January 2022


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11th January 2022 @ 7.30PM. Online

Meeting Start -7.30pm


PRESENT: Diane Nicholson (Acting Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer) Janet Holm (Secretary), Fraser Smith, Graham Revill, Dale Mallin, Lachie Macquarie and Mandy Grout.

Also, Present: Councillor A Reid and Councillor G. Blair (Argyll and Bute Council), Bob Darracott (National Park), Gordon Holm and Lindsay Greer


APOLOGIES, Julie Fish (HT Strone Primary), Councillor Y McNeilly (Argyll and Bute Council), PC Elaine Heffron, Fraser Macdonald (Forestry Land Scotland), Caroline Munro, Brian Tester and Abigail and Colin Daly.


This session was recorded for the minutes


D.N. told the meeting that Brian Tester has resigned from KCC for personal reasons and that she will be chairing the meeting as depute convenor until such time as the position can be formalised. There was unanimous agreement from all members of KCC. It was confirmed that BT had resigned from the KCC as convenor and committee member.


KCC thanked Brian for all the good work that he had done on behalf of KCC. DN will write a letter/email to Brian to thank him for all he had done for KCC.



None. I




RH said that there was a correction to the last minutes. The total stated for SSE should have been £1090.92 – a difference of 92p.


The 12th October 2021 minutes were:

Proposed:       Janet Holm

Seconded:       Mandy Grout                           Carried




To be dealt with in AOB




Carried forward                                 £3947.13

Expenditure                              -       

Spanglish website(3 yr subscription)      89.85

gardening                                                 48.75

Funds In

Interest                                                     0.46


General fund                                    £ 1220.65

Gardening and Shore Sweepers        £74.44

Festive Lunch                                     £154.47

SSE grant                                         £1090.92

Directory donations                                 £7.00

Grant from ABC (For new road sign)  £1262.00

Overall total                                       £3809.48


RH had paid for the KCC website for three years.




Officer Reporting: Officer Reporting: PS Elaine Heffron L230

No. of Incidents reported (Since last meeting)

During the dates of 10/12/21 and 10/01/22 there were 9 incidents of note.

6 neighbourhood disputes

1 dropped 999

1 alarm call

1 welfare visit


Current initiatives

It was decided that, instead of reading out the following information from Police Scotland at the meeting it would be included in full within the minutes as there is a lot of useful information for the general public.

The committee agreed with RH’s suggestion to put this information as a separate item on the KCC website.

Fraud Prevention – Call Blockers

Reported crimes of fraud continue to rise as we have seen since the start of the pandemic. These can range from bogus callers attending at addresses offering services to telephone and internet frauds which we have seen increase the most during lockdown. With many people shielding, criminals have taken advantage of this and used various ways to target people by telephone in particular. The most common methods we have seen around Cowal is:

Phone call from someone saying they are from your bank. They will say there is suspicious activity on your account and ask you to transfer money to another account that they provide to you. This is a scam. Your bank will never ask you to do this. If you receive a call like this please hang up and don’t provide any information.

A Whatsapp or text message comes in from a number you don’t recognise however it will say it’s your son/daughter or other family member who has lost their phone and will ask you to transfer money to another account. This is a scam that has been seen more and more over the past month. Don’t reply or send any money. Phone your relative on the number you normally have for them to confirm if this is genuine or not.

Phone call from Microsoft/BT/Amazon or other well-known company saying there is issue with an account/payment and will ask you to log into your internet banking which they will then take control of. Again, this is a scam. No genuine company will ever ask you to log into internet banking.


To help tackle this, funding has been provided by Argyll and Bute Council to purchase Call Blockers. These devices plug into your landline telephone and screen your calls for you. You can still receive calls from friends, family, or anyone else looking to genuinely contact you, but it will deter around 97% of cold callers and stop your telephone ringing with the many, many scam calls that are doing the rounds. The devices are free for you or your family and can be installed by a local police officer or posted out for you to install yourself or for a family member. As the funding is limited, we are seeking to identify anyone who may be vulnerable for these devices. This could be due to older age, or perhaps a disability such as dementia. These devices, once installed, provide peace of mind, and will help deter criminals from targeting you. If you would like a call blocker device, please contact PC Laura Evans at Dunoon Police Station either by email (laura.evans@scotland.pnn.police.uk) or by telephone Monday to Friday 8am-4pm on 07966 733 642. You can read more about the call blockers on this link https://www.truecall.co.uk/category-s/117.htm


While the telephone is an essential lifeline, it can also bring problems for older people: mum or dad may be confused by telemarketing calls, agree to order products they don’t need, or may be taken advantage of by unscrupulous salespeople and scammers. TrueCall Secure stops these callers in their tracks.

It was agreed that this information on Fraud Prevention will be added to KCC website.


7          Correspondence

(Already been circulated to committee members)



8. Planning Applications

Since our last meeting in October


Change of use of land to a motorhome/camping site, erection of an amenity building and the formation of a new access. Land North of Lamont Lodges, Rashfield, Dunoon. Approved


Construction of temporary timber stacking area (75m x 8m), harvesting access ramp (30m) and approximately 730m harvesting access track Land to The West of Loch Eck Argyll Forest Park Approved

Construction of 450 meters of harvesting access track Land East of Uig Road Benmore Dunoon Prior - approval not required

Conversion of 2 no. separate flats into one detached house with associated demolitions and extensions Ground Flat Arden Bank, Kilmun. Neighbour notification


Questions were asked about the Pier Hotel in Kilmun which has recently been sold but no planning application have yet been received for this property.


9.         Community Matters

The Shore Sweepers

The sign ‘Welcome to The Shore Villages’ at the entrance of the A880 has now been delivered. JH to explore ways that we can get help to erect the sign.


Bird Hide at Kilmun

There has been good progress with the hide and all the external walls are complete and protected with a cladding of Corraline. Work is continuing the inside and along the groundworks access. This will require extra hardcore and Armco protective barriers.  It is hoped that we might be able to open it in February

GB - Talked about funding and the work being done at Sandbank Hide. GH said that they were working with them too.


Highgate Hall and Tyneshandon

See Councillor Reid’s report re Tyneshandon. A resident, who couldn’t attend the meeting and who lives near this property, sent detail notes into the committee of the work and information that they had been doing to find out what was happening. This ties in mostly with the information from Councillor Reid’s report. JH asked permission for Councillor Reid’s report to be forwarded to the resident ahead of the publication of these minutes.

RH – asked if The Stables at Dunselma could be included as well. Councillor Reid will raise that issue as well.

BM – Said that the community are aghast at the state of this building, and something needs to be done.


Highgate Hall

Lachie Macquarie has been in touch with one of the trustees who is concerned about some insurance that need to be paid. Lachie will find out from the trustees what the current position is and report to the next meeting.



No representative at meeting




The HT was not able to attend the meeting. Ms. Fish asked if KCC could help with the overhanging vegetation of the pavement walking down the Strone Brae. AR said that the HT can contact ABC roads dept directly to ask to have that work done.


Councillor Alan Reid reported



Update from Building Standards, 25th October 2021

We are awaiting a response from the owner of the property, Mr Anderson,

Mr Anderson (the owner) has been reminded that we are awaiting submission of an engineer’s report and details/timescales for any works proposed. This is the preferred option.

If he defaults on the notice, the Council may consider initiating works in default to make the property safe. In the event that we initiate these powers, all effort will be made to retain access to the neighbouring properties.

Further updates will be provided in due course

Lead Officer: Paul Ward, Building Standards Surveyor: Lead Manager- Alan Morrison


A follow up letter was sent up to the owner on the 29th October 2021 requesting an update.  We will continue to monitor the situation and in the event of no progress, will appoint a structural surveyor to ATK provide a report on the stability of the building and required works. This may include fencing around the building to prevent access.  


Further update 19/11/21

In regard to the ongoing situation with the owner at Tyneshandon, I can confirm that Building Standards have been in communication in regard to various aspects of concern and have again written looking for a timeframe of the repairs that would be undertaken as intimated by the owner and required in the interests of public safety. As you can appreciate it is the sole responsibility of the owner to maintain their property, however if there is no action or response from the owner to the most recent request for a timeline to affect the required repairs, Building Standards may undertake the works in default. The situation is being monitored by building standards surveyors. 


Further update 01/12/21


Owner has not complied with Notice and Building Standards have appointed structural engineer to carry out assessment of the building and identity whether there are any works required to remove immediate dangers to the public.


I’ve asked for another update.


Sight Lines Opposite Tea Caddy Houses


The first reply I received from Roads was that the vegetation is cut back twice a year up to a metre from the road, usually at the beginning and end of the growing season. Because of the bend in the road, one metre is not enough to give drivers a clear line of sight, so I asked them to cut back on the shore side of the crash barrier as well. 


The first reply I received on 4 November said, “We have attended and cut back some vegetation, however we could not reach all of it and therefore our contractor is bringing a different machine with a longer reach, to which the flail will be attached.”


On 2 December I received a further reply saying these works are now complete.

RH – said the line of sight is much better.




Land ownership here is complex. The Council, ACHA, Forestry and Land Scotland, the Trustees of the late Harry George Younger and several house owners all appear to be responsible for some of the land. In some places, the responsibility is shared between several owners. 


The Council is responsible for the access road and the culvert. On 18 November, I received a reply from Roads, “This (work) has been partly completed but some works are still outstanding which we hope to complete by the end of December.” I’ve asked for an update.


Parking on brow of hill in Blairmore


Road’s response, “This issue will be passed to Police Scotland for their consideration and a meeting will be arranged to discuss this and similar reported matters. Parking on the footway should not be encouraged especially on approach to a blind summit. Parking on the brow does not comply with The Highway Code. A response will be made after discussions with Police Scotland, which would include “A blind summit” sign before considering the raising of a TRO.”


Street lights on all day


Lighting response, “Our Street Lighting team have advised that these lights were on under fault conditions, a new pillar has been installed which has resolved the issue.”


Graham’s Point – request for crash barrier


Road’s response, “A speed volume survey will be added to the list of outstanding surveys. This issue will also be raised with Police Scotland for their consideration. On reviewing the accident statistics, there have been none recorded at this location within the past 5 years. We will update after the speed survey has been conducted and discussions with Police Scotland.”


Rainbow’s End.


Received replies as follows.


14 October, “We now expect to have this work completed by the end of October.”


4 November. “Due to absences within the team, we have not yet started this work. We hope to have it completed by the end of November.”


2 December. “Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to attend to this work. We will update you when works are complete.”


I’ve heard nothing further and have sent a reminder.


RH said it looks as if some work has been done but not sure who has done the work


Recycling garden waste


Response from Roads & Infrastructure,


“The Holy Loch is part of the area that the warden patrols and he will continue to monitor and deal with any issues which he comes across. We would ask that any specific areas of concern noted by the Community Council are brought to the attention of the warden by logging the details via the Council's website.


“The Council's provides advice for customers on home composting which can be found here: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/content/home-composting-advice


“Garden waste dumped in the Holy Loch or elsewhere is a criminal offence and can be reported on the Council's website here: https://argyllandbute.custhelp.com/app/LAP_Forms/LAP_Flytipping


“Our Amenity Warden is not aware of a problem with garden waste being dumped in the Holy Loch but, if a specific location can be provided via the website, he will investigate.


“There is insufficient funding to carry out a kerbside garden waste collection service in Argyll & Bute. Customers who are unable to compost at home should take their garden waste to the Recycling Centre at Bogleha.


“Our Communications team will look at the advice provided on the website to see how it could be improved.”


“A section on garden waste has been added to the recycling page of the Council website.



This information on recycling will be included on KCC website.


Bruce Marshall said that there were 2 very big potholes at the passing place/lay-bye at the just after the entrance to the Faith Hope and Charity houses. Also, that there are a large amount of chippings coming off the road that was resurfaced through Strone.


Bob Darracott (Loch Lomond Representative)

Not much to report. Fish farm applications and although they are not here, they are nearby.

Dawnfresh have not moved forward with their application. An application has been logged.

On the 17th December the park published its community newsletter and a link could be made to that in the minutes. It includes detailed information on visitor pressures etc in the summer 2021.

There is an invite coming out for an online formal consultation on the 27thJanuary for all community councils and partners for how the NP is addressing issues like nature conservation.


Forestry and Land Scotland – Fraser MacDonald (FLS local based officer in lieu of John Hare)


Attached is a map relating to this report.

Larch Felling Plan:

As per last update “The Cruach Benmore Larch Felling Plan” has been on the public register but has not, as yet, been approved as yet. I will hopefully be able to give a definitive answer on this for next meeting.

It would be useful to discuss opportunity to organise drop-in session to discuss this plan and other felling operations once current restrictions are reviewed/lifted, if a drop-in session cannot be accommodated, FLS will provide maps etc for community to view.

Current Felling:

There are several SPHN sites being worked or in process of starting within Kilmun Community area

Beinn Ruadh (above Coylet Inn) – Chainsaw fell to recycle will be completed end of November as waiting on shutdown from SSE. There is a small section of Larch to be felled adjacent to SSE Overhead Power line still to be completed when a shut down can be organised.

Beinn Ruadh( above Coylet Inn) – Harvesting site will be resuming later this month. It has been put on hold temporarily until SSE can provide a shutdown to allow felling to continue. Original shutdown was cancelled due to storm Arwen 

Scottish Water Treatment Plant Harvesting site – a new harvesting site has commenced on bottom side of road on approach to Scottish Water Plant which will likely be operational until March 2022.

Corrach (Scottish Water Treatment Plant) Harvesting site – machine now on site with view to commencing operations this week. Timber haulage will be towards end of month.

West Loch Eck (opposite Coylet Inn) – site has now commenced

Pucks Glen – there are now three active sites currently being worked in Pucks Glen with further three sites to be worked later in year by same merchant which will impact on trail closures, trail closures remain as were previously.

Kilmun Hill – Harvesting operations and timber Haulage ongoing.

There will be ongoing civil engineering maintenance works associated with harvesting sites as listed above. Civil engineering with be crushing stone in Kilmun Quarry (above Blairmore Golf course) until end of February and will be running the crushed material to various sites within KCC area and other sites in Cowal.

Benmore Botanic Garden (Burmah Road) – Chainsaw fell to waste operations are planned for later this month. This will be felling of young larch only, mature Larch will be felled and extracted at a later date.


Public Access:


Pucks Glen gorge walk has reopened but there are still closures on forest road linking to Benmore Botanic Garden.


Ongoing Engagement:

Forestry and Land Scotland have been notified of 12 new SPHN to be served within Cowal area but are expecting to have several more as there have been 90 suspected infected reports sent to Scottish Forestry this year. Of the twelve new ones Loch Eck area will be impacted the most, however we do unfortunately believe that Kilmun and Pucks Glen areas will be served with more. Although there are only twelve served SPHN these take in a large number of suspect areas and have been consolidated into larger SPHN areas.


I will forward SPHN maps showing all areas in Cowal but especially Kilmun and Blairmore after this report. (These are included as an attachment to this report).


Ravens Rock harvesting site in Ardentinny area has started and timber haulage will increase on A880 as timber is being transported via boat at Sandbank, there is a boat planned for end of January for this site.


Some felling and vegetation clearance work was undertaken in Westfield resident area before Christmas with more works organised for later this month.


FLS is working with Argyll & Bute Council to deal with over hanging branches on A815 from Coylet to Glenbranter and this will hopefully be commencing in next two weeks


If you require any additional information, please get in touch.


BD – said that we need to have closer contact with forestry as so much work is being done in this area. DN explained that concern had been raised with FLS at a previous meeting about the lack of contact, FLS acknowledged this and would work with KCC to improve the situation and Fraser MacDonald had come on board as a FLS local based representative and contact.


Younger Hall

Not much has been happening. We tried to open up and held 2 small flea markets but with the recent changes in Covid 19 it is unlikely another will be held until March at least. It was very successfully used for the vaccinations locally. Kilmun Hall did get the Christmas tree up which had been donated by Tillhill.


Blairmore Hall

No report.




Argyll Rally


The Mull Rally Club were asked and the BID team to stage the rally again this year The Motorsport UK contacted Community Councils on the 15th December 2021 asking for responses back by the 22nd Dec and as KCC did not have a meeting at that time we could not give a formal response although another cc in the area did give a response which attracted some publicity. There was a meeting on January 10th.  Fraser gave the committee an outline of the findings from this meeting. See below.


Motorsport UK have issued a permit for the event. This is not to be confused with agreement that the event will proceed, merely that the sport governing body have accepted the application

Some discussion on the aspects of the plan / organisation that those present wanted clearer detail on, eg.

Clarity on the timeline for comms to be sent to impacted residents

Other actions / improvements mentioned in the debrief from the 2021 event

Slides outlining the approach for ‘Carbon Offset’ were presented. The proposal is to plant more trees than the ‘worse case’ analysis of the rally impact. Some discussion on the company that would be engaged to progress this and if there were local projects that could be engaged instead (i.e. direct local benefit)

Some discussion on the overall benefit to the local area – both financial and wider visibility. Would benefit from a clearer statement on benefits and how any stated financial benefit from the event could be articulated. This is an action for the ‘Bid Team’ as they have requested Mull Car Rally to run this event, and, also for A&B to help articulate

Overall ,a positive meeting. I had to drop off the call just before the “date of next meeting” was confirmed however I expect this to be in “a few weeks”

Fraser asked if we need to take a position as a cc whether we support or otherwise. Fraser is acting as a stage liaison officer for this area who will work with the community of KCC to identify any issues.

A vote was taken and KCC completely support the event BM suggested that KCC write to the rally organisers to express our support. It was agreed that JH will liaise with FS to write a letter of support.


13.       Any other competent business


Clachaig Water


GR reported that there is a glimmer of hope in the progress towards Clachaig getting a mains water supply. He has had a reply from Stewart McCaskell who is from Scottish Government dealing with water policy. It seems that after, many decades of there being no money to improve private water supplies there now appears to be money in the budget to do this. Back in 2017 a figure of 10 million was mentioned which would be for use throughout Scotland. Recently, however, it seems that there is now money in next year’s budget to improve private water supplies and Clachaig has certainly been mentioned for a pilot scheme. It is positive news. Graham will report back if there is any further progress.

GR said that what had maybe helped promote this was a mini report he had brought together of the work that had been undertaken in previous years, highlighting the problematic aspects of the private water supply to Clachaig He had sent it to MP, MSP and ABC councillors.


Corrachaive Farm Woodland Creation Consultation 

DN has received an email from a member from the conservancy side of FLS. As reported at the last meeting they propose new plantings and potential felling at the back of the farm. Information has now been received with more detail. DN will pass this to JH to pass to the committee. If there are any comments feedback to DN who will send our response back by the 7th February 2022.


Findings of Argyll and Bute Conduct Review Hearing on 29th November 2021

As there were a significant number of complaints regarding a KCC community council member these was passed to the ABC Conduct Review committee. The member in question was found to be in breach of the Community Council Conduct guidelines and has been suspended as a community council member for 3 months. He was also requested to apologise for his behaviour to Brian Tester KCC convenor in August 2021.


Speed limits

JH asked what had happened to the progress on the speed limits between Sandbank to the Cothouse and on from there through to Rashfield. AR says that there had been opposition from Police and the ABC Roads department to any change. This will be discussed more fully at the KCC next meeting.


Meeting close at 9.15pm


Next Meeting   

The next meeting will be held online via zoom link on Tuesday 8th February 2022.

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