13th September 2016 held at Younger Hall, Kilmun



Robert Aldam (Convenor), Jim Kirby (Vice Convenor), Janet Holm (Secretary), Lachlan Macquarie, and Graham Revill,

Also Present Councillor Bruce Marshall, Argyll and Bute Council. David McKenzie (NP) and PC Donald MacKay.

1. APOLOGIES: Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Lynn O’Keefe and Kirsty Husband



Proposed: Jim Kirby

Seconded: Graham Revill Carried




Carried Forward: £1464.73

Donation of £100.00 to Kelpies exhibition

Balance at 13th September 2016 - £1364.60


* Erection of 2 semi-detached dwellings - Plots 1 and 1A Napier Point, Kilmun PA23 8RY

RA met with B. Cook and Kirsty Sweeny LL&TNP to discuss previous issues and it was agreed that LL&TNP will work more closely with KCC to avoid the problems that have arisen in the past.


PC Donald MacKay: reported that there had been 23 incidents, which included 3 crime reports. These were 1 for breach of the peace, 1 housebreaking at Graham’s Point and 1 of drink driving on the Loch Eck Road. A speeding ticket was issued in Blairmore

8. Correspondence

The secretary reminded those attending that all correspondence received has already been shared with all KCC committee members.

* Annual General Meeting of Argyll Mausoleum Ltd trading as Historic Kilmun will take place on Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 18:30 in Kilmun Church Hall. All current and former members are cordially invited to attend.

* Dunoon parking proposals,

* Waste collection, Details of changes to refuse collection to go on KCC’s website.

* Piers & Harbour fees, - there is to be a consultation to harmonise charges in A&BC

* Bags of Help, Tesco

* Co-production & Communities workshop – R Humphreys to attend.

* Nomination Pack for Election to Kilmun Community Council – Emails to be sent out to anyone who has expressed an interest in joining. Contact J Holm, Secretary, janetholm@btinternet.com to ensure that applicants have the correct electoral roll numbers. This information can also be found at local libraries. Nominations to be received by 4.00pm on the 6th October 2016.

* Public Meeting to discuss topics – Our Hospital, Cowal Hospice, Struan Lodge and Homecare and HSCP’s proposed cuts. – Dunoon Grammar Monday 19th September at 6,30pm.

* Young Carers Information Event, Crossroads, 61-63 Argyll St, Dunoon, Wednesday 28th September – How we can support young carers age 5 to 24years in Bute and Cowal.

9. Community Matters

* Invereck Resident’s garden tidy up – JH and RH and 2 volunteer residents spent a couple of hours clearing and tidying the garden at Invereck House. As it was beautiful day the residents were able to come out to come out and enjoy the garden. The volunteers were rewarded with fresh baked scones and tea and coffee from the staff at Invereck.

* Autumn Fayre and Silent Auction in aid of Blairmore Hall, Saturday 24th September 201in Blairmore Hall 11am to 3pm. Home baking, cuppa and Tombola Stall. Bid on the items on the silent Auction. £2 including refreshment.

Blairmore Hall Committee are seeking donations of some quirky, unique and possibly valuable items or services for inclusion in the Silent Auction. Could be jewellery, clothing painting or ornament or an hour of your time. Contact Isobel on 01369 840091 or 07845177344 or isobel@izibrown.me.uk

* Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Weekend 30th to 2nd October 11am to 4pm,

Friday 30th Sept at Blairmore gallery

Saturday 1st October at Blairmore Village hall

Sunday 2nd October at Blairmore Pier ‘ The Old Ticket Office’.

* BM requested that volunteers from the community could be found to maintain the flower tubs that greet visitors to our community. He has done the work for 20 years. KCC thanked him for this work.

The tubs needing maintained are at:

5 tubs at Kilmun Church

1 tub at Strone sign at Rhubeg

1 tub at bottom of Strone Brae

Container at the bus stop at Strone Pier

1 tub at Blairmore sign

The work would involve putting in bulbs in the autumn for springtime and planting annuals in late spring.

If you think you could take on caring for one tub could you please contact Janet Holm at janetholm@btinternet.com.

Many hands make light work!


Councillor Bruce Marshall A&BC had asked that the issue of siting septic tanks on the A880 be on the agenda of the Bute & Cowal Business Day on 6th Sept. A&BC roads are clear that they would not wish to have tanks situated below the running surface of the A880 because of the danger of differential settlement and interference with natural drainage. It is possible, because of the huge extra costs involved, that Scottish Water may apply to SEPA for a derogation to allow them to abort the scheme.

Cemetery Toilets.

An order has been put out by the Council to place a single disabled toilet, which can also be used by non-disabled users, in the car park at Kilmun Church.

Footway from Cot House

The work started yesterday to place a kerb on the footway in front of Riverbank Surgery.

Superfast Broadband

Kilmun Cab 2 should soon go into full service. Once live, BT will look to complete some form of local community drop in, or event that showcases what is going on and help homes and businesses understand what to do next.

Additionally, all cabinets will be stickered, flyers distributed through doors and posters outlining what’s available.

There should be no issues with wiring on any of the cabinets now, customers can have a reliable service – Cabs 1,3 and 4 have not been affected by any issues

D McKenzie (National Park)

National Park


Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust

The issue of finding land for sheltered housing has been investigated. Fyne homes have decided not to build any more. The building Tynshandon in Strone had been considered for purchase but this has already been sold

Blairmore Village Trust

Tesco Grant ‘Bags of Help’. The Trust has been shortlisted for a grant. Residents are encouraged to vote for the Blairmore Project when shopping at Tesco Greenock.

11. Matters arising out of Community Action Plan 2013 – 2017



A&BC Ward changes

The day after the meeting the decision was given that there would be no changes to the Ward boundaries in Cowal.

Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)


Caucus of Community Councils


GR said that parking charges and congestion at the pier mustering area were to be included in the forthcoming meeting of the Roads Committee.

KCC agreed to support the introduction of parking discs. This matter to be raised at the caucus. JH to write to A&BC about the issue of parking in Dunoon.

Cowal and Trossachs Forest District Wind Farm – Bachanburn

BM said that workshops are to be held in Dunoon in November. It is likely that an application will go in in the New Year.

War graves

JH managed to make email contact with Colin Kerr of the Commonwealth War graves and she was then passed onto Iain Anderson, the Regional Supervisor Scotland for the CWGC. Jim Kirby and she met Ian Anderson at Kilmun Cemetery and looked at the war graves that KCC had identified that needed attention. All were found and Mr. Anderson was very knowledge about the cemetery and had the same information about the war graves that KCC had.

We managed to walk up to the top of the site and although, no grass or maintenance has been done for a time and it is very overgrown, we found that the stairs were still in place.

Mr. Anderson said that the War Commission are hoping to be able to get some lottery funding that could help them to finance rectifying the many private war graves that there are throughout Scotland. If they were successful in getting this funding they would look repairing and improving the condition of the war graves in Kilmun Cemetery. Although A&BC have effectively closed this section of the cemetery to access they have given permission for the CWGC to access the area to undertake improvements by clearing the vegetation from the steps and paths to give access to the war graves in the upper section of Kilmun Cemetery.

Oyster Catcher sign at Kilmun Church

Sign is being delivered to D McKenzie later in the week and he will find a contractor to install.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier.

Kerbstones are being installed at present in the section beside the doctor’s surgery.

A resident pointed out some of the gravel is slipping and that there are weeds coming up in a crack on the road.

Pavement Invereck to Cot House

There was a considerable overspend so no finance to resurface pavement. There is to be no cover at the bus stop across from the Cothouse.

13. Archived issues

Fishing protection Areas

RA had received an email back from Michael Russell MSP about the seabed on the Clyde.

14. Any other competent business

New Bus Shelter at Blairmore

Resident raised concern about the fungal emissions from wood chippings left at the side of the road when trees/bushes had been felled. Full details of this issue to be passed to RA who will pass onto A&BC.

Castle Toward – KCC will write to planners if concern is raised.

Biomass Plant – Funding is in place and work should go ahead in the next 6 months. Wood will be available to dry and to be sold to the community.

G Revill said that a survey by Scottish Water is to be done at Benmore Gardens, which is still on a private water supply. Funding to come from Scottish Government. GR will find out more to see if something similar can be undertaken at Clachaig.


Place: Blairmore Hall, Blairmore

Date: Tuesday October 11th at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month

alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.