September 2023


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8 12h September 2023 @ 7.30PM.
Younger Hall Kilmun
Meeting Start -7.30pm

PRESENT; Diane Nicholson (Convenor), Lindsay McKenna (Vice Convenor), Janet Holm
(Secretary), Graham Revill and Mandy Grout Peter Hunter Douglas and Lindsey Greer
Also Present: Gordon Holm, Catriona Darroch, Anne Rodger, Andy Rodger, Graham Thompson,
Jean Thompson, Malcom Bird, Victor Sandall, Pauline and David Brewster and Steve Abbott.
APOLOGIES Kerris Bone, Audrey Slevin, Lachie Macquarie, Cllr. Gordon Blair (ABC Councillor),
Cllr. William Sinclair (Rep ABC and LLTNP), Councillor Shonny Paterson (Rep LLTNP), Fraser
Macdonald (Forestry Land Scotland), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Councillor Y McNeilly (Argyll
and Bute Council) and Eddie McGunnigal (Cowal Police).
This session was recorded for the minutes.
The 8 th August 2023 minutes were:
Proposed: Diane Nicolson
Seconded: Mandy Grout Carried
Lindsay Phillips was put forward to be co-opted onto Kilmun Community Council. Proposed: Janet
Holm Seconded: Mandy Grout - Carried
Carried forward £2887.76
Stationery and secretarial
Funds In
General fund £1540.53
Gardening and Shore Sweepers £38.44
Festive Lunch £154.47
SSE grant £1090.92
Directory donations £7.00
Grant from ABC (For new road sign) £56.00
Overall total £2887.76
A proposal was made to add two extra signatures for our bank account.
Diane Nicholson (KCC Convenor)
Janet Holm (KCC)
Also, we will try and see if we can continue to have Russell Humphries as a signature.
We will also see if we can also initiate online banking to make the work of managing the accounts
The above changes were unanimously passed by all the committee present.


The following report from Officer Reporting: Sgt Eddie McGunnigal was emailed.
No. of Incidents reported (Since last meeting)
Between 09/08/23 and 08/09/23 there have been 18 calls actioned to the police in the Kilmun
Community Council area.
These include:
7 x Road Traffic Incidents
3 x Assist members of the public
2 x Communications Incidents
1 x Suspect Person
1 x Neighbour Dispute
1 x Bogus Workman
1 x Vandalism
1 x Firearms incident
1 x Theft
No. of Crime Reports generated (Since last meeting)
Breakdown of Crime Reports (i.e. 1 x Assault)
 1 x Theft
 1 x Vandalism
 1 x Communications offence
Current Initiatives
Community Speed Watch. Police are still looking for more volunteers to allow a Community Speed
Watch to be set up. Although several people have come forward, we do not have sufficient numbers
in the area. JH had seen from a FB page that Sandbank has 3. A question was asked whether the
numbers could be put together. JH will email to see if this could be done.
Victor Sandell described 2 recent accidents that had happened on the round through Kilmun.
JH said that is an ongoing issue on the agenda. VS said that there was also an issue about signage
and that some if the 30mph signs were obscured by vegetation.
MB has said that that he has been told by Police Scotland is that there are road markings. He said
that he is having a meeting with Councillor Sinclair and ABC roads department.
SA suggested about putting speed cameras along the road. There was some discussion on the
viability of this being done.

2023/ 0297/ HAE - Erection of single storey extension to front elevation (retrospective) Woodbine Cottage
Shore Road Strone
This is an application for a completed extension with no neighbourhood consultation, CD described some of
the difficulties of this application and the ambiguity around this planning application.

I was agreed, by a unanimous vote of the committee, to object on this application in strong terms to LLTNP as
this is setting a precedent for building works to be done without planning application.


The Shore Sweepers / Graham’s Point
Lindsay Mckenna received the following email response from ACHA.
I had arranged for a Health and Safety Specialist to inspect the area and provide comment on the
enquiry about a fence along the boundary.
I advised that there had never been a fence along this boundary and that the geographical layout of
the area with the embankment up to the road made a natural boundary so there had been no
previous consideration for this. He agreed with this and stated that he would be more inclined to look
at the speed limits along the road to reduce the risk. He stated that he was surprised to see that the
speed limit was not 20mph outside the park and also that there should maybe be some
consideration for there to be a zebra crossing put in for the bus stop. His general conclusion is that
there is no benefit in putting up a timber fence along the full length of the grass area he did however
recommend that a fence is considered around the existing play equipment to stop small children
running out of the area of the play equipment. ACHA will look at the costs for this area of fencing
and present to be included in next year’s budgets.
VS discussed this matter further and what the alternatives could be.
Highgate Hall
They were a significant number of people visiting the building and now the trustees have a
reasonable amount of formal offers. The trustees are going through the 4 formal offers and have a
preferred bid and they are beginning to draw up the contract. All the offers did want to keep the hall
as it was. The discussion with the people who wanted to buy the hall would keep the pathway
access.GT said that they are quite close to a sale.
GH said the Benmore and Kilmun Development Trust could manage any projects that Strone could
manage this for Strone.
JH said that what needs to be added into the agenda is The Stables building at Dunselma which is
also in a very poor condition.
CD also mentioned that it had been discussed before whether a structural survey had been done on
Tyneshandon. JH will ask the ABC councillors if that had been done.
Argyll & Bute Council
No representative present. An email update from Councillor Sinclair was sent later.
I have reported the issue about the Sight lines with the Public Bin near the Bus shelter at ACHA’s
park. 230913-000474 I have asked for it to be moved to the other side of the road.

Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Representative
No representative present
Forestry and Land Scotland – Fraser MacDonald

D N said that at the last meeting that Fraser McDonald said that Kilmun Hill had been completed.
She went back to Fraser, and he said the first phase of the Kilmun Hill was completed and that it is
now the Kilmun Hill Triangle that is being done.
Graham Revill has a letter from Ts Forestry for and long-term planting for Cruach Neuran.


Scoping letter and maps from RTS Forestry for Cruach Neuran added as attachment of these
Peter said that he has concerns about the size and volumes of the traffic of the traffic coming down
on the forestry road onto midge Lane and that people on Midge Lane are noticing there are cracks
developing on the boundary walls of their properties.
Strone Primary School and Strone Primary Parent Council
Not much to report from the Parent Council yet this term.
This past Saturday, 9th September, we had a wee stall at the Kilmun showcase event, with info and
pictures - just to remind people who we are and what we get up to.
The raised beds we planted up with the kids in late June did really well over the summer. We have
one for edible plants (we've eaten strawberries, herbs, French beans and one cucumber so far) and
one for pollinators (the red sunflowers are particularly spectacular just now). If any keen gardeners
would like to help us keep these going, we're always grateful for donations of plants.
Our AGM is on Tues 19th, and we would be delighted if someone from KCC wanted to attend and
indeed if anyone was interested in being co-opted onto the committee (this wouldn't be onerous at
all as we only meet once per term for around an hour). I'll attach the poster and info.
Younger Hall
Had a community event on Saturday.
Blairmore Hall
From Blairmore Hall minutes from meeting 23 rd July
The hall is going to apply to LLTNP planning for permission to demolish the chimney which is
causing problems with damp.
There is discussion about setting up an exhibition in the hall of the area’s history.
The hall did a carwash on the 20 th August and a barbecue on the 2 nd September for fundraising.
Historic Kilmun
Clachaig Water
GR has sheard from Scottish woodland and he has now had a response from everyone in the village
and not aa meeting is being awaited about a communal water supply.
SSE power lines Dunoon 132kV Overhead Line rebuild Project.
13. Any other competent business
Right of way
DN had written to councillor Blair who was having a meeting with one of the engineers from ABC,
but nothing has come back.
Just needing to check exactly where the Defibrillators can be put
Bus timetables


DN said that Cal Mac ferry committee has been in touch with Dunoon Community Council.
Information on this will be updated later and whether we wany a joint meeting.
Meeting end 8.43 pm
Next Meeting
Tuesday 10 th October 2023 @ Blairmore Hall, Blairmore @ 7.30pm
Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.
Kilmun Hall – January, March, May, July (Recess) September, November
Blairmore Hall – February, April, June, August, October, December
 Scoping letter and maps from RTS Forestry for Cruach Neuran

Earnside House, Muthill Road, Crieff, Perthshire PH7 4DH
Tel; 01764 652858 E-mail; rtsadmin@rtsforestry.co.uk

RTS Ltd. Registered in Scotland No. 86682
Managing Director: N.P. O’Neill BSc(For) MICFor CEnv
Directors: H.C. Wilson BSc(For) MICFor; R F Kennedy BSc(For)

Dear Sir/Madam,
Cruach Neuran – Long Term Forest Plan Renewal.
You are invited to comment on the Long-Term Forest Plan (LTFP) renewal for Cruach Neuran. Main
grid reference point for the woodland is NS 086827.
The forest Plan renewal will cover the proposals for felling and restocking over the next 20 years,
giving full detail of the felling, and restructuring operations of the woodland over the first 10 years.
The woodland area totals 114 ha and comprises of approximately 79% conifer: 1% mixed broadleaf
and 20% open ground. There are two distinct age classes, between the conifers planted in the mid
80’s and the small areas of mixed broadleaves from the 1920’s.
There are currently two statutory plant health notices in place for Phytophthora Ramorum within
the larch, which has somewhat dictated the felling coupe sizes.
A concept felling and restocking map are attached, highlighting the compartments for felling over
the life of the plan and the restocking proposals.
The scoping process is intended to allow statutory consultees and individuals to raise any concerns,
so they can be addressed within the forest plan. This process will be undertaken by written
correspondence. I have attached my mobile number at the bottom of this letter and am more than
happy to discuss details of this proposal and note any concerns raised. I would appreciate if you
could provide any comments you may have to me by the 13th of October 2023.
At the end of the scoping process a scoping report with a summary of comments received will be
produced along with how these will be addressed within the plan. A copy of the scoping report will
be made readily available. On completion of the forest plan there will be a further period of one
month when the plan is available for wider public consultation on the Scottish Forestry public
Kind regards,
Sandy Pringle BScFor
Senior Forest Manager
Tel: Office - 01764 652858.
Tel: Mobile- 07867 458884
Email: sandy.pringle@rtsforestry.co.uk

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