October 2021


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12th October 2021 held at Younger Hall, Kilmun 7.30PM.

Meeting Start -7.30

At the start of the meeting Victor Sandall started to make a statement from the floor but was reminded that questions/statements need to go through the chair.


PRESENT: Brian Tester, (Convener), Diane Nicholson (Vice Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Mandy Grout .Victor Sandall (arrived at approximately  7.45)

Also, Present: Councillor A Reid, Bob Darracott (National Park), Councillor G. Blair, Agnes Harvey


APOLOGIES Janet Holm (Secretary), Fraser Smith, Graham Revill, Dale Mallin, Julie Fish (HT Strone Primary),  Councillor Y McNeilly, , PC Heather McCallum, John Hair (Forestry Land Scotland), Gordon Holm, Lachie Macquarie, and Caroline Munro.


The session was not recorded




None. It was pointed out that declarations of interest applied to the Community Council members only, and if certain discussion items on the menu, needed such a declaration.




The 17th August 2021 minutes were:

Proposed:  Russell Humphreys        

Seconded: Diane Nicholson                                       Carried




To be dealt with in AOB




Carried forward                                 £3447.00

Expenditure                              -       


Funds In


General fund                                       £ 1309.55

Gardening and Shore Sweepers        £123.19

Festive Lunch                                     £154.47

SSE grant                                         £1090.00

Directory donations                                 £7.00

Grant from ABC (For new road sign)    £1262.00

Overall total                                       £3947.13


RH had paid for the KCC website  for three years, which will appear in the next accounts.




Officer Reporting: PS Donald McIver


No. of Incidents reported (Since last meeting)

During the dates of 12/09/21 and 11/10/21. Excluding un-actioned incidents such as planned shoot notification, there were 9 incidents of note.


5- Concern for persons/Assist members of the Public


3- Road Traffic Incidents


1 – Fraud Incident


1 CR recorded    -1 Fraud



All requirements for information appeals are submitted weekly to the Local Press. At this time no pressing appeals requested in the area

Safe Summer 2022

Early engagement with a number of agencies including Argyll and Bute Council, Forestry Land Scotland and National Parks is under way regarding the 2022 summer holiday to see what can be learnt from the vast number of visitors experienced this year.

Herbert Protocol

Work is continuing in Implementing the ‘Herbert Protocol’ with Argyll and Bute in line to be the first council area to adopt these procedures. This protocol concerns Property Exit Sensors which will increase the wellbeing of the vulnerable in the area.


Thank you for the continued updates regarding traffic matters in the area. We will endeavour to carry out speed checks at various locations in the area. With regards to the movement of speed signs and signs being hidden by foliage, this matter has been referred to Argyll and Bute Council who would deal with that matter



7          Correspondence (Already been circulated to committee members)


Police Scotland Survey - Message for community councils – survery repolicing protests and events Follow the link to have your say  https://consult.scotland.police.uk/strategy-insight-and-innovation/copy-of-event-engagement-survey


Previously circulated:  Visitor Pressures – Mid season review

                                    Blairmore Hall revised Constitution                           


8. Planning Applications


Change in the use of care home to dwelling house with internal alterations & external alterations to form sunroom to side. Invereck House Sandbank Dunoon Listed building and neighbourhood notification

Construction of temporary timber stacking area (75m x 8m), harvesting access ramp (30m) and approximately 730m harvesting access track. Land to the West Of Loch Eck Argyll Forest Park



9.         Community Matters

The Shore Sweepers

The template for the sign at the entrance of the A880 has now been agreed with Plantscape.


Bird Hide at Kilmun


Progress has been made in building the hide and the walls have been put in position.   These have been painted with tar paint along the base to protect the wood from rotting. The next job is to put on the roof, and this will be followed by the outer shell of coralline.  This will give added protection against the weather.


Highgate Hall and Tyneshandon

See Clllr. Reid’s report re Tyne Shandon

Nothing heard from Highgate Hall.


Sight lines

See Cllr Reid’s report



AH raised the issue of parking in the area of Blairmore Green. This formed part of the discussion with Cllr Reid and is reported there.

The Hub is due to reopen in the next few weeks.

RH raised the issue of the rapid spread of Japanese Knotweed in the area, and whether there was any plan to treat this. BT will contact Dinah to ask if The B&R trust have any plans.


Climate Change – Notes from the Argyll and Bute Climate Summit – 20th September

JH attended this online summit on the 20th September.

There were over 100 attendees including MSPs, MP representatives from ABC and several community councils and many other interested groups. There were speakers from Farming on changes that can be made with livestock farming, Seaweed farming in Wales and work that is happening at Cruachan Power Station which may possibly be expanded in the future. There was a very interesting talk from the renewable manager on Gigha, an island that is community owned. A speaker from Orkney who described work that is happening there. There was also input from Logan Air and Cal Mac. A film was also produced for the event ‘Hopes for the Future’ which was not shown at the time because of technical difficulties but is available to watch on You tube.


At the meeting several issuers were raised regarding Climate Change. The dumping of garden waste into the lochs is still happening. Can the Council not send out a letter, advising people that this is an offence.

VS pointed out that garden waste was being taken by residents to the council tip, from where it was transported to Glasgow. Surely, it would make more sense to have community facilities, whereby the waste could be composted, and be available to the community at large. He also added that Westfield residents were looking at creating an allotments scheme. They will be approaching the council for support.

VS also asked about the increased number of helicopter flights recently over the Holy Loch area. It was suggested that this may be down to ferrying personnel to various shoots in the area. BT suggested he might take it up with the CAA, who were responsible. In addition, several drones have been seen in the area.BT said that under a certain weight, they would not have to be registered. Forestry and Estate agents use them quite extensively




Councillor Alan Reid reported

A defective buildings notice has been served on the owners of Tyneshandon. They are awaiting a structural engineering report from the owner and proposals to make the site safe and to remedy the defective areas

Speeding along the shore road. A mobile flashing speed sign is being planned for the area, and it is proposed to be placed in Midge Lane. It was reported that one such sign in Inellan has been stolen.

The sight lines opposite the tea caddy houses. The Council believe that this is not a problem, at the moment, if both cars are driving at 30 miles an hour, there should be no accidents. However, there is a cut due in the ‘autumn’. BT said the strength of feeling was high amongst the residents

Westfield. The clearing of the culvert and cutting down of the brush will also take place in the autumn. BT pointed out that there is a tree growing in the culvert. VS also said that there is a broken fence, and there is no delineation between properties, making it unclear as to ownership. VS highlighted the problem of sycamore trees growing like weeds, which are causing damage to the properties

Traffic parking in Blairmore was raised. People are parking in dangerous places. It is a combination of several things including holidaymakers, Blairmore café, the Waverley trips and group meetings at the hall, now it is back in use. Parking on the pavement is not as yet an offence in Scotland, which increases the problem.  AR will take it back once again to the council, but they have refused in the past to consider double yellow lines.

AH said that BVT had some exciting designs to improve the parking in the area, which would also help climate change conditions. She did not envisage these happening for a couple of years.

The lay by opposite Portanstuck has four planters in it. AH pointed out that this was private land sold BY BVT to residents over 6 years ago.

The abandoned boat in the Holy Loch. AR said that Peelports had been contacted. They had contacted the owner, but nothing has been done. They urge people to be cautious.

VS once again highlighted street lights that are remaining on all day. He gave AR a list.


Bob Darracott (Loch Lomond Representative)

LLTNP Representative


The authority had been in touch with the residents of Westfield.

There are two fish farms proposals being discussed. Both are at the top of Loch Long.

There is no progress to report on the more local one.

BD asked about the clearances on Strone Brae. These have been done by the Dunselma Estate, who had advertised plots of land for sale.

Teams will be making contact to discuss local place planning work


Forestry and Land Scotland – Fraser MacDonald (Who has taken over from John Hare)

Over the last few years John Hair has provided information to a number of Communities within Cowal and we feel that continuing and improving Community engagement is essential for FLS moving forward. As such I will be local contact for Kilmun and Blairmore Community Councils and will hopefully in time match John’s professionalism and standards.

Larch Felling Plan:

As per Johns last update “The Cruach Benmore Larch Felling Plan” has not as yet been approved as yet. FLS have a meeting with Scottish Forestry later this week so I hope to be able to update you for next meeting when plan will be on our website to view and comment on.

At next meeting it would be useful to discuss opportunity to organise drop in session to discuss this plan and other felling operations.


Current Felling:

There are 9 SPHN sites being worked or in process of starting within Kilmun Community area


·         Blairmore Farm – chainsaw fell to recycle will be complete by end of this month

          Ardbeg (above Rashfield) – Chainsaw fell to recycle is complete

          Beinn Ruadh (above Coylet Inn) – Chainsaw fell to recycle will be completed end of November as waiting on shutdown from SSE

          Scottish Water Treatment Plant – Chainsaw fell to recycle is now complete

          Corrach (Scottish Water Treatment Plant) Harvesting site – machine now on site with view to commencing operations this week. Timber haulage will be towards end of month.

           West Loch Eck forest road, there are tree surgeons on site carrying out high pruning of roadside branches to allow timber vehicles onto site

           West Loch Eck (opposite Coylet Inn) – we are waiting on EIA approvals and additional facilities to be constructed by civil engineering for working site, likely to be late November early December before harvesting begins, will update for next meeting.

            Pucks Glen –  there are two active sites currently being worked in Pucks Glen with further three sites to be worked later in year by same merchant which will impact on trail closures, again will update for next meeting.

            Kilmun Hill – Harvesting operations and timber Haulage ongoing.


·         There will be ongoing civil engineering maintenance works associated with harvesting sites as listed above.


Public Access:

 Pucks Glen has reopened after remedial works to bridges, however will have section closed for a short period for harvesting operations at top of gorge bottom side of forest road. Will confirm dates as soon as possible.

There has been two events held in last month “Dunoon Ultra”- running and “Dirt Dash” - cycling that have both been very successful and organisers are looking at hosting these again next year.

 Stay the night campervan trial finishes at the end of October and a review will take place regarding success of this with Scottish Government in order to determine if this continues.


Christmas tree sales will again take place at Glenbranter from first weekend in December, again only Friday – Sundays.


Ongoing Engagement:


 Forestry and Land Scotland have been notified of 10 new SPHN to be served within Cowal area but are expecting to have several more as there have been 90 suspected infected reports sent to Scottish Forestry this year. Of the ten new ones Loch Eck area will be impacted the most, however we do unfortunately believe that Kilmun and Pucks Glen areas will be served with more.

We would like to be able to have more definitive maps and plans for next meeting showing all areas in Cowal but especially Kilmun and Blairmore.

There will be a harvesting site starting in Ardentinny area that will see an increase of Timber Haulage on A880 as timber is being transported via boat at Sandbank.

Felling and vegetation clearance work is planned to be undertaken in Westfield resident area before Christmas.

FLS is working with Argyll & Bute Council to deal with over hanging branches on A815 from Coylet to Glenbranter in next two months.

If you require any additional information please get in touch.


Younger Hall

The Bridge club is operating out of the younger hall. It is hoped to trial a mini–Flea Market at the end of the month. The hall has been provisionally booked for 3 days in November by the NHS for booster Covid jags


Blairmore Hall

No report (New constitution has been circulated)


Strone Primary

No report




SSE Pylon Discussion    Nothing to report


13.       Any other competent business


DN told the meeting of a consultation being brought forward by Tilhill Forestry on behalf of Mr Matthew McCarthy of Corrachaive Farm. KCC has been invited as a local stakeholder to provide any local comments or concerns about the proposed new woodland. The plans identify the total area of 18.2ha made up of open ground, a mixture of a new broadleaved woodland situated on the unmanaged fields, leaving the existing vegetative strip near roadside and retaining deep peat area approx. 0.5ha. DNs concern is the road access, which she will raise.


RH said that he and BT had attended a meeting for un update on the Dunoon Project, which had been very impressive, particularly the involbve3ment of Dunoon Grammar school. Much of this contained Climate Change considerations.

BT said that Community Councils were being aske to comment on the continuance of Zoom meetings to be permitted. He will circulate the document.



Meeting close at 21.07pm





Meeting finished at

Next Meeting   

Place: Younger Hall

Date: Tuesday November 9th @ 7.30PM

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.

Kilmun Hall – January, March, May, July (Recess) September, November

Blairmore Hall – February, April, June, August, October, December t5

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