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12th October 2019 held at Younger Hall, Kilmun 7.30PM.


PRESENT: Brian Tester, (Convener), Diane Nicholson (Vice Convenor), Janet Holm (Secretary), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Dale Mallin, Fraser Smith, Victor Sandall, Lachie Macquarie.

Also Present: Bob Darracott (National Park), Bruce Marshall, Gordon Holm Caroline Munro and Lorraine Hopkin Munro and Les Orr

APOLOGIES Mandy Grout, Graham Revill, Councillor A Reid, Sue Rule (Blairmore Village Hall), Councillor Y McNeilly, Councillor G. Blair,



Proposed:       Dale Mallin

Seconded:       Diane Nicholson          Carried




Carried forward                                 2305.02



Gardening                                           22.95

Internet                                                29.95

Gardening                                           20.95

Donation                                              20.00

Funds In

Western ferries                                   £100

ABC                                                    478.80


General fund                                       1360.04

Gardening and Shore Sweepers        112.18

Festive Lunch                                   199.53

SSE grant                                       1090.92

Directory donations                              7.00

Overall total                                   2745.97


No report.

7          Correspondence (Already circulated to committee members)

Place Making - Support for communities involved with planning - survey

Arrocher Beach Cleans

Planning Applications

Construction of three sections of forestry ATV access track (2473meters) Land East Of Loch Tarsan Glen Massan

The Kilmun Pier application

BD stated that there was no movement as yet. Photomontages have been submitted but they have been returned, as they were deemed unsatisfactory.

Ardtaraig Wind Farm

Alan Reid has contacted JH to say that the application has been rejected.

9.         Community Matters

The Shore Sweepers

The Shore Sweepers attended the Its Your Neighbourhood award ceremony on the 30th October in Stirling.

The Shore Sweepers are planning to apply to the ABC sustainability Fund.

ACHA have arranged to mend the play boat.

The Festive Lunch

The date for the Festive Lunch has been changed to Friday 13th December @ The Younger Hall Kilmun because of the date of the election

Volunteers needed and raffle and tombola prize.

Defibrillator at Younger Hall Kilmun

There was very positive feedback from the residents who took the course. There was a request for a first aid course to be held.



Alan Reid Councillor was not at the meeting. He gave the following written report.

Weed Killing

Roads response,

“I have been updated by the Assistant Operations Contracts Manager Kevin McIntosh that the Weed killing policy allows for weed killing once per year through Glycophate spraying at optimum times. This is very weather dependent and staff will use their discretion if it is raining and decide whether to spray or not. Staff do their best to get round the areas, however as previously stated it is weather dependent and if missed they will endeavour to re attend when operational duties permit. I have further been updated that Hunters Quay has been treated which has included officers physically pulling the larger weeds out and Kilmun has also been treated too.”

Pavement Cothouse to Invereck

Roads response, dated 5 November,

“This work was carried out at the end of last week (A815 Cothouse to Invereck) - there is a small amount of top coat required at each end of the works but will be filled by the end of this week.”

12th November - Roads confirm that all works are now completed.

White line at Tyneshandon

Roads response,

“The lines shown in your photograph are indicative of access protection bars. These are not lines to delineate the edge of the carriageway, but are painted to dissuade people from parking in the vicinity of accesses to properties or adjoining roads. These lines are not supported by traffic orders and are therefore not enforceable regards any parking legislation. If the lines have been put in by mistake or have been altered in any way then we will have the liners revisit the locus to correct this. We will have this checked; lining crews are due into the area in the next 1-2 weeks.

“It may be the case that when Tyneshandon was operating as a business and office premises. They were keen on protecting space and sightlines for traffic exiting the depot the rear of the premises. If the lines are no longer required, or serve no real purpose we could arrange to have them burnt off.”

Water flowing outside Kilmun Court

Roads response,

“Our local roads inspector is aware of the situation and has been in contact with some of the residents of Kilmun Court. The residents have asked their factor to get in contact with us but to date (9 October) there has been no progress. The primary issue appears to be the lack of removal of hedge clipping etc. from the roadside drainage.”

I’ve asked for an update and will email this if I receive it before the meeting.

12th November - Roads write, “Some of the cuttings have been removed by the factor who are responsible for the cutting and clearing in this area. Our roads inspector is scheduling a site visit with the factors as the issue of flooding stems from what appears to be water transfer from the property.”

Shore Sweepers

Amenity Services response,

 “The Shore Sweepers should contact customer services on 01546 605514 they could ask to be put through to Milton House and speak to an Admin or the Amenities supervisor who will be happy to arrange for pickup.”

Scottish Water at Johnson Avenue

I’ve written to Scottish Water. Awaiting a response.

Flooding on Strone Brae

Roads response, “We will aim to have this work started within the new calendar year.”

School request for information about disposal of waste.

The Council have a contract in place with Renewi (formerly known as Shanks) who provide waste disposal services for the Council. The waste collected by the bin lorries is taken to the site at Dalinlongart. Renewi then process and dispose of it.

A breakdown of what materials are recycled can be found at https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/content/recycling-figures

Details of how recycling is carried out can be found at http://www.recycleforscotland.com/facts-figures/facts-figures


Bob Darracott (Loch Lomond Representative)

LLTNP Representative commented:

Ardentinny Fish farm – an application has not been formally submitted.

Derelict Property in Kilmun~ BT asked BD to comment on the situation of the derelict property (Clairemont) in Kilmun, as there had been some communication between BT, BD and Bob Cook (LL&TNP Planning Manager) on the subject, as a result of a complaint received from a resident. BD confirmed that LL&TNP Planning would be conducting their own inspection of the property to see if it is legally compliant, considering the complaints regarding the fact that this property has been empty for more than 34 years!

Forestry and Land Scotland - John Hair (FLS)


Blairmore Village Trust

Joint meeting has been held with Blairmore Village Hall Committee.

Blairmore Hall is to be asked if they want to take the extra defibrillator. GH

BVT will make the sandwiches for the Festive Lunch

Blairmore Hall

 We held our first Joint Strategy Meeting with BVT on Sunday 3rd November, at which we drew up terms of reference for how the two organisations will work together.  The Hall Committee see this as is an exciting and positive step for the community as a whole, and one which is crucial to our plans for a major renovation of the Hall. 

Pat Lynn has stepped down from the Committee for personal reasons, and our Committee meeting on 10th November welcomed Berni Connor as the new representative for the Hub. The Committee also agreed to co-opt Andy Blackburn onto the committee with the role of Safety Officer. 

Emily Wallace and Sue Rule are working with TSI advice to finalise the draft of the proposed new constitution, which would see the Hall Trust transition to a two-tier SCIO membership organisation. Once we have a draft that satisfies both OSCR requirements and the Hall committee, it will be put out for public consultation. The second of our quarterly Newsletters bringing folk up to date on what we’ve been doing over recent months will be out shortly. 

Our next fund-raiser is a concert with local band Miller-Crossan this Saturday, 16th November. Tickets £5 on the door, (limited) bar available. Early in the New Year, we are hoping to arrange a session to help less tech-savvy members of the community get to grips with their computers and tablets, and would welcome KCC’s help in promoting this to those most in need of it.

Younger Hall

The hall is being used as a polling station on 12th December.

Strone Primary School is using the hall for their soup ad sandwich fundraiser on the 16th November.

The Festive Lunch is being held in the hall on Friday the 13th December.

The Hall is in the process of changing to an SCIO.

Strone Primary

Soup and Sandwich on the 16th November.

Fraser Smith reported that the work on the outside forest area was going well.

The Shore Sweepers have been in touch with the school and have asked them to do some publicity about their work their on helping the environment. The Sweepers will work with the school on a beach clean and helping the children find out more about recycling. JH suggested that the school could consider entering the Its Your Neighbourhood awards next year with the work they are doing with their forest area, as there were several school represented at the awards this year.

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust (BKCDT)



Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)


Invereck Closure

At present 6 residents left in the home.

Renewable energy for new Builds

BT asked B Darracott what the National Park policy was on heating for new builds. BD stated that NP Planning had fully adopted legislation that ensures the appropriate renewable energy considerations, and he will provide more information on the subject for the next meeting.

Caucus of Community Councils


Bird Hide at Kilmun

The friends of the hide at Kilmun are holding a fundraising race night on the 22nd November.

GH mentioned that the Cowal Natural History club were holding a talk about red squirrels. He also mentioned that there is a group that looks at Coastal Communities. The link to this website to be put on KCC’s website.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier, Pavement Invereck to Cot House

This work is now complete – remove from agenda.

Highgate Hall


BT Broadband

Fraser Smith said that the cabling has been finished at Kilmun now.

13.       Any other competent business

BT said that he had received a call from the organisers of the Argyll Rally and that they are looking for volunteers to help with next year’s (2020) event. Next year, the event would include parts of the course being raced on ‘closed public roads’. Argyll Rally organisers have stated that they would welcome the input/assistance of volunteers of any age from the Community. Fraser and Dale said they were interested. BT said that he would provide contact details of the local AR organisers for Fraser and Dale as and when those details become available

Victor said that 2 cars were being parked on the main road near the bottom of Strone Brae, and he was concerned that this was making it dangerous for other road users. BT advised If vehicles are being parked in a dangerous position, it should be reported to the Police, who have a legal responsibility for safety matters on the highway

The damage to the pavements as reported at the last meeting is still outstanding. Those present at the meeting were very unhappy with the lack of progress of works that A&BC are responsible for…and have promised to carry out for some time now! BT is to write to A&BC to highlight these issues.

Next Meeting   

Place: Blairmore Hall, Blairmore

Date: Tuesday 10th December at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

Kilmun Hall – January, March, May, July (Recess) September, November

Blairmore Hall – February, April, June, August, October, December




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