11th October 2016 held at Blairmore Hall,



Robert Aldam (Convenor), Jim Kirby (Vice Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer), Lachlan Macquarie, Graham Revill, and Brian Tester

Also Present Councillor Bruce Marshall, Argyll and Bute Council. David McKenzie (NP) and PC Donald MacKay.

1. APOLOGIES: Janet Holm (Secretary), Lynn O’Keefe, Kirsty Husband

RA welcomed Brian Tester to his first meeting after recently being appointed as a Community Councillor



Proposed: Lachlan Macquarie

Seconded: Jim Kirby Carried




Carried Forward: £1364.88 (a cheque has been drawn for £29.95 to cover the annual cost of the website.)

Balance at 11th October 2016


PC Donald MacKay: reported that there had been 19 incidents of which 2 were categorised as crimes. (One of assault and one of drink driving). There had also been one speeding ticket issued in Midge Lane.

DM was asked about the incident at St Catherine’s, which resulted in the road being closed for 8 hours. This was due to a very serious accident, and the time taken for the road accident unit to investigate the circumstances. PC MacKay pointed out that there was only one such unit for Western command


* Internal alterations, roof development and erection of rear extension, Rivendell, Rashfield Dunoon

* Otherwise the notices referred to tree orders.


The secretary reminded those attending that all correspondence received has already been shared with all KCC committee members.

A&BC are looking for people to join their Citizen panels. BM thought that people could take part on line or by telephone, and would not have to attend meetings.

The Community Partnership are holding their AGM and Community Champion Awards event on November 5th at the Buchanan Hotel Drymen. They are seeking nominations for the awards.

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations are holding a digital skills course at the Civic Centre, Helensburgh for community councillors and members of the third sector. This is on Weds November 2nd.

Correspondence had also been received regarding assistance to adapt homes.

Community Councils had been contacted by the Friends of Struan Lodge to offer any support that they can in the fight to keep Struan Lodge open. Given that there are three residents from Blairmore there, it was agreed that a letter should be written of support should be written and sent to the Council.



Flower Tubs No action as such.

The annual bonfire in aid of charity, will be held at the Cowal Golf Club on Thursday November 3rd.

An invitation will be extended to all people living along the shore to attend a Christmas Lunch at the Younger Hall, Kilmun, on Friday, December 16th. This is being organised by Blairmore Village Trust.


Councillor Bruce Marshall A&BC

A880 Footway to Cot House: The last remaining part of the footway has been created and will be finished with a tarmacadam surface. The very nice railings/barriers have been put in place as a result of a request from a member of the public on the grounds of safety, reflectors will be placed at each end for the benefit of night time drivers. This work will be carried out after the Council have completed work on the access to Shanks Waste Disposal site at Dalinlongart.

Biomass Plant at Dalinlongart

BM has had recent conversations with Fergus Tickell who is the person responsible within Northern Energy for the building of the Biomass Plant at Dalinlongart which will be using 60,000 tonnes of local timber annually and feeding the energy produced into the local electricity grid. This project which has been long delayed will give employment to over a dozen people.

SW Sewage works on the Shore

A&BC Roads Contract Manager is meeting with SW representatives on Thurs. 13th Oct. when they will bring forward revised plans for the siting of the four septic tanks on the Shore.

BM was asked about the Travellers Rest Site at Sandbank. He said it was now closed, as there had been no use made of it in 3 years.

The tightness of the footpath, and suitability for prams, on the A880 by the new fence was raised, and BM agreed that the fence was probably in the wrong place. He was also asked about the sign regarding Dunselma Castle estate, which had been place at the bottom of the Strone Brae. BM had discussed it with the owner, and had agreed to let it remain there.

BM gave a brief explanation, to the meeting, on the change in chairmanship of the Bute and Cowal area Meeting.

D McKenzie (National Park)

National Park

‘Live Park’ has been approved by the Scottish Government, and with some very minor alterations is due to be published on October 24th 2016.

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust

David has now resigned from the BKCDT.

Blairmore Village Trust

David has also resigned from the BVT

11. Matters arising out of Community Action Plan 2013 – 2017

Nothing to report



Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)

KCC had written to the council regarding parking charges, and their submission had been accepted.

A&BC had seemingly been ignorant of the use of time clocks, though they had been discussed in the past. These clocks are extensively and successfully used throughout Inverclyde

Caucus of Community Councils

Nothing to report

Cowal and Trossachs Forest District Wind Farm – Bachanburn

Nothing to report

War graves

Still waiting on news from Lottery regarding funding.

Oyster Catcher sign at Kilmun Church

Has arrived and is waiting to be erected.

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier.

See report from B.M.

Pavement Invereck to Cot House

Nothing to report


Council are in talks with Scottish Water regarding the siting of the septic tanks. DM said that letters had been written to SW asking for them not to ignore Blairmore. BM said that the budget of SW had been cut in order to fund other major projects, and there was some doubt as to whether the scheme would go ahead.

One suggestion put forward was that there should be an information leaflet given to new comers explaining the sewage system and the restrictions as to what could be flushed by the toilets. It was also thought that this should be done by Scottish Water.

Clachaig Mains water: MSPs are changing the priorities and procedures regarding Scots water. Still awaiting the outcome. BM said that Clachaig were not alone in this matter. Hopefully, the group discussing the matter will come together shortly.

13. Archived issues

The installation of a toilet near the cemetery was still awaited. This would provide for males, females and the disabled.

14. Any other competent business

Clyde Eco System:

Government are not going to recommend any new areas for restricting fishing, unless all parties are in agreement. It was felt that very little would be achieved through a public meeting, as many had felt intimidated by the trawlermen at previous gatherings.

Innellan had produced a leaflet, for tourists, showing points of interest in the area, between there and Dunoon. It was suggested that the shore road area could do the same in the future.

The trees in front of the church need removing, before they become too established. A quote is being sought.

The issue of excessive delivery charges to and from the area was raised. BM urged people to write to Michael Russell and Fergus Ewing regarding the excessive charges.

Sue Minns reported back on the success of the mini Kelpies, and thanked the community council for their support. Any surplus monies from CowalFest would be distributed to various charities.

Thanks were given to David McKenzie for his work in the past with BVT and BKCDT, though he will still be attending meetings on behalf of the Nation Park.


Place: Younger Hall, Kilmun

Date: Tuesday November 8th at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between Younger & Blairmore Halls.