AGM 2023

Kilmun Community Council

Annual General Meeting – 13 th June 2023, Blairmore Hall, Blairmore at 7.00 pm

Lindsey McKenna (Vice Convenor), Janet Holm (Secretary), Graham Revill, Lachlan Macquarie, Mandy Grout, Peter Hunter Douglas and Kerris Bone
Also Present:, Councilor G. Blair, Bruce Marshall and Gordon Holm Graham Thompson and Jean Thompson
APOLOGIES: Diane Nicholson (Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Councillor William Sinclair and Councilor Y McNeilly.
The minutes of the last AGM (14 th May 2019) were accepted as a true record of events.
Proposed by: Mandy Grout
Seconded by: - Graham Revill Carried
Hello to Council Members, Community Councillors and the Community,
Thank you to Councillor Gordon Blair for Chairing the AGM.
My apologies for my absence but a family matter keeps me away.
Our year has been very mixed, the country has fully opened up having come through the worst of the pandemic, although it has not disappeared all
the community are more aware and taking better care. Kilmun Community Council has re-established the face-to-face meetings and we have been
through the community council election. Some of our members decided not to re-stand but we have new volunteers and the community councillors
have been elected. So, I welcome Lindsay and Peter as well as our co-opted members Lachie and Kerris and many thanks to the established
members Janet, Mandy and Graham. At present, Russell Humphreys, an ex-community councillor, continues to be the treasurer. Although, I am
hoping that one of our current members will come forward to take up this position. The Kilmun Community Council could not be a success without
Although this new session has been only running for a few months KCC has been supportive of matters concerning our communities. The objection
to the existing proposal of the planning application for the construction of the new pylon line that will not only disturb the private water supplies but
devastate the landscape around Loch Eck. Both will take years to recover. Along with showing concern of a proposed additional events space when
existing local locations struggle for their existence.

KCC has been successful in keeping in regular contact with Police Scotland, Forest and Land Scotland and Loch Lomond and Trossachs National
Park. Police Scotland sends a monthly community report. FLS provides monthly updates through Fraser MacDonald of their activities within the
Cowal area. The felling activities are considerable due to the devastation of Phytothera (Larch Disease) where all affected and surrounding trees
require to be removed. The new National Park representative for the Shores Community lives remotely to the Kilmun/Strone/Blairmore area and has
been unable to attend our meetings however Councillor William Sinclair provides updates.
KCC has been in the forefront of trying to establish the ownership of the path linking Westfield to the path at the old school which goes onto Strone
Brae. KCC is making progress albeit slowly in establishing the duty of care for maintaining the culvert. However, the ownership of the path, which
has an open excavation is more problematic, but it is essential that KCC keep up the enquiries to ensure that the Public Right of Way can be kept
open and used safely. This would be the same for any of the recognised and established Right of Ways within our community area. KCC also has an
ongoing engagement with Argyll & Bute Council over the condition and safety of Tyneshandon, Strone.
KCC assist in facilitating and providing information within the website the ongoing activities of the Highgate Hall proceedings, the forth coming Argyll
Rally, and the Shore Sweepers. The Shore Sweepers do wonderful work at beautifying the area including the Shore Villages sign at the road end.
KCC is also working alongside with the Shore Sweepers and ACHA to bring the aesthetics of Graham’s Point to a higher level.
Kilmun Community Council is only successful if the community involvement continues.
A big thank you to everyone.
Diane Nicholson

KCC Accounts 2022-2023

£ £
Balance B/F 2021-2022 4253.76

Income Exp
Grant 478.8 1206 Sign

Interest 12.43 59 Admin

491.23 1285

Carried Forward 3459.99

Russell Humphreys (Hon Treasurer)
PA23 8TL

KCC Accounts to date 2022-2023

Income Exp

General Garden Xmas Defib

e Signpost

1.4.22 4253.76 1664.93 74.44 154.47 1090.92 7 1262 4253.76
10.5.22 0 1206 3047.76 1664.93 74.44 154.47 1090.92 7 56 3047.76 Sign
17.5.22 0 24 3023.76 1640.93 74.44 154.47 1090.92 7 56 3023.76 Calico internet
28.6.22 1.66 0 3025.42 1642.59 74.44 154.47 1090.92 7 56 3025.42 Interest
11.10.22 0 20 3005.42 1642.59 54.44 154.47 1090.92 7 56 3005.42 J Holm Gardening
29.12.22 4.11 0 3009.53 1646.7 54.44 154.47 1090.92 7 56 3009.53 interest
6.1.23 0 35 2974.53 1611.7 54.44 154.47 1090.92 7 56 2974.53 Data Protection
1.3.23 478.8 0 3453.33 2090.5 54.44 154.47 1090.92 7 56 3453.33
30.3.23 6.66 0 3459.99 2097.16 54.44 154.47 1090.92 7 56 3459.99 Interest

491.23 1285
Reconciled with Bank Statement 31.3.23

The Treasurer’s report was presented (as above) and accepted as a true record.
Proposed by: Mandy Grout
Seconded by: Kerris Bone Carried.
The meeting was taken over by Councilor Gordon Blair in order to Elect the convenor.

Gordon thanked all of Kilmun Community Council for all their work and the important work is does in being a conduit to ABC and for a successful 3 years.
Convener: Diane Nicholson was proposed by Janet Holm for this post seconded by Lindsay McKenna -Carried.

The Vice-Convener: Lindsay McKenna was proposed by Janet Holm for this post seconded by Kerris Bone - Carried.
Secretary. Janet Holm was proposed by Lindsay McKenna for this post, seconded by Mandy Grout. - Carried
Treasurer: Russell Humphries was proposed by Janet Holm this post, seconded by Kerris Bone - Carried
The next AGM will convene on the 14th May 2024 in Younger Hall, Kilmun.
As there was no further business, the meeting closed.

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