Minutes March 2019


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12th March 2019 held at Younger Hall, Kilmun 7.30PM.

PRESENT:) Brian Tester (Convenor), Diane Nicholson (Vice Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Graham Revill, Lachie Macquarie and Victor Sandall.

Also Present Councillor A Reid, Bob Daracott (National Park), PC Donald MacKay, Andrew Patterson, Kirsty Manual and Les Orr (residents).

APOLOGIES: Janet Holm (Secretary), Mandy Grout, Dale Mallin, Fraser Smith, Isobel Brown (Blairmore Hall), Councillor Alan Reid, Councillor Y McNeilly and Councillor G. Blair.



Proposed:       Diane Nicholson

Seconded:   Lachie Macquarie                   Carried




Brought Forward                                  3562.43

Expenditure  -                                   

Plants                                                       36.92                     


Donation to shore Sweepers                 40.00

Income from Festive Lunch                392.20     


General fund                                       1198,93

Gardening                                             111.10

Festive Lunch                                       199.53

SSE grant                                           2045.87

Directory donations                                   7.00

Overall total                                       3565.51


Donald Mackay said that there were 19 incidents with 2 crime reports.

2 females for abusive behaviour

Donald reported that the Police are currently investigating the disappearance of 6 Shorthorn cows from Benmore Estate.

Donald reported that the Forestry Commission have now removed the material at the Glen Massan Fly-Tipping site. Costs will be forwarded to the Court for consideration of payment by the offender.

On 14th April – SOS ‘ Shut out Scammers” campaign will be launched.

Donald attended the Scottish Rural Watch Users Group in Stirling on Tuesday 12th March. Rural Watch is expanding at an average rate of 20 affiliations per month in Cowal, which is an area being viewed by the National Co-Ordinators as very successful following the two recent detections (Metal Theft & Fly Tipping). Funding has been supported by the Scottish Ministers through 2020. A newsletter facility and phone app is currently being developed."

7          Correspondence

Email from Michaela Blair Michaela Blair, Convenor, Kilfinan Community Council, Tighnabruaich - re provision of Post Office Services in Tighnabruaich

ABC - Resilient Communities Fund – Russell to update contacts etc on emergency document

Sharing Information - Scotland's Urban Past Event on Dunoon Pier Dunoon Alliance - An event being organised by Scotland's Urban Past on Dunoon Pier, Friday 15th March and Saturday 16th March 2019

CWGC memorial at Kilmun Cemetery CEM 169 Email from Iain Anderson CWGC

National Park – Update on Camping in the National Park

Architectural Tour of Dunoon with Scotland's Urban Past - Scotland’s Urban past are organising an architectural tour of Dunoon on Friday 15th March in connection with a wider event taking place on both Friday and Saturday at the Pier.

8          Planning Applications

The following planning applications have been submitted to LLTNP.

2019/0065/HAE - Extension to dwelling and formation of raised timber deck in retrospect (deck only in retrospect) - 2 Nursery Cottages Kilmun Argyll And Bute

The Kilmun Pier application

No new drawings, so no progress.

Ardtaraig Windfarm

See Alan’s report. ABC meeting on January 22nd agreed “pre determination meeting “ at Queens Hall on 26th March at 9.30am. Request is made to email before hand if you wish to make a representation.

9.         Community Matters

The Shore Sweepers

The Shore Sweepers have produced a list of the work they would like to get done this year.

Defibrillator at Younger Hall Kilmun

Brian Tester needs to receive emails from those who would like to undergo training. A request was made to let people know about the training.


Alan Reid Councillor for ABC gave the following report:

Report on outstanding issues.

Ardtaraig Wind Farm application

BT confirmed that the public “pre determination hearing” will be held at Queen’s Hall on 26 March, starting at 0930hrs

Vegetation spreading onto pavements on A880

Roads response, “We lettered all properties with overhanging vegetation and requested that it be cut back. We have had to go in and cut the vegetation back at several locations which were unoccupied.” We will take this up with Alan, because this does not relate to the issue that has been ongoing and promised to be undertaken ‘In the Autumn’ of 2019….time passed!

Flooding Strone Brae

Roads response, “We will instruct the roadside drainage to be improved at the junction of Westfield and Strone Brae which may involve renewing several gully pots, frames & covers.”

A815 pavement between Invereck and Cot House

I asked Jim Smith, the Head of Roads, at a recent Committee meeting about the delay in carrying out this work. He assured me that the work would be carried out soon.


Bob Daracott (National Park),

Bob reported that there was very little planning related activity - with just 1 app recorded, relating to a house extension and decking (retrospective as regards the decking) at No2 Nursery Cottages, Kilmun.

- no progress as yet with the Western Ferries application relating to Kilmun Pier. The NP still awaits revised drawings and another photomontage.

- for information only, the NP have now registered a number of applications relating to Cameron House Hotel, which will, subject to approval, be fully restored.

- the forthcoming NP Board Meeting, Monday, 18th March, will consider a number of papers, including, Annual Operating Plan 2019/20, Annual Budget, Strategy Papers on, the draft Woodland Strategy ( which will be released for consultation in April) and a revised Camping Management Framework.

- the Board will also receive an update on the NP's involvement in future upgrade plans associated with the A82 and A83 trunk roads.

- BD to elicit a full response from the NP and their Community Partnership team about the future of Local Action Plans.


Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust (BKCDT)

Next meeting is on 20th March @ 7.30 @ Uig Hall

Meeting of ECHO project set for Saturday 6th April @ Younger Hall 2 -5pm.

Brian Tester has repaired the trim on the rowing boat plant container, but it should be noted that approximately half of the cable ties had been maliciously cut, so as to allow the rough edges of the boat exposed!


Blairmore Village Trust (BVT)

A National Park representative attended the last BVT meeting.

BVT has been contacted by a resident expressing concern that White’s Brae was narrowed because of building work on a house at the bottom of the Brae. BVT is not responsible to the surface of the road.


Communities and Service Manger (Argyll Forest Park)

No report, and no contact yet again from FES or FCS. BT will make contact with the organisations concerned and try and find out why we have been deserted, but conversation with Marion of ACC confirms that they have had the same ‘abandonment’ from them.


Younger Hall

The stained glass window will be finished by the end of the month.


Blairmore Hall

J Holm and Eileen Connell will take over putting the events for the hall onto the collaborative calendar until someone from the new committee will take this over.


UIg Hall

No report.


11.       Community Action Plan 2018 - 2023

Although the initial survey has been done this work is paused at present.  See Bob Daracott report.



Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)



Caucus of Community Councils

Emergency meeting held on Friday 08th March 2019 to discuss the apparent ‘closure by stealth of Cowal Community Hospital’. The bottom line is, despite documents existing to the contrary, we are now down to 7 available beds + 5 for respite care (since the closure of the Hospice).  Apparently documents exist to confirm ‘at no time in the foreseeable future will the number of available beds drop below 14’….although other documents suggest we should have 20+. Many examples of residents having to remain in hospitals ‘over the water’, when their medical condition was such that they could have been transferred to our local hospital ….if beds had been available, were brought to the attention of those present.  Furthermore, ‘local’ clinics have all but been stopped now at our hospital, due to ‘staffing issues’, but be careful what you ask for…….a resident apparently complained to NHS Highlands about having to go to Glasgow for an appointment which had previously been held at CCH. They were told that if they didn’t like it, then an appointment with NHS Highlands designated Hospital would be made….at Inverness!!   


Those present, plus support from those ‘CC’s that could not attend the meeting, confirmed that an urgent letter should be sent to named individuals, groups, Councillors, M.P.’s, M.S.P’s and the press, seeking urgent and accurate up-to-date information regarding the current status and future of Cowal Community Hospital. When the letter has been produced, we will publish it onto our website.


Bird Hide at Kilmun

There was verbal interview with ABC which appeared to go well. SCIO has been submitted to charities commissioners and gone past the 1st stage. BT thanked Gordon and Russell for their hard work and progress to date.


A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier, Pavement Invereck to Cot House

See Alan Reid’s report.


Cemetery Toilet

No change.


Highgate Hall

No update.


BT Broadband

Les Orr, who was present at the meeting, said that there might be some progress in his efforts to get fast broadband. The help from Mike Russell (MSP) appears to have made a difference and he has had more positive contact with BT and John Lewis .


13.       Any other competent business

Review of Ferry Provision – add to agenda next month.


Cowal Transport Meeting- Graham Revill reported that Roads did not come to the meeting. It would appear that there is no money for road marking, so if it is not done at the time of the roadworks completion (when it is part of the contract to re-mark), it is unlikely to be done at all.

Did not answer enquiry about the winter grit being left on footpaths. Graham said that he did not see money going towards a water supply for Clachaig. All in all, a pretty disappointing meeting with even poorer outcomes.


Next Meeting

Place: Blairmore Hall, Blairmore

Date: Tuesday 9th April at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

Kilmun Hall – January, March, May, July, September, November

Blairmore Hall – February, April, June, August, October, December

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