McNeilly and Councillor G. Blair and Andrew Patterson.



Proposed:       Graham Revill

Seconded:       Brian Tester    Carried


BT (Convenor) said that KCC has 1 application for a co-opted member from Dale Mallin.

His application has been circulated round the committee and, at the meeting everyone present (more than 2/3s present) had no objection to him being a co-opted member of Kilmun Community Council.

The co-optee can now serve, with full voting rights, up to the interim elections in 2020 when he will go through a formal nomination process/election.

KCC welcomed Dale onto the committee.


Brought Forward                                  £3574.03

Expenditure  -                                   

Stationary costs                                  £11.60


Interest                                                0.50

Income from Festive Lunch                392.20     


General fund                                       1198,93

Gardening                                             111.10

Festive Lunch                                       199.53

SSE grant                                           2045.87

Directory donations                                   7.00

Overall total                                       3562.43


Donald Mackay who was not at the meeting, emailed his report, stating that there have been 22 incidents in the area.

Of these incidents, there were 4 crimes recorded, being;

1 male reported for a breach of the peace.

1 male detained in custody for breaching bail conditions

1 male detained in custody for multiple road traffic offences including drink driving.

A contravention of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 following a large fly tipping in Glen Massan near the Falls. Positive enquiries ongoing.

Donald reiterated his thanks to the public for their response to the Rural Watch and Social Media appeals for information with regards to the fly tipping.

7          Correspondence

Dunoon Area Alliance - Gathering Views outdoor space across Dunoon - Survey

A83 Rest and Be Thankful Resurfacing - Consultation Letter - regarding overnight closures of the Rest & Be Thankful for 4 nights commencing Sunday 10th March

Email from resident – condition of Highgate Hall

Community Partnership - Invite & Agenda for the next Cowal Area Network WED 20 FEB 7pm - Whistlefield Inn

Dunoon & District C.T.C. Shooting Dates for CCCC Diary 2019/20

BEAR Scotland - North West Connections Stakeholder Newsletter - February 2018

ABC- A Consultation on Fireworks in Scotland

Public Transport Update - Item C – Alexandra Parade Bus/McGill’s 907 being stopped -

In Touch with Distress. ACEs conference Dunoon - conference to be held in the Queens Hall, Dunoon on 26th February 2019.  The conference will be on the subject of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Community Council Annual Survey – online survey on how we are performing as a Community Council – Secretary to complete

8          Planning Applications

The following planning applications have been submitted to LLTNP.

2019/0025/DET - Temporary change of use of garden ground to caravan site (one static caravan) Invereck Lodge Sandbank Dunoon

The Kilmun Pier application

KCC facilitated the requested public meeting. One of the main issues raised at the meeting was that the ‘3D visualisations’ needed to be more accurate and in perspective. The outcome of the public meeting was that KCC reported back to LL&TNP Planning with the views raised at the meeting. Parks have re-requested those drawings to accurately represent the planned works, and they will be made available on their website when received from Western Ferries. We await further news from the National Park.

Artaraig Windfarm

Application has gone to ABC planning committee. It will go to a public meeting. Date has not been decided yet.

9.         Community Matters


Defibrillator at Younger Hall Kilmun

B Tester will organise further defibrillator training. BT requested that any interested parties email him to express interest.


Alan Reid Councillor for ABC gave the following report:

He said that the ABC were preparing for the budget at present. It is likely there will be cuts to provision and increases in council tax.

The pavement across from the doctor’s surgery has been surfaced.

Bob Daracott (National Park),

Bob said that it was very quiet at present. NTR.

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust (BKCDT)

A meeting was held on the 4th February at Uig Hall. The trust has recently heard that it has been successful in its application to ACHA for funding which will be used for adult outdoor exercise equipment for Graham’s Point. A steering group of the group on the ECHO heritage trail is to meet on Saturday 9th February to discuss the next steps in the project.

Blairmore Village Trust (BVT)

GH reported that not much had happened. BVT has decided not to enter Beautiful Scotland this year. Hamilton’s Brae is still ongoing. This site is not suitable for wheelchairs because of the slope.

Communities and Service Manger (Argyll Forest Park)

Not heard from. Have heard that the walk at the Lairds Grave in Ardentinny is closed at present and resurfacing work is being done by the forestry on tracks to be used for felling.

Younger Hall

The hall had a very successful Burns Lunch. The windows should be finished by the end of March. The hall plans to change all the lights using the donation from the shooting club.

Blairmore Hall

At the Hall meeting on the 13th January the resignations of Pam Horton Chairperson and Pauline Horton were noted. Frank Stephenson was elected as Chairperson and Bryan Shewry was elected as treasurer. Jim King was elected as Bookings Secretary.

Anyone wishing to make an enquiry about booking the hall should phone 01369 840515 and leave a message if Jim is not available. Alternatively, a note can be put through his door at Blairmore House Lodge.

All members of the Trust are in post until the A.G.M which will take place on Sunday 12th May at 2.00 pm at Blairmore Hall.  All members of the Community are invited to attend.

The committee are continuing to work on making changes to the constitutional arrangements for the hall, which is necessary for progress to be made in applying for redevelopment funding.

Dangerous parking outside the hall and along the road to the brow of the hill / blind corner is an ongoing issue particularly when larger meetings or events are happening.   The Hall Committee are resuming their attempts to get double yellow lines marked on this stretch of road and to get parking cones that groups can use when running busy events.  Their previous supply of parking cones, which were used effectively have disappeared. 

Help from K.C.C. with this matter will be appreciated. KCC request that BHT itemise any assistance that might be required, so that such requests can be discussed at their next meeting

UIg Hall


11.       Community Action Plan 2018 - 2023

Although the initial survey has been done this work is paused at present.  Bob Daracott will see if he can find out what is happening with this.


Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)

JH attended the meeting of the planning group at the Timber Pier Dunoon in February.

Because of the resignation of the chair Willie Lynch (due to ill health), Cathleen Russell was elected as Chair and Willie Lynch as Vice Chair of the Bute and Cowal Community Planning Group.

It was agreed to invite Bute Islands Alliance to join the membership.

An update of the work by Cairndow Community Council was given and the Scottish Fire and rescue gave a report of the incidents in Dunoon and Cowal. The date of the next meeting is TUESDAY 7 MAY 2019, 10AM, EAGLESHAM HOUSE, ROTHESAY

Cathleen Russell raised concerns regarding the lack of road markings and white lines within the Cowal Area and wished for this to be escalated to the Roads department through the Cowal Transport Forum.

JH brought up the issue of the grit still left on the pavement from the snow gritting last year. This can be raised at the Cowal Transport Forum. Action Graham Revill (11th March).

Caucus of Community Councils

The meeting in January was cancelled because of the snow. The next meeting will be on 23rd April 2019 @ 10am

Bird Hide at Kilmun

GH reported that the work was ongoing. An application for funding from the ABC sustainable communities fund has been made. The group now has a constitution and they are in the process of opening a bank account. Bob Daracott has said he will go with the group to National Park planning when initial plans have been prepared.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier, Pavement Invereck to Cot House

Covered in Alan Reid’s report.

Cemetery Toilet

The review on toilet provision in ABC is still ongoing.

Highgate Hall

Graham Thompson gave an update of the history of Highgate Hall for the new residents who were at the meeting.

He said that there has been progress and that the trustees of the hall are looking to having a public meeting in mid June when options will be presented and discussed with the community including explaining the pros and cons of the options and the potential benefits.

KCC had received an email from a resident whose house is next to Highgate Hall which was expressing concerns about the state of the hall and saying that debris from the hall had damaged a window in their greenhouse during the recent storm. Concern was also expressed about a man loitering behinds the hall. This will be reported to Donald McKay.

Victor Sandall asked if suggestions could be made for possible uses of the hall?  Graham said that they could.

BT Broadband

Fraser has sent a link out to Les about with information about BT provision. He said he had got in touch with John Lewis (his internet provider) but it didn’t help. It was suggested that he contact Mike Russell his MSP.            

13.       Any other competent business

RH asked about the survey of taxis and whether that was being done in Cowal.

L McQuarie asked about the passenger ferry provision. This is to be put on the agenda for next month. Lachie will look at setting up a survey monkey to gauge the views of KCC residents on this matter.

Next Meeting

Place: Younger Hall, Kilmun

Date: Tuesday 12th March at 7.30pm.


Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

Kilmun Hall – January, March, May, July, September, November

Blairmore Hall – February, April, June, August, October, December

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