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14 12h November 2023 @ 7.30PM.
Younger Hall Kilmun
Meeting Start -7.30pm

Before the start of the meeting Diane said that Audrey Slevin has resigned her co opted post within
Kilmun Communty Council because of home and work commitments.
The secretary asked the audience if there were any last minute items to be added within the
agenda. JH identified that there was an issue with the lightening at Blairmore Hall which could have
resulted in a fall by a resident. This would be discussed in the Argyll and Bute section of the agenda.
PRESENT; Diane Nicholson (Convenor),), Janet Holm (Secretary), Graham Revill, Peter Hunter
Douglas, Lachie Macquarie and Kerris Bone and Mandy Grout.
Also Present:), Anne Rodger, Andy Rodger, Graham Thompson, Jean Thompson, Malcom Bird,
Pauline Brewster, David Brewster, Dave Bonnar, Mark Borland.
APOLOGIES Cllr. William Sinclair (Rep ABC and LLTNP) Audrey Slevin Lindsey Greer Lindsay
McKenna (Vice Convenor), Gordon Holm, Councillor Gordon Blair (ABC Councillor), Councillor
Shonny Paterson (Rep LLTNP), Fraser Macdonald (Forestry Land Scotland), Russell Humphreys
(Treasurer), Councillor Y McNeilly (Argyll and Bute Council) and Eddie McGunnigal (Cowal Police)
and Steve Abbott.
This session was recorded for the minutes.
Correction on October minutes. Section on bus timetables should read “or reinstate the pre
pandemic bus timetable” not post pandemic bus timetable.
With this correction the
The 10 th October 2023 minutes were:
Proposed: Kerris Bone
Seconded: Peter Hunter Douglas Carried
Carried forward £3347.37
Funds In
General fund £1540.53
Gardening and Shore Sweepers £38.44
Festive Lunch £154.47
SSE grant £1090.92
Directory donations £7.00
Grant from ABC (For new road sign) £56.00
Overall total £3347.37
It was suggested that the accounts need to be tidied up as follows:


The teasurer stated that donations of money for a specific purpose are restricted funds and as such
must be used for the purpose intended.
In the case of the brochure it is only £7 and can be seen as an admin charge so moving that to the
gardening fund.
In the case of the signpost (£56) it used to upkeep the flowers and the planter and there would be no
problem in incorporating that into the gardening, fund, as the current costs are mainly for plants etc.
However, in the case of the Xmas fund, it is a larger amount specified to be used for a community
Xmas lunch. This has now been inactive for four years.To close the account, we would have to
contact the original donors and ask their permission to dispose of it in a different way, or divide it
equally and return the money. (I think there were 6 donors originally) I suggest that the money be
given to another community organisation for the use of a Xmas party. This would be simpler and the
money used for what it was intended.
Since KCC have, for several years, been responsible for the upkeep of various planters and the
area at the bottome of Strone Brae. it seems only correct that monies could be used from the
general fund to support this activity, and I would fully support the transfer of funds for this purpose.
It is proposed to move the £7 from directory funds and the left over money from the road sign to the
Gardening and Shore Sweepers.
It is proposed that the £154.47 from the festive lunch be donated to a group that will use it towards a
lunch for the community.
This was carried unanimously by the KCC committee and will be adopted next month.

The following report from Officer Reporting: Sgt Eddie McGunnigal was emailed.
No. of Incidents reported (Since last meeting)
Between 08/10/23 and 12/11/23 there have been 13 incidents actioned to the police in the Kilmun
Community Council area.
 3 x Weather related
 1 x Road Traffic incident
 3 x Assist members of the public
 1 x Fraud
 1 x vandalism
 1 x Theft
 2 x RTC
 1 x Assist External Agency
No. of Crime Reports generated (Since last meeting)
4 Crime
Breakdown of Crime Reports (i.e., 1 x Assault)
 1 x vandalism- Enquiries ongoing
 1 x Theft of Canoe- Enquiries ongoing
 1 x Dangerous Driving- person reported
 1 x No MOT- Ticket issued
JH proposed getting in touch with the police to see if we can get some 30mph stickers for the Shore
Road and Clachaig to put on lamp posts etc to remind motorist of the speed limit. It appears to be
effective in Sandbank in highlightening the speed limit.The committee agreed to this. A comment
was made that sometimes it can be confusing to know what the speed limit.
All correspondence has already been circulated to all KCC members. Any issues which have been
emailed to KCc are already included in the items on the agenda.
It was proposed that the section correspondence be removed from the agenda.
KCC committee agreed to this unanimously


2023/ 0368/NOT - Upgrade of forestry track on western side of Loch Eck Loch.
The Shore Sweepers / Graham’s Point
No further update about Grahms Point.
Alister Mcgregor and HELP proposes to trim and tidy up the willow tunnel at Grahams Pint. A lot of
time was spent last year weaving the willow.
The tub at the Strone sign has been raise and Barbara and Peter, who look after the tub, would like
some alpine plants to put alongside the tub.
The spring bulbs have been planted at the Shore Villages sign at the end of the road.
A resident said that the planters at the Graham’s Point bus stop look very shabby and asked if she
could tidy them up. KCC agreed that this would be fine and to contact the committee/ shore
sweepers if she need any funds to do this work.
Highgate Hall
The sale is completed but Graham Thomson said that there are a few hurdles to cover before it is
completed and to actually get round to distributing the funds to the community . OSCAR have to
agree the process. They are hoping in the next few weeks to advertise and seek proposals from
people wanting money. It has to go through registered charities. For example, Graham has spoken
to D MacDonald who runs Benmore and Kilmun Community Devlopment Trust who can help smaller
organisations and projects for those who do not have charitable status.
Tyneshandon/Stables at Dunselma
No Update
Argyll & Bute Council
No Argyll and Bute Councillor present at the meeting.
However there have been several emails from Councillor Blair re the accident to a resident in
Blairmore when she tripped over the raised kerb at the bus stop when she went to get her car from
the parking area and was badly injured. It would appear that the lightening at this location is very
poor and the raised kerb is not clearly marked. Councillor Blair visited the site of the accident on
Thursday evening and has urgently raised the lightening issue with ABC roads deparment.
Apparently when the lighten was renewed on the shore road the last street light was not connected .
Councillor Blair also suggested that when the light is poor especially in the more rural areas that it is
a good idea to use a torch (or the torch on a mobil phone) to see the road and pavements more
A resident asked if the council are responsible for cleaning the bus shelters as sveral of the shelters
are very dirty and unpleasant. JH to raise this issue with the councillors.
A request was also made about clearing the culverts and and ditches. At the last meeting it was
requested that an audit to be made about the culverts and a question was asked if that is being
done. Lachie has said that there is going to be a site visit and joint meeting about the flooding
issues. There is a request for KCC and residents to be informed of the time and date of this meeting.
Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Representative
No report No representative present.

Forestry and Land Scotland – Fraser MacDonald
Fraser submitted the following report with current updates in red. This is included for your
Current Felling:
There are a number of SPHN sites being worked or in process of starting within Kilmun Community
• Beinn Ruadh (above Coylet Inn) – There is a small section of Larch still to be felled adjacent to
SSE Overhead Power line still to be completed when a shutdown can be organised. No confirmed
date as yet however.
• Beinn Ruadh( above Coylet Inn) – Harvesting site currently on stop. There have been a number of
issues on this site that have to be resolved and a contract review meeting was held at Glenbranter
this morning. An SSE OHPL shut down will be required to complete works and as yet this is not
• Corrach (Scottish Water Treatment Plant) Harvesting site – site is currently inactive but hoping
contractors will return to site soon. Likely to resume early 2023. This site is likely to commence
works in next two weeks with timber haulage starting early March. This site is in standstill due to
breeding bird and wont start until late summer. It is expected that this site will not start until
This site now on hold until new merchant identified unlikely to start until October. This site will not
commence until early 2024
• West Loch Eck (opposite Coylet Inn) – site is currently active including timber haulage. Harvesting
operations have ceased only timber haulage remains active. The remainder of the felling coupe is to
be worked by a new merchant as yet to be determined. This site will not commence until early 2024.
• Pucks Glen –. Pucks Pylons currently inactive but will resume early 2023. This site is likely to
resume late April. This site has recommenced and harvesting should be completed by end of June,
haulage will take an additional month to complete.
Harvesting operations now complete only minor remedial work and timber haulage remaining on
• Kilmun Hill – Timber felling operations are complete with exception of some chainsaw remedial
works only timber extraction and timber Haulage ongoing. Site not complete as yet timber haulage
ongoing. Only a small amount of timber to be uplifted. Kilmun Hill operations complete.
Kilmun Triangle and OHPL resilience felling will commence early July this will remove infected
timber and clear trees along the OHPL corridor.
Public access along the forest road will be restricted. This site has recently commenced but a larger
felling area has been taken to deal with SPHN area. Waiting on SSE shut down to fell adjacent to
power lines. Site ongoing and harvesting is hoped to be finished by end of November and haulage
completed by end of December.
Kilmun Arboretum – Plans are being put into place to be able to fell and extract infected Larch above
Riverside Surgery this will take a bit of planning and consultation and likely not to be worked until
later this year or early 2024. No further work has been done on this as yet, site visit planned for
September to look at harvesting infrastructure requirements and specimen trees that would like to
remain on slope above surgery. No discussion as yet with surgery – on my list of things to do. Site
visit has taken place but still to finalise plans and discuss plans with surgery. Unlikely any works will
happen until early 2024.
• There will be ongoing civil engineering maintenance works associated with harvesting sites as
listed above.
• Benmore Botanic Garden (Burmah Road) – Chainsaw felling and extraction of larger timber above
BBG Courtyard there is no timescale for this as yet due to complex nature of operations. Will update
when plan in place.
• Fell to waste of young Larch within KCC area – Fell to waste operations have been carried out in
Inverchapel/Pucks Glen area with further areas close to Gairletter Sand quarry to be carried out at a
later date. Some individual trees still to be removed that have been missed. Now able to deal with
these as no environmental timing restrictions. This work is ongoing. This work will recommence
September 2023. This work has been paused to concentrate on areas with in Priority Action Zone.
There are new harvesting sites planned to be sold and worked throughout 2023 as per map
provided that may impact on KCC area, I will update you well in advance of any of these sites
starting. Due to timing restrictions for SSE shut down which take at least 90 days to be authorised
no coupes have been agreed as yet.


There is the potential for a harvesting coupe to commence early in 2023 in Ardentinny that timber
haulage may use A880, I will confirm when this is to commence. This coupe is likely to commence
late April. This coupe has now started and haulage is expected to use A880 and A815. Site is active
but very slow with on going timber haulage.
Recent removal of storm damaged/diseased trees on High Road, further tree safety surveys will be
carried out and potential rhododendron clearance later this year.
Wildlife Management:
Night shooting is ongoing until 31 st March 2023. Night shooting now stopped.
Public Access:
We have recently carried out some maintenance and tidying up around Benmore and Puck’s Glen in
terms of vegetation management and way marker/bridge cleaning more of this work is expected to
take place after Christmas.
We will be getting the path works and railings fixed on the Big Tree Trail as soon as we can get the
contract awarded.
Benmore Big Tree Trail is now reopen after repairs
Glenbranter Waterfall trail is currently diverted due to some damaged bridges
Works ongoing to improve Glenbranter car park signage, traffic flow and reposition of Trailhead to
Main car park.
Ardentinny has been quieter than previous years. Parking Charges relatively well received with a
decent honesty rate.
Both Seasonal Rangers now operating over weekends
No permissions currently approved for August.
Not too much from VS this month.
Loch Eck loop remains closed due to landslides and fallen trees on both sides of the loch in addition
to harvesting commencing on the Inverchapel to Whistlefield section.
Our Seasonal rangers have now finished their contracts for this year.  Permanent ranger staff  will
continue to carry out weekly patrols on our destinations.
The Stay the night scheme for motorhomes, due to finish on the 31 October has now been Extended
to 31 October 2024 at Jubilee point, Ardentinny, Honeymoon bridge and Ardgartan.
We will be selling Xmas Trees from Glenbranter again this year Friday to Sunday, 1 st to 17 th
December 10am  to 4pm (see attached poster).
Ongoing Engagement:
Now that spring is here we will start to see early indications of new infected areas of Larch and fully
expect to be served with further SPHN’s to add to the current served ones that we are working on.
As of May 2023 we have received a number of suspected locations with in Cowal and Trossachs
area as a result of helicopter surveys. The indications on the ground show that the infection is
spreading further west and North.
No further SPHN’s have been received, we have currently got 73 active SPHN’s with in Central
Region of which 16 of these are non-compliant due to complexity of sites, terrain , location, lack of
infrastructure. Since June 2014 we have cleared over 100 SPHN’s in Central Region with the
majority being in Cowal.
We have received 7 new SPHN in the Priority Action Zone and 37 in the Risk Reduction Zone so far
this this year and are waiting on further helicopter and ground trothing surveys to be completed.
PAZ is an area that has a short timeframe to fell infected Larch (6 months) and this area takes in
Arrochar, Glen Croe and Cruach Tairbeirt.
The RRZ has a longer timeframe to deal with infected Larch and we have had confirmed infections
in KKC area and new sites in Glendaruel and Strathlachlan indicating a wider spread of the
KCC forested areas now falls into the new Phytophthora pluvialis ( a fungus like pathogen)
demarcated zone, this is another tree disease that impacts on Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir and
Visitor Services – Going forward the VS team will be contributing an article for each edition of the
new East Cowal Echo Newsletter a copy of which can be provided.


New signage and furniture is in the process of being installed on the Black Gates Trail (now
waymarked with Black bands rather than Orange ) and around Pucks Glen.
Concerned regarding volume of bagged dog waste being left at Pucks Glen and Kilmun Arboretum
and would encourage owners to pick up waste and take home for disposal. Have contacted Argyll &
Bute Council to ask warden to increase visits to these areas.
Civil Engineering – CE team are hauling stone from Kilmun Quarry to Ardentinny over the next few
weeks. This work is complete for time being.
Road maintenance and upgrade works are also planned on forest road at Kilmun Hill which may
impact on recreational activities for a short time. This upgrade work will be completed this week.
Regarding potential flooding from Kilmun quarry silt mitigation is being put in place around the
quarry to minimise silt entering water courses this work also includes sumps and bunds being
created to act as settling ponds which will be monitored and cleaned out regularly. Water bar
installation will be created below quarry to catch surface run off from quarry floor before entering
water courses.
Civil engineering team are currently dealing with large volumes of flood damage to forest roads
across Cowal. The volume of rain that fell has caused a significant amount of damage to
infrastructure and will take some time to open roads and trails.
There is a planned visit with SEPA to view Kilmun Borrow Pit after complaint due later this month.
Peter asked if they have to re-establish the pit?
Malcolm Bird said that the pit is closed and that the contactors moved out four weeks ago and left
large piles of ballast on site for use. The responsibility is on FLS that the site is left in a safe
condition. This is the reason that SEPA is visiting the site. He said that SEPA is involved as far as
polluntion is concerned and after the heavy rain last month he said a lot of silt pollution flowed into
the loch. He said that Forestry Scotland are involved in the flooding issues and they along with
SEPA will be looking at the whole area to make sure it is in good condition going forward. Malcolm
Bird is meeting with SEPA to look at this area.
Strone Primary School and Strone Primary Parent Council
This month update being
Becy Hothersal is now the chair of the Parent counil
Julie Fish HT is now back in school on a phased return and Mrs Morrison the P1 -4 teacher has
been appointed as acting Principal teacher. This term the primary 5-7 are undertaking the Junior
Forester awards with FLS which gives the children an insight into carriers in forestry as well as the
ability to assist in woodlands management in the community.
Dates for the diary
Beach clean on Sunday 26 th November . Any members of the community who want to join and help
will be very welcome. They will meet outside Blairmore Hall at 2pm
Friday 8 th December Strone Primary will join Cowal Handbellringers for a Christmas Concert at
Kilmun Hall 1.30 to 3pm. This is a fundraiser event. The children will be singing carols and selling
natural bird feeders which they have been making at school with parent council volunteers
12 th December the school will hold its Chritmas tea room when the children will be serving teas and
coffees etc and a raffle will also be held . Time to be confirmed
A request was asked about the role of the school.
Younger Hall
A resident commented that they thought the garden area outside Younger Hall was looking quite
Blairmore Hall
The following report was submitted by the secretary of Blairmore Hall committee.
The BHT has a Just Giving option on our website for contributions to the Chimney repair fund.
We are proposing to hold a Ceilidh on 16 th  December with live band, dance caller, bar etc. Please
watch for posters and flyers.
We are also aware of the recent accident for one of the folk who was at one of our evening hires.
The accident was not on our property but we will be debating the incident at our next meeting and
await the KCC review results.


Highly Protected Marine Areas
Graham Revill said that the policy is’dead in the water’.

Clachaig Water
Graham said that Clachaig residents had a quite informative meeting with the owner of the
forestation opposite the village and with represenatives from Scottish Woodlands who put forward
their proposals about comumunal water supply but they do need 100% support of all residents
before this can go ahead.
SSE power lines Dunoon 132kV Overhead Line rebuild Project.
No update
Right of way / Flooding issues
There is going to be a collective meeting about the issues of flooding that have occurred from this
‘hole in the path’ and it is obvious that this is a complex water flooding issue. This flooding is badly
affecting and flooding properties, running along the road onto Strone Brae and onto the main Shore
Road causing flooding there. The structure of Strone Brae is being badly affected by the flooding
from this culvert and causing road disruption on the main access road for all the Shore Villages.
Defibrillators / Training
JH has contacted Stephen and the electrian and this is still a work in progress.
Bus timetables
Kerris is going to ask at the transport forum in December 12 th to see if she can a make any progress
on the weekend buses. Diane asked if Kerris could also highlight that the service on the B836
Clachaig to Loch Striven is not available because of a closure and so residents up to Loch Striven
have no bus service.
Meeting end 8.45 pm.
Next Meeting
Tuesday 12 th December 2023 @ Blairmore Hall, Blairmore @ 7.30pm
Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.
Kilmun Hall – January, March, May, July (Recess) September, November
Blairmore Hall – February, April, June, August, October, December

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