KCC Minutes August 22

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9 th August 2022 @ 7.30PM.
Younger Hall Kilmun
Meeting Start -7.30pm

PRESENT: Diane Nicholson (Convenor), Janet Holm (Secretary), Graham Revill, Fraser Smith, and
Mandy Grout.
Also Present: Officer Reporting: PS Donald MacIver (by email), ECHO Trail - Ken Young and Rob
Wilkinson, Gordon Holm, Ian Wherry, David Webster, Jean Wilson, Lindsay McKenna, Andrew
Rodger, Anne Rodger and 1 resident.
APOLOGIES; Dale Mallin (Vice Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Lachie Macquarie,
Fraser Smith, Councillor Y McNeilly, and Councillor G. Blair (Argyll and Bute Council), Fraser
Macdonald (Forestry Land Scotland), Bruce Marshall and Lesley Greer
This session was recorded for the minutes
The 14 th June 2022 minutes were:
Proposed: Iain Wherry
Seconded: Ken Young and Rob Wilkinson Carried
Carried forward £3023.76
ABC Council Grant 478.80
Data Protection Sub 35.00
Spanglish website (3 yr subscription) 89.85
gardening 48.75
Funds In
Interest 0.46
General fund £ 1640.93
Gardening and Shore Sweepers £74.44
Festive Lunch £154.47
SSE grant £1090.92
Directory donations £7.00
Grant from ABC (For new road sign) £56.00
Overall total 3023.76
Officer Reporting: Officer Reporting: PS Elaine Heffron. Date to 07/08/2022
There have been 11 calls relating to the Kilmun Community Council area. The following were
incidents of note:


1 x Wildlife
1 x assist another agency
1 x Road Traffic
2 x Sudden deaths
4 x Assist members of the public
2 x Disturbance calls
Also emailed to Kilmun Community Council is Argyll and Bute Cowal - Area Community Planning
Group - Partner Update – Police Scotland. This will be attached to these minutes
(Already been circulated to committee members)
 PS Donald MacIver Is compiling a list of defibrillators passed onto Brian Tester who will pass
this information over
 Loch Lomond Byelaw Review -Public Consultation
The full details of the changes being proposed and information on how to submit a response
to the consultation can be found at www.lochlomond-trossachs.org/byelawreview
The consultation will run for 12 weeks until Wednesday 19th October. 

 Erection of decking to front elevation - 4 Nursery Cottages, Kilmun, Dunoon
 Change in the use of coach house to 1 no. house (for holiday use) Dunmore House Strone
Dunoon - Approved

ECHO Trail Presentation
ECHO Trail Presentation gave everyone present at the meeting a leaflet and left extra for the hall
and for people to distribute. Rob said he same to Scotland in 2020 and he became involved as a
volunteer with Historic Kilmun. He was then appointed as a co ordinator for the ECHO trails which
was an idea that had originated before covid and was in initiated by Robin Patel. The idea is to
create an identity for this part of Cowal from Kilmun, Strone, Blairmore, Ardentinny, Glenbranter and
Lochgoilhead. Ken has helped with work on the ground and getting things organised to clearly
define what the key landmarks are. Since Covid there has been a lot of changes, for example
Ardentinny Church and Carrick Castle are now private residences. In the leaflet there are 10
landmarks and there is parking at all of them. They are interesting places where people can start
walks and find out a bit about local history and culture. These landmarks are being pushed on social
media e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
 Facebook EastCowalHeritageOutdoors
 Instagram ECHOtrailsArgyll
 Twitter ECHOTrailsCowal
In addition, we have some other areas of interest for example the Younger Hall as Arts and Crafts
building. ECHO Trails was launched in July, and it is now just about creating more awareness of the
area and having an active role in the community and trying to forge links with other organisations.
For example, with COS in open studios weekend with an art exhibition at Historic Kilmun and with
Cowal Waking Group and Cowal Fest. They are planning to link up with Strone School along the
lines of doing a play acting out characters from this part of the world. They have been trying to
engage with all the local businesses, the cafes and pubs and using them as a point for distribution of
the leaflets. Hopefully they hope in the future to also play a part in promoting these businesses.
They are going to try and produce a newsletter of a quarterly basis. They also have a website and
an app. The ECHO Trail have been given funding from Culture and Business Scotland, Historic
Kilmun, LLTNP, FLS, Wild about Argyll and the Dunoon Area Alliance. The objective is to promote
this part of Cowal and make people more aware of where it is. They would like to produce a


calendar for 2023 the proceeds of which will go to the Dunoon foodbank. They are looking for good
quality local photographs.
The Shore Sweepers
Janet Holm explained how the playpark at Graham’s Point had evolved. The Shore Sweepers
volunteers have, in recent years, helped with the upkeep of some small areas, but this is not
now sustainable.
JH sent an email Dinah MacDonald who is the chair of Benmore and Kilmun Development Trust
which played a very big part on how the site at Grahams Point had been developed and she
replied with the following useful information.
An extract from her email is copied below:
Historically the Benmore and Kilmun Community Development Trust raised the funds to turn a semi
derelict piece of land owned by Argyll and Bute Council into what we called a heritage park. We
never owned the land but spent I seem to remember about £350,000 on improving the land,
removing the rubble, installing the rubber pellets for the football pitch, and creating the path and
various historically relevant features: - the herb garden, standing stones, willow tunnel, boat etc. We
were at that point responsible for the upkeep of those features and of insuring for public liability.
When ACHA took ownership of the land from Argyll and Bute Council we were informed that they
had also taken responsibility for the features and that we were no longer involved. Since then, the
lease that we had with the council for the use of the land has expired. We ceased insuring for public
liability at Graham's Point when we were informed by ACHA that they were taking responsibility for
the park. So currently the Trust is not involved with Graham's Point.
The Trust is still in existence but is not currently involved in any projects.
Janet also explained that there was some controversy a few years ago about who owned the
land and who was responsible for the grass cutting etc. It was confirmed that ACHA owned the
land, but Diane Nicholson has been working on seeing when the actual transfer took place from
ACHA have just done a very detailed inventory about what is on the park and the condition of
each item. Diane had a meeting with 3 ACHA representatives (Director and 2 managers) in
June and they considered that not everything on the Graham’s Park area is their responsibility.
They take responsibility for the ownership of the land, but they feel that some of the items in the
open space is out with their normal maintenance regime. For example, the willow tunnel and
some of the planted beds and the herb garden. At that meeting Diane asked them what they are
prepared to maintain. The inventory identifies what is actually on the site.
J Holm said that if anyone would like a copy of the inventory emailed to them to give her their
email address. The inventory has been sent to all cc members. She also said that this is not
directly the responsibility of KCC, but the KCC were facilitating the discussions and
communications and working with ACHA to see what is realistic and sustainable for the for the
park and easy to use so that that situation can be finally resolved.
The meeting planned with representatives of ACHA to discuss the responsibilities for Graham’s
Point. If you would like to be involved in this meeting which will be on Thursday 15 th  September @
Younger Hall Kilmun @ 11am please email janetholm@btinternet.com.
Bird Hide at Kilmun
The bird hide was formally opened by Peter Staley on the 24th of May. It has a combination lock on
it which can be obtained from Gordon Holm and other members. Since then, it has been used by
number of people. There has been a report of an osprey fishing which was visible from the hide.
The only outstanding item is installation of the barriers down the path. Once these have been
installed it will be completely safe for disabled access.
It is hoped that in the new school term we can encourage education visits.


An email to be sent to Councillor McNeilly to see if there has been any progress on this matter
Highgate Hall
The Highgate Hall committee held their first meeting on 3rd August and are holding their next
meeting on the 15 th August. The committee would like to have a slot at the next KCC meeting in
Strone Primary School
School still on holiday
Strone Primary Parent Council
School still on holiday
Argyll & Bute Council
Councillor McNeilly not able to be present at meeting. The following points will be emailed to her for
1. From Bruce Marshall
“Would you please raise with the Cllr. attending (if there is one) next week, the fact that the
footpath weeds right through the three villages have not been sprayed this year despite ideal
dry conditions for spraying. Ask if it is now policy not to spray in rural areas.”
2. The trees blocking the sightline for the road at the tea caddy houses. Does the council own
the land from the road to the high tide line? Also, if it is possible for the trees that are growing
up each year and blocking the road sight lines each year to be permanently treated to
prevent this growth.
Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Representative)
No representative present and no report. J Holm will write to LLTNP to see what contact we are
going to have with our representative and also what will happened with our nominated member.
Forestry and Land Scotland – Fraser MacDonald
No representative present and no report.
Younger Hall
Flea market now back to being held monthly.
The Shore Art Club held their first exhibition in the hall in June after a break of 2 years.
Blairmore Hall
Historic Kilmun
Iain Wherry said that this is their first year up and running and we have good numbers coming in.
We ask how people have heard about us and the vast majority is from online.
We are open now on Thursday to Sunday
Historic Kilmun had a visit from 40 visitors from Clan Campbell who thoroughly enjoyed their visit
and said it will be on the itinerary for next year.

We also had 60 visitors from Clan Lamont.
We had a £8000 service on the organ, and it is in tip top condition. We had an organ recital and the
organist commented very favourably on the organ
Historic Kilmun are going to hold open days
They could always do with more volunteers
Argyll Rally – feed back
Fraser Smith to be asked for feedback on the rally at our meeting in September
Clachaig Water
Graham Revill has been working on this for many years. The latest update is not encouraging as the
money that Graham thought could be available has gone to 5 pilot schemes in Aberdeenshire. He is
not sure how pilot schemes done in the East coast of Scotland would equate to the West coast of
SSE power lines Dunoon 132kV Overhead Line rebuild Project
There is a meeting virtual Thursday 1 st September between 5 and 7pm Live chat sessions. Tuesday
30 th and Wednesday 31 st August 2-7pm meet representatives at the Argyll Hotel, Dunoon.
It was commented this is work could affect private water supplies.
13. Any other competent business
Community Council Elections
Around the 10 th  of August we will issue you with a small stock of printed nomination packs to
coincide with the nomination period opening on 18 th  August.  We will also make these available
electronically as we will be accepting the completed forms by email.  The nomination pack will also
be available from the council’s website around the same time.
She has sent a poster and I will print out some for the notice boards.
Nomination for available from the 17 th August and they have to be submitted by the 8 th September.
The poster will be attached to these minutes.
This will stay on the agenda until all the defibrators are all installed. The defibrillator at Blairmore
Hall has now been installed and The Strone Inn are agreeable to having a one installed at the pub.
A request was made to see if there could be training in the use of the defibrillators. Brian Tester to
be asked if he can organise this.
Questions from the audience
 Ian Wherry - before the lock down there was an offer to adopt the telephone box @ Kilmun
Pier. To ask Brian Tester what has happened with this.
 Question was asked about the shortcut pathway from Westfield which had been dug up
for many years. J Holm had put in a request to ABC a couple of years ago for this to be
repaired. She will see if this can be looked at again.
 A request has been put into Peelports to look at the safety issues of the boat which is
moored off Stone Pier at present. There was a storm a month ago when it had started to
come away from its moorings.
Meeting closed at 9pm

Next meeting – Tuesday 13th September 2022 @ Blairmore Hall, Blairmore @7.30pm

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