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12h April 2022 @ 7.30PM. Online

Meeting Start -7.30pm


PRESENT: Diane Nicholson (Convenor), Janet Holm (Secretary), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Graham Revill, Lachie Macquarie, Fraser Smith and Mandy Grout.


Also, Present: Councillor A Reid (at 8.15pm), Bob Darracott (National Park), Bruce Marshall and Lyndsey Greer


APOLOGIES: Dale Mallin (Vice Convenor), Julie Fish (HT Strone Primary), Councillor Y McNeilly and Councillor Blair (Argyll and Bute Council), PC Elaine Heffron, Fraser Macdonald (Forestry Land Scotland), Becky Hothersall (representing Strone Primary PA), Gordon Holm, and Jackie Weston.


Kirsty Manual’s has requested that her daughter to be added to the list receiving the minutes.

This session was recorded for the minutes








Correction from last month

Caroline Munro was omitted from apologises from the KCC minute in February and March 22.


The 8th March 2022 minutes were:

Proposed:  Russell Humphries

Seconded: Lachie Macquarie                                     Carried





DN is doing a small update on work she has done on the National Planning Framework and

GR on Looking at Transport Strategy.




Carried forward                                 4253.28


ABC Council Grant                             478.80


Data Protection Sub                            35.00

Spanglish website (3 year subs)            89.85

gardening                                                 48.75

Funds In

Interest                                                     0.48


General fund                                    £ 1220.65

Gardening and Shore Sweepers        £74.44

Festive Lunch                                     £154.47

SSE grant                                         £1090.92

Directory donations                                 £7.00

Grant from ABC (For new road sign)  £1262.00

Overall total                                       £4253.76


6.         POLICE REPORT


Officer Reporting: PS Elaine Heffron. 07/04/2022

There have been 25 calls relating to the Kilmun Community Council area. The following were incidents of note:


1- Domestic

2 – Suspect Persons

5 – Assist the Public

1 – Concern for Persons

1 - Noise


A separate document which includes details on Youth Engagement, Counter Terrorism Awareness, Your Dog, Your Responsibility and Fraud Prevention was also attached to the report. This will be attached to these minutes.


7          Correspondence

JH and DN attended National Park virtual meeting on the opening for this season which has relevance to all areas in the National Park. DN had asked a question about the management of the camping at Ardentinny Beach, and the response was that they are keeping an eye on the situation. BD said that FLS are looking at using number of their larger car parks for the use of motor homes.

RH asked if BD could ask FLS if it was possible for them to provide more bins  for dog waste to try and prevent dog waste plastic bags being left on bushes etc. and what their current policy is on the lift and flick method.


8.         Planning Applications






Road sign completely erected, and flowers are blooming. The sign has been very well received in the community.


JH said that concern has been raised by M Tester (Shore Sweepers) about the condition of some of the areas at Grahams Point.

She said:

“That the lady from ACHA said she would call last week so we could visit the site, but she never called. I understand she is on holiday now.

The barbeque damaged again. Someone is knocking bricks out of it at night. It has been going on for some time. ACHA have been attending but just stack the broken bricks up on site. It is no longer fit for purpose and is unsafe. I really think it needs to be removed.

A tall ‘Andy Mcklintock’ structure has been pushed over and snapped.

The wooden fence by the car park has been dislodged and needs recemented.

All the flower beds and pots are badly overgrown and the raised beds by the car parking area are overrun with brambles.

The benches need painting and the brown wooden signs around the park are rotting and need removing.

In short, it's a mess and is in desperate need of maintenance.”


Bruce Marshall said that he will raise the matter at the upcoming ACHA board meeting.



Bird hide is now completed, and sign outside gives telephone numbers to call to obtain the combination number. A sign inside acknowledges Margaret & Peter Staley and the help from other contributors.

Peter Staley has agreed to undertake a formal opening ad this will be arranged at a suitable date.

The only outstanding work is the Armco protection for the disabled access.  I have managed to source second hand Armco barriers and will order these on my return.



See Councillor Reid’s report.


Highgate Hall

A meeting has been arranged for the 3rd May @ 2.30pm in The Younger Hall Kilmun. The proposal is that the trustees would like to sell the Hall. It requires two thirds of the majority present at the meeting to agree to this proposal. Anyone from all the villages on the shore can attend. The meeting to be published on social media, posters, newspaper, email drop etc.



No report.





No report – school holiday.



No report – school holiday.





Building Standards have received the structural engineer’s safety report. They are currently getting prices from contractors in order that the structural issues as highlighted by the report will be dealt with and so allow the dangerous building notice to be rescinded. The timeframe will depend upon the workload of the successful contractor and when they can undertake the works. Building Standards hope this will be very soon. However, the contactor can only make the building safe and not improve the appearance.

Chips on the pavement. 

Road’s responses

18 Mar – “Currently our local team is experiencing a high level of absence due to Covid and aim to prioritise these works as quickly as possible.”

30 Mar – “Sandbank has now been swept, unfortunately we have not managed to carry out works at Strone yet.”

7 Apr. “This has not yet been attended to. Due to absences within the team, the sweeper driver is currently allocated to refuse collection operations.”

Traffic/volume survey between Sandhaven and Cot House

None of the traffic/volume surveys promised for the end of March were carried out. The equipment was being used in Helensburgh. The latest timetable for the outstanding surveys is as follows.

Sandhaven to Cot House. April.

Graham’s Point and Benmore. June.

Roads have decided to install improved signage on the southern approach to the Stratheck Caravan Park. They say signs will be ordered and they will provide a further update at the end of May.

Due to the Traffic & Development Officer having been absent, the SID has not been installed. Latest target date is the end of next week.

Road through Clachaig. 

Road’s response (16 Mar), “Unfortunately there is no STTS funding available for this stretch of road this coming financial year. We will have the ditches and verges looked at and instructions raised accordingly. Regarding the surface, we will look to carry out patching / machine screed to seal the surface. The area will also be considered for further revenue works next financial year.” I assume ‘next financial year’ meant the one which started on 1 April 2022. They’ve since told me they are doing work on the B836. 

Speed Indicator Device (SID)

Road’s response (15 Mar), “We hope to have the SID on place on the A880 in Kilmun within the next couple of weeks. The exact placement will be decided on the day of installation.”

Blairmore overgrowing vegetation at derelict house next to Rainbow’s End

Road’s response, “Unfortunately we have not yet been able to carry out this work due to resource issues within the team. We are aiming to have this work done by the end of April.”


The KCC thanked Alan for the fabulous work he has done for the CC and for the persistence in the work he has done for us and DN wished him a good retiral from his work as an Argyll and Bute Councillor. JH gave a special thanks for the very conscientious and very helpful work she gave to her as secretary of the community council



Not much to report. There has been no planning application for the KCC area.

On a wide aspect it would seem that the planning application for the proposed fish farm in Argarten is likely to go to the planning committee at the end of May.

A resident had asked what conditions were applied to the Western Ferries planning application for Kilmun Pier. BD said that there had been no further progression or discussion of the application between the Applicant and NP planning. There are still several conditions attached to this application that still need to be done. BD said, in response to a question, that the time limit on the application was 3 years.



report emailed 11/4/22

Current Felling:

There are several SPHN sites being worked or in process of starting within Kilmun Community area

• Beinn Ruadh (above Coylet Inn) – There is a small section of Larch still to be felled adjacent to SSE Overhead Power line still to be completed when a shutdown can be organised. There has been no date provided by SSE regarding this as yet.

•Beinn Ruadh(above Coylet Inn) – Harvesting site had resumed and tree felling and extraction has roughly 1 week to complete. Unfortunately, it has been put on hold temporarily again due to storms from previous weekend until SSE can provide a shutdown to allow felling to continue. There has been no date provided by SSE regarding this as yet.

•Scottish Water Treatment Plant Harvesting site – The harvesting has been completed and only a small portion of timber haulage is left, this should be completed by end of April.

•Corrach (Scottish Water Treatment Plant) Harvesting site – site is currently active including timber haulage.

•West Loch Eck (opposite Coylet Inn) – site is currently active including timber haulage.

•Pucks Glen – Pucks Pylons has been put on hold until SSE provide a shutdown to allow working beside overhead power lines there is potentially a shutdown planned for towards end of April which would see this site restarting. Harvesting has been completed on the two other coupes in Pucks Glen and only timber haulage is remaining.

•Kilmun Hill – Harvesting operations and timber Haulage ongoing.

•There will be ongoing civil engineering maintenance works associated with harvesting sites as listed above. Civil engineering will be completing road repairs from Benmore Garden to Scottish Water treatment plant when essential materials are delivered. Contractor has been let down by suppliers on several occasions.

• Benmore Botanic Garden (Burmah Road) – Chainsaw fell to waste operations are planned for later this month, contract has been awarded and necessary coupe checks are being carried out by environment team. Original plan of commencing works on access road to Scottish Water Treatment plant is still the main focus.

•Fell to waste of young Larch within KCC area will be listed and information provided for next meeting.

• Kilmun Arboretum – A small area of clear-felling of Larch above carpark will commence today (Tuesday 12.04.22) for approx. 1 week to fell infected trees. 


There are new harvesting sites planned to be sold later this year as per map attached that may impact on KCC area, I will update you well in advance of any of these sites starting.


Public Access:

Kilmun Arboretum will have some restrictions in place to allow felling of infected trees. This will be carried out with use of banksmen to manage public access on forest road and trails. 

Ongoing Engagement:

We have not received any new SPHN as yet this year, surveys will beginning late April early May. 

Ravens Rock harvesting site in Ardentinny is currently active mainly timber haulage, timber is being transported via boat at Sandbank, it is hoped that all haulage will be completed by end of May 2022. 

Barnacabber Harvesting site is now active and timber haulage will be later in the month will by boat from Sandbank via Ardentinny and A880 and road haulage via Larach forest haul route onto A815.

Westfield – Felling and clearing works have been carried out as agreed, land registration requires to be clarified before any further felling can be carried out.

FLS is working with Argyll & Bute Council to deal with over hanging branches on A815 from Coylet to Glenbranter and this will hopefully be commencing as of Monday 14th February, this will mean traffic management on the A815. This is ongoing but very slow due to other work commitments. This contract has been completed; however, we will look at issuing a new one later in the year.


If you require any additional information, please get in touch.


DN said that is likely that Fraser will be able to attend face to face meetings when they return as his broadband connection at his home is poor.



RH said that the hall had been booked for the Covid 19 booster shots on the morning of the 3rd May with the meeting for Highgate Hall in the afternoon. The hall was also being used for the election on the 5th May. RH said that the hall was gradually recovering and at the last flea market they raised two thirds of the income that they usually raised pre pandemic






Historic Kilmun had held an organ recital at the weekend which had been well attended.

Next month in May meeting there will be a 10-minute presentation about the ECHO Trail at KCC’s meeting.




Argyll Rally

F Smith has attended the last couple of meetings re the Argyll Rally. No new issues had arisen.

BM said that he had feedback from the Burgh Hall Dunoon that they were concerned about the impact the rally would have on business on Argyll Street when the rally was using the road on the Friday evening. F Smith said he was not aware of any significant push back. This would be an issue for the representatives of Dunoon Community Council.


Clachaig Water

There has been no communication with ABC this month.



SSE power lines


Communication has been sent by SSE to 2 landowners which would have the new power lines go through their land that they have decided on the main route they plan to use. Surveys and consultation that was promised has not happened and it would appear that the local community is being bye passed. They had apparently said that they will go to the Scottish Government with the applicant, but AR said that the application will go to the Scottish Government anyway. RH said he will pass round the KCC committee a copy of the letters which have been sent out. RH said that the position of KCC is to facilitate discussion between the community and SSE.


Speeding though Villages

AR had received an email that the 30mph sign is to be placed in Kilmun.

This item to be removed form agenda.






June McDonald has organised for one to be installed at Blairmore Hall.

RH to ask the Strone Inn if they would consider having a defibrillator fitted on the outside.

Consideration also been given to have the available defibrillator fitted at the Cot House

DN said that for Clachaig there is no public access to electricity to be able install a defibrillators.

Cothouse to be contacted to see what they would feel about a defibrillator being installed there


National Planning Framework

DN said it is unfortunate that KCC was first advised of this government consultation on 15th March, the community briefing session was undertaken on 24th March and a rather wieldy follow up document and 90 question/comments boxes for submission by 31st March 2022. A very last gasp which meant unfortunately that time was not on our side to discuss the submission. A short precise in bullet points.

The main aspects of the NPF4 are:

The framework is important for the development of communities

Contains national planning policies

Part of the overall development plans

Inform planning decisions at local authority levels

Setting targets for the use of land for housing

New target areas 

Climate Emergency

Community Wealth Building

Circular Economy

Human Rights

NPF4 has an emphasis on Local Development Plan and Local Place Plan rather than within a regional strategy. It must contribute to housing needs of people living in Scotland, improve health and wellbeing, improve equality, meet targets to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, increase the population of rural areas and secure positive effects for biodiversity. Action areas for Scotalnd are divided into 5 sections:

North and West Coastal - making sustainable use of our coasts and islands to sustain communities and pioneer investment in the blue economy

Northern Revitalisation - Growing low-carbon rural communities, capitalising on digital innovation and making the most of exceptional natural and cultural heritage

Central Urban Transformation - Transforming and pioneering a new era of low carbon urban living

Northeast Transition - Actively planning a just transition from oil & gas to a net zero future

Southern Sustainability - Creating connected, liveable places which benefits from further investment innovation.

There are emphasis on:

Sustainable places with a plan led approach, good design and community wealth building, human rights and equality

Liveable places with 20-minute neighbourhoods (infrastructure to allow people access amenities within 20 mins either through walk, cycle or sustainable transport dependent on location), flood and water management, quality homes along with green spaces, play and sport.

Productive places emphasising business and employment, sustainable tourism, green energy, zero waste and digital infrastructure (new/or upgrading broadband cabling), reduce out of town retail developments and rejuvenate town centres

Distinctive places to retain and strengthen population rural areas, historic assets and places, continued development within the two national parks, continued generation of woodland and forestry and coasts however in city, towns, local centres and urban edges has an emphasis on regeneration and development of vacant and derelict land and empty buildings over the green environment. 

There is a priority of sustainable transport and travel with the need to decarbonise our transport, invest in transport networks to deliver 20 min neighbourhoods and allow rural areas to develop and retain a younger population. As indicated, this is a framework that will be continued to be developed as it is to be the planned foundation for 2045


After the meeting Bob Darracott shared a link to the National Park’s response to the National Planning Framework as below.




Looking at Transport Strategy

GR told the committee about the work he had done responding to the Consultation of the draft second Strategic Transport Projects Review.

This consultation is on the draft second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) which sets out draft transport recommendations for the next 20 years. STPR2 is linked to the second National Transport Strategy NTS2. It is a strategy for achieving the Scottish Government’s commitment to 20% reduction in vehicle kilometres by 2030 and contributing to Scotland’s net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2045.  Also, to address inequalities, improving health and wellbeing and contributing to inclusive economic growth.

The second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) sets out to encourage more:

shorter everyday trips to be made by walking and cycling

short to medium-length trips to be made by public transport

longer trips to be made by public transport and low emission vehicles.

These choices are built on the foundation of the sustainable investment hierarchy from NTS2 that focuses us firstly on:

Reducing the need to travel unsustainably

Maintaining and safely operating existing assets

Making better use of existing capacity

Targeted infrastructure improvements.


I attempted to answer the numerous (14 pages worth!) questions with a regard for what I thought residents of the Kilmun Community Council area would wish to see happen. The answers to the questions were of the type “would you consider to be given a high medium or low priority”

Examples were improved bus services and infrastructure, decarbonisation of public transport, improvements to ferry infrastructure and renew and/or replacement of the Clyde ferry fleet and investment in walking and cycling infrastructure The A83 was mentioned as being vitally important in the trunk road network and the consultation noted that a new route was being actively pursued.

I submitted the responses in time for Friday 15 April on behalf of the KCC. The document can be found on the Transport Scotland website.


Meeting close at 8.55pm


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held online via zoom link on Tuesday 10th May 2022 7.30pm


PC Mark Toner is now in place as Youth Engagement Officer covering Helensburgh and Cowal and has been working with the local schools to deliver inputs on Drugs, Internet Safety and has been building relationships with education staff, parents and carers.


Counter Terrorism Awareness

PC Dave Burton is our local Counter Terrorism Liaison Officer and has been providing inputs to local Housing Association as an introduction to Counter Terrorism. This ensures that staff are aware of signs of radicalisation and any prevention work that can be done by them as a frontline measure.


Your Dog, Your Responsibility

As lambing season is upon us, and with new legislation launched in relation to livestock worrying, our Divisional launch of this was held on Friday 11th February 2022. The new legislation for livestock worrying now covers a wider range of animals including camelids and ostriches. The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (amendment)(Scotland) Act 2021 includes amendments to the penalties people can face which includes a fine up to £40,000 or 12 months imprisonment. The message is clear, it’s your dog and it’s your responsibility. Always keep your dog in sight and under proper control when near livestock and avoid fields with sheep particularly at this time of year when any stress may cause them to abort their young. Funding from National Farmers Union Scotland (NFUS) has enabled crime prevention packs for those involved in agriculture and forestry work to be printed and these will be available shortly. Waterproof fence posters will also be available from your local police station in the coming weeks which can be fixed to fence posts advising people of this legislation. If you would like to become involved in promoting this or helping to display the fence posters then please let us know (Laura.evans@scotland.pnn.police.uk).


Fraud Prevention

To support Cyber Scotland Week 2022, Police Scotland in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch Scotland held a series of online seminars to raise awareness of scams and online safety. This is due to the increase in reported frauds we have seen since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. There were 3 sessions held – General Online Safety Tips, Child Protection (their safety, our responsibility) and Scams Prevention and Awareness. Neighbourhood Watch Scotland have now uploaded each presentation to their YouTube Channel so that they can be watched and shared at any time.  Here is the link to view each recording:


       Online Safety Awareness - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0TmqVdyiQc

       Their Safety, Our Responsibility - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CnFzGFPXGo

       Scams & Digital Footprint Awareness - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKdmU7Y0fQk


Inputs are continuing for community groups and call blockers continue to be installed for those most at risk of falling victim to scams.


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